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BY: Cynthia Lord BOOK REPORT BY: Maggie Donlevie

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1 BY: Cynthia Lord BOOK REPORT BY: Maggie Donlevie
RULES BY: Cynthia Lord BOOK REPORT BY: Maggie Donlevie


3 Climax!!! Rising Action Falling Action Resolution Exposition

4 exposition Catherin Catherin is the narrator telling the story in first person. She likes to draw and sometimes wishes her brother, David, would wake up normal. David David is a autistic boy who is Catherin's little brother. Jake Jason is a boy that Catherin meets at the clinic. Jason can’t speak so he has “communication book” with word cards in it. Sometimes Catherin makes cards for it.

5 setting This story takes place during the summer. I believe this story could be in Maine or a town like Maine.

6 Conflict Catherin’s autistic brother really gets on her nerves. In fact, sometimes she wishes she would wake up with a normal brother. Catherin keeps rules in the back of her sketch book for David to learn so he know the proper rules to living life. Some of these rules are: no toys n the fish tank, late doesn’t mean not coming, and say “excuse me” after you burp.

7 Rising action!!!!! While Catherin and David are waiting for dad to come home so they can go to the video store. She notices that her neighbor is moving out. Catherin goes to the clinic with David. She takes her sketch pad to draw. Catherin has drawn everything at the clinic- but Jason. she starts draw Jason but he starts to get upset about it so Catherin stops. Catherin is so excided when her new neighbor move in because it will be someone Catherin’s age! Catherin hopes to do all of the things she reads on books with her new neighbor. Her name is Kristi. One day Jason and Catherin are at the clinic and Jason wanted to make a “run” card for his communication book. Jason wants Catherin to take him outside and run around outside of the clinic. While they run Catherin feels the wind blowing in her hair and hears her feet slapping the hot black tar. It is an amazing feeling for her and Jake. One day Jason invites Catherin to his birthday party. Catherin decides to go. One morning Kristi calls. Catherin and Kristi Go to the lake together. Kristi is not to friendly with this this “lake” thing. She is afraid of icky gooey bottom. Her and Catherin go to the raft in the middle of the lake. There Kristi asks Catherin to go to a dance at the community center wit her and Ryan (who Catherin despises because of what he did to David). But, the dance is the same day as Jason’s birthday party. Catherin goes to get Jason a birthday present. She goes to Elite’s Antiques and busy an old guitar for Jason because he likes music. She fixes it up and wraps it in a garbage bag-it was the only way she could think of to wrap the big present. She also gets some jelly beans for Jason.

8 CLIMAX!!!!!!!!! When Catherin gets to Jason’s birthday party she is greeted by Jason’s brother. She walks in and is greeted by Mrs. Morehouse. She sits down in one of the fold out chairs and hides her present underneath it. Jason comes down and invites Catherin to his room. In there Jason opens the present. He loves it! He plays Catherin the piano in his room. Catherin likes it. Catherin tells Jason about the dance. He gets upset ‘cause Catherin has a rule: no dancing unless it’s pitch black or I’m alone in my room.

9 Falling action At home Catherin babysits David. He starts a puzzle, then Catherin goes up to her room. David comes in a few minutes with a broken cassette. Catherin and David are both upset- David’s cassette can’t be fixed and Catherin is upset about what happened at Jason’s house. Catherin calls her dad to come home and to buy a new casette player and a new cassette. Then she call the Morehouse’s to see if Jason will come to the dance. There is no promises. Catherin asks her dad to come in until Jason comes. Him and David go and get some snacks while Catherin goes into the gym. When Jason comes Catherin rushes out the door. She starts giving Jason more word cards. Then Kristi and Ryan come up. The chat and Jason goes to dance. Catherin breaks her dance rule and dances.

10 resolution Catherin is on her room looking at her calendar. She cant wait until her best friend Melissa comes back from her dads. Catherin will tell her everything and she will listen. Suddenly David comes in. He says “no toys in the fish tank.” Catherin goes down stairs and finds a wizard in the fish tank. She giggles and leaves in in there.

11 Thanks for watching!!!!!

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