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A test of your observation skills…

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1 A test of your observation skills…
Observations vs. Inferences A test of your observation skills… Contributions by D. Padilla, D. Johnson, & E. Marconi For more optical illusions go to:

2 Observations Use one or more of the 5 senses to gather information
A noting and recording of…. FACTS!!! Example: There is one TV in the room.

3 Observations Observations: We use our senses to gather information about the world around us. There are two types of observations.

4 Qualitative Qualitative observation: (quality) Usually made with our senses. Color, shape, feel, taste, sound. Examples: Olivia is wearing a blue sweater. The lab tabletop is smooth. The dog’s fur is shiny.

5 Quantitative Quantitative observation: (quantity) How many. Will always have a number. Based on exact measurement. Examples: The room is 8 meters across. Sarah is 141-cm tall. Sam weighs 450 Newtons.

6 Inferences Logical interpretation based upon prior knowledge and experience Based upon observations Example: When you entered the room, you most likely inferred that the individual in the front of the room is the teacher.

7 Making Inferences You are at the counter in the office to get a bus pass signed. You see a student leave the principal’s office crying and upset. We could make an inference as to why the student is upset. Could be in trouble (ISS, OSS, expelled) Family problems at home (sick, accident) Student not feeling well Student has poor grades (failing, retention)

8 Note the Differences In laboratory exercises, record observations NOT inferences Inferences may be used when writing the conclusion in your lab report. Let’s test your observation skills…

9 Observation vs Inference
List 3 Observations List 3 Inferences

10 Observation vs Inference
List 3 Observations List 3 Inferences

11 Observation vs Inference
List 3 Observations List 3 Inferences

12 Resources: Design Method

13 Take a good look at this picture

14 Question 1 Are there cars parked on the sides of the road?

15 Question 2 What color is the pickup truck driving in the road?

16 Question 3 Any minivans around?

17 Question 4 What does the blue sign say?

18 Question 5 What's the speed limit?

19 Question 6 Are there any pedestrians on the road?


21 Answers Yes Blue Yard Sale 35 mph No

22 Observation vs Inference
On the next slide, state whether the statement is an observation or an inference.

23 1. There is a representation of a face on one side of the coin.
2. The Latin word "Dei" means "God." 3. The coin was made by deeply religious people. 4. The date 1722 is printed on one side of the coin. 5. The coin was made in 1722. 6. The face on the coin is a representation of the nation's president.

24 How many legs does the elephant have?

25 What do you see?

26 This image contains a picture and a word. Do you see both of them?

27 Look at the chart and say the color, NOT the word
Your right brain tried to say the color, but your left brain was reading the word.

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