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The State of Rail in Illinois Midwest High Speed Rail Association April 12, 2014.

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1 The State of Rail in Illinois Midwest High Speed Rail Association April 12, 2014

2 Topics Chicago-St. Louis progress report – Chicago-St. Louis – Joliet Station – Chicago-Rockford – Chicago-Moline Locomotive and Railcar Procurement Other Studies 220 report CREATE Update Q&A

3 Midwest Regional Rail Initiative

4 The First Corridor: Chicago-St. Louis $1.3 billion in federal grants More than $400 million in state matching funds Overall trip time reduction to 4h 25 minutes by end of 2017 Corridor to be equipped with new locomotives and railcars beginning in 2016

5 Chicago-St. Louis Work Update Class VI rail and concrete ties installed between just south of Joliet to south of Alton Dwight-Pontiac 15-mile segment now operating at 110 mph 110 territory to expand in two phases: End of ’15 and end of ‘17 (30-minute travel time reductions corresponding with each completion date) Work in 2014-17 to concentrate on: – 13 new sidings to add capacity – Installation of positive train control – Improvements at more than 200 grade crossings

6 Joliet Station Project $50 million project funded by Illinois, City of Joliet, and BNSF Will move Metra Rock Island Joliet stop to east of intersections with UP and BNSF New parking lot completed New Rock Island platform now in construction Amtrak and Metra Heritage Corridor trains to be served by center platform New station building to be adjacent to new Rock Island platform Passengers no longer will need to cross live tracks to board Existing historic station building will be maintained as event space Completion slated for late 2015

7 Bringing Passenger Trains Back Chicago-Rockford-Dubuque – Protracted negotiations with CN Railway led state to decision to move to “northern” route on UP – Initial 59 mph, 1 daily round-trip service to begin by end of ‘15 – Service to be upgraded in ‘16 – State will continue to pursue completing route from Rockford to Dubuque on CN – $223 million for Chicago-Rockford to be funded entirely by state Chicago-Moline – Construction on BNSF segment between Chicago and Wyanet to be completed in 2014 – State recently increased its investment from $45 to $78 million, further leveraging $177 million federal grant – New Moline station now in design; received Tiger grant – Segment between Wyanet and Moline owned by Iowa Interstate Railroad; negotiations on final upgrade scope and budget to be finished in upcoming weeks, permitting construction to begin this year – Route will run on all new locomotives and railcars

8 Rolling Stock Update Railcars – Bi-level cars being built by Nippon-Sharyo – Now in final design – Pilot cars coming in spring‘16 – Monthly deliveries to start late in ’16 – Goal is to equip as many corridors as possible in Midwest with new equipment Locomotives – IDOT led procurement – Awarded to Siemens – 21 locomotives coming – First deliveries in ‘17

9 Other Studies Underway Chicago-St. Louis Tier 2 studies: – Chicago-Joliet: On Rock Island Corridor – South of Springfield: UP/NS Flyover – Granite City-St. Louis: Includes new or rehabilitated crossing over Missisippi River – Once complete, these studies will put state in position to compete for design/construction funding Quad Cities-Danville feasibility study Additional Chicago-Champaign round-trips St. Charles Air Line and second connection at Grand Crossing (part of CrossRail plan)

10 If we build it… Will they come? Consider this: – In 2007, additional state investment in more daily round-trips— with no other improvements—led to phenomenal growth over the last seven years Chicago-St. Louis: Up 225% Chicago-Carbondale: Up 154% Chicago-Quincy: Up 95% And Chicago-Milwaukee, with NO CHANGE in schedule, up 42% – Total ridership on state-supported trains: Up from 948,000 to more than 1.8 million Now imagine ridership gains with much faster travel times, reliable service, and new equipment And of course, we just installed WiFi on ALL Midwest trains

