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UCLA 1 Intake is the administrative and initial assessment procedures for admission to a program. 2.

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2 UCLA 1

3 Intake is the administrative and initial assessment procedures for admission to a program. 2

4 Intake does become an extension of screening that results in either: The decision to admit an individual. OR The individual is determined to be ineligible or inappropriate for the program (in which case a referral to another program may be made). I’m happy to help! 3

5  The initial assessment must be documented in accordance with agency policy. 4

6  The intake assessment is also used to orient the patient to treatment.  It is important to give the patient and his/her family members a clear picture of what to expect from treatment. 5

7 During an Intake Session 6

8  Typically, the first face-to-face meeting between a patient and a treatment provider occurs during Intake.  A patient must be treated with dignity and respect.  It is important for the patients to see the treatment provider as an empathetic, welcoming and helpful professional. 7

9  There are a number of psychological factors affecting your patients prior to entering the intake process. Imagine… As you walk into the treatment center for your intake appointment you feel anxiety and fear about discussing your personal problems with a stranger You may also feel angry with your family for making you go to this appointment 8

10  Many patients experience feelings some degree of unpleasantness.  More severe anxiety may actually stop some potential patients from keeping the appointment and that would be a significant mental health symptom.  Anger at a family member for “making him or her go” is not uncommon. 9

11 You are a naïve first-time patient:  You do not know what to expect in the waiting room.  You may still be experiencing anxiety.  You are greeting and go into the examination room but you still do not know what to expect. You are being required to go to treatment by your family  You do not think you have a problem.  You are angry and upset.  The appointment is inconvenient and “a waste of time.”  You go into the examination room and carry your resentment with you. 10

12 During an Intake Session 11

13  First impressions are always important!  During and intake assessment the patient’s feelings can be evaluated their his or her body language, verbal interaction and communication. 12

14  In many treatment programs, the functions of intake, orientation and assessment are often part of the first appointment.  Creating a balance of paperwork, listening to the patient and doing the assessment should contribute to reducing the anxiety of the client.  Finding a good balance can also help you build initial rapport and facilitate future treatment processes. 13

15  The definition of intake refers to the process of “initial assessment for admission to a program.”  This means you as the professional must be skillful at evaluating and determining if the potential patient is eligible and appropriate.  The purpose of screening is to rule out individuals who are ineligible or inappropriate for admission.  The task of intake is to rule in the individual as eligible, justify the admission with sufficient documentation, and facilitate future treatment.  The most important consideration is that no matter how upset or resistant, a patient must be treated with dignity and respect. 14

16   The following two case study exercises present intake scenarios. Please break out into pairs and carefully read each scenario. One person will act as counselor, and the other will act as the new patient. Each pair will select a case study and perform a mock intake in front of the class. Afterwards, the class will provide feedback for each mock intake. 15

17  Mohammed is a 32-year old unemployed man who has been abusing heroin (injection) for two years and bango for five years. He was recently arrested for possession of drugs and he is depressed about how much he has messed up his life. His family is very angry with him. 16

18  Layla has been abusing benzodiazepines for two years due to stress. Her husband is very angry with her. She thinks she may be pregnant and she is worried that he will leave her. 17

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