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PowerPoint By Gillian Hadfield Written be Cynthia Lord

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1 PowerPoint By Gillian Hadfield Written be Cynthia Lord

2 Catherine Loves to draw Be with friends Swim in her favorite lake
Is often annoyed by her eight year old brother Can’t dance, sing, or cook

3 Catherine’s Dad Works in the pharmaceutical industry
Is fun, and is helpful Has an obsession with gardening

4 Catherine’s Mom Good at everything Likes to bring clients over

5 Catherine’s neighbor Kristi
Is loveable Caring Pretty Helpful Can be a royal pain

6 Ryan - from Catherine’s school
Insensitive Very stuck up Mean Annoying But on occasion might be nice

7 Jason - a friend Exceptionally Funny Up for everything Loves music
Dances in his wheelchair Always making the grey skies blue

8 Catherine’s Brother David
Kind Silly An eight year old brother Very smart Has autism

9 David’s Condition David’s Brain
Catherine’s little brother David, has a special brain function called autism Certain things types of things bother him For instance if the cellar door is open, David would have the urge to close it Often common-sense doesn’t reach David's mind Catherine made some of her own rules to help David David’s Brain

10 Rules for David Chew with your mouth closed
Say thank you if someone gives you a present (even if you don’t like it) If someone says “hi” you say “hi” back When you want to get out of answering something, distract the questioner with another question Not everything worth keeping has to be useful If the bathroom door is closed, knock (especially if Catherine has a friend over) Sometimes people laugh at you because they like you. Sometimes they laugh at you to hurt you. No toys in the fish tank

11 Summertime, near the beach in the City
Setting: Summertime, near the beach in the City

12 Main Events

13 The New Neighbor This summer Catherine’s best friend Melissa is in California so Catherine is all alone until she returns in August again. She is faced with the challenge of being friends with her new next door neighbor. Catherine is concerned that David might embarrass her in front of this new friend!

14 The New Friend at the Clinic
Every Tuesday and Thursday David goes to the clinic David gets help for his condition while Catherine waits in the lobby One day, while waiting, she meets a new friend named Jason who is in a wheelchair Jason can only talk through the cards he points to

15 The New Friend at the Clinic
Catharine draws him in her sketch book Worried Catherine is making fun of Jason, Jason’s mom notices becomes upset But, Jason isn’t bothered and becomes friends with Catharine When Catherine saw the book of cards they were very boring and said words like “Hi” “Friend” “Bye” “How are you?” “House” “Dog” and more. So Catherine decided to make better more colorful cards such as, “what’s up?” or “Stinks a big one.”

16 5:00 Every Tuesday and Thursday when David comes home from the clinic he waits out on the porch for his dad with Catherine Though because of David’s autism, he takes lots of things literally The time their dad says he will be home everyday is 5:00, though David holds him accountable for doing so However if he isn’t home exactly at that time, David will scream On day he wasn’t home exactly at 5:00 and screamed so loud the new neighbor could hear and asked if he was alright That embarrassed Catherine very much

17 First Time Over The first time Kristi comes over to Catherine's house is a semi nightmare Catherine is embarrassed because the bed is unmade and pencils are scattered all over the floor Kristi Starts talking about boys (about Jason), and that makes her feel awkward David embarrasses Catherine in front of Kristi by asking her to fix the tape recorder

18 The Lake Catherine invites Kristi to the lake and Kristi finds it very wet, cold, slimy, and filled with critters Kristi explains that there is an upcoming dance and was wondering if Catherine would like to bring Jason on a double date But because Jason is in a wheelchair, Catherine decides she doesn’t want to

19 Bubble Gum A week later, Catherine returns home
When David and Catherine are just about to walk inside their house, she hears someone calling her name from behind So she turns around and sees Kristi and Ryan Of course David and her has to say hi Ryan has gum and Catherine is interested in having a piece. Ryan offered some before she had a chance to ask. David asks, but is rejected. Ryan teases David by making him run around to catch the gum Catherine, being a big sister gave David her gum

20 Fast on Wheels Once in the clinic Catherine and Jason started discussing how nice it would be to run They come up with the idea that Catherine could race him around the building with his moms permission Jason and Catherine race around the clinic building People stare, but Catherine and Jason don’t care At the end of there run, Jason said he had the time of his life

21 Happy Birthday Catherine is invited to Jason’s birthday which she accepts Catherine knows Jason loves music, so she plans on buying him a guitar All of the music shops she is aware of are too expensive Catherine knows of an antique shop across from the clinic which has a guitar in her price range At the party Jason adores his new present even though he can’t play

22 The Party Towards the end of Jason’s party, he heard that there was a dance Jason asked Catherine if she would like to go, even though she said no Jason made the assumption it was because of his handicap

23 To the End Jason and Catherine end up going to the dance
Read the book if you like to find out if Jason and Catherine are still friends or will they end up being enemy's. Will Katherine betray Kristi? The possibilities are endless.

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