11 220 MPH Program Part of Governor Quinn’s vision for Illinois University of Illinois study completed in 2013 Depending on level of investment, $23-$50 billion cost 8-15 million annual riders projected Key hurdle – funding the up-front capital cost State strategy – Complete CHI-STL 110 mph upgrades – Finish new corridors – Provide superior service on new equipment – Goal is for public’s embrace of improved train service to lead to demand for federal and state governments to take the “next step” toward true HSR

12 CREATE – Update

13 CREATE Partners

14 25 road/rail grade separations 6 passenger/freight rail grade separations 36 railroad projects to improve rail infrastructure and upgrade technologies Viaduct improvement program Grade crossing safety enhancements Rail operations and visibility improvements CREATE Program

15 5. Memphis 243,000 railcars BNSF, CSXT, CN, NS, UP 4. Kansas City 478,000 railcars BNSF, CPRS, KCS, NS, UP 3. New Orleans 602,000 railcars BNSF, CN, CSXT, KCS, NS, UP 2. St. Louis 645,000 railcars BNSF, CSXT, CN,KCS, NS, UP Source – U.S. DOT Freight Analysis Framework 3, 2010; includes freight originating and terminating at gateways – does not include through-freight 1. Chicago 1,343,000 railcars BNSF, CN, CPRS, CSXT, NS, UP East-West Freight Rail Gateways Ranked by Loaded Railcars per year, 2010

16 Project Status Project Status Completed Projects 20 Under Construction9 Final Design6 Environmental Review13 Remaining Projects22 TOTAL70

17 CREATE Program, Overall Project Status Summary Revised: 29-Nov-2012

18 CREATE and 110 MPH Program Modeling efforts did not include 110 program, but… CREATE “preserves the footprint” for 110 Some projects improve existing AMTRAK service on 110 corridors Some projects improve crossing routes Example: CREATE will permit 30 Metra Southwest Service trains/day to move to LaSalle St Station, freeing up Union Station slots for HSIPR usage

19 Another Example of CREATE Project Supporting 110 MPH Program Chicago - Detroit P1 – “Englewood Flyover” at right Main bridge spans complete Bridge will “fly” Metra Rock Island District commuter rail over Norfolk- Southern main line that also hosts Amtrak Michigan service Also helps Amtrak’s other Eastern routes Construction began in 2012 Expected substantial completion in October 2014 Add P1 mockup


21 GS7, Belmont Road, Downers Grove Eliminated the at-grade crossing of the BNSF tracks at Belmont Road (County Route 2) by constructing an underpass for motor vehicles. Metra Commuter Rail and Amtrak also operate on these tracks. Belmont Road now consists of two lanes of traffic in either direction, with a tunnel for pedestrians on the west side of Belmont Road Eliminated at-grade crossing of BNSF tracks at Belmont Rd. – road underpass Built a tunnel for pedestrians Eliminated road/rail conflict



24 GS15a: 130 th and Torrence, Chicago Eliminate the at-grade crossings of the two Norfolk Southern main tracks with 130th Street and Torrence Ave. Existing bridge carrying two NICTD South Shore Line commuter rail tracks over NS tracks and Torrence Ave. re-built Eliminate conflict between railroad and access to Ford Plant Will eliminate road-rail conflicts

25 GS15a: 130 th and Torrence, Chicago NICTD Norfolk Southern 130 th St Brainard Ave Torrence Ave

26 GS15a: 130 th and Torrence, Chicago


28 CREATE Funding 2012 Single Largest Funding Advancement in CREATE History $211 M from Gov. Quinn’s IL Jobs Now Capital Program $155 M from the CREATE Partner Railroads $10.4 M in Federal TIGER IV funding Will design/construct GS6 at 25 th Avenue in Bellwood/Maywood Upgrade 11 City Viaducts Will allow all railway infrastructure components of CREATE’s Belt, Western Avenue, and East-West Corridors to be completed  with the exception of the mega-project at 75 th St. in Chicago to reconfigure Belt Junction

29 Questions? Joe Shacter – Director of Public and Intermodal Transportation

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