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Email and Collaborative Services TSP Update August 8, 2013.

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1 Email and Collaborative Services TSP Update August 8, 2013

2 Updates Project Goals Project Progress Migration Experience (Exchange to Exchange) Google Apps for Campus

3 Goals of the Email and Collaboration Services (ECS) Project Continue to provide an email service Large 25GB+ mailboxes and large attachments Offer advanced, enterprise calendaring Tools for campus and global collaboration Large file storage and sharing Secure email and document storage Provide a cost-effective, unified ECS that meets campus needs

4 Progress 1.IET Migration Complete 286 production mailboxes on uConnect Cloud (Office 365) 221 users and 65 resources moved Calendaring delegate migration – smooth Most issues due to hybrid state – users split between cloud and prem Continuing work on support: FAQs, Xbase, Web Site 2.Campus Engagement Meeting with interested departments for initial scoping Creating test accounts for IT staff Campus Piloting: DSS, Physics, SOE

5 Migration Experience (Exchange to Exchange) 1.Runs in background – licenses and switches once move complete 2.Migrations scheduled via web interface 3.User can monitor progress 4.User – little down-time using OWA/Mobile Devices 5.Outlook – auto-discover and re-authenticate 6.Newer apps being tested (OWA for iPhone, Office Mobile) 7.Mobile devices – manually reconfigure

6 Migration Experience (Issues) 1.Initial performance – improves with time 2.Lync – re-authenticate 3.IMAP performance (Microsoft) 4.UPN/SMTP – problem with multiple mailboxes (Microsoft) 5.IMAP Migration – still testing 6.UserID vs EmailID 7.Calendaring – isolated problems 1.Delegate can add, not edit 2.Recurring meeting changed – meeting time incorrect

7 Google Apps for Campus 1.Plan is to activate by the end of August a.Limited support from IT-Express (student model) b.Pointing to Google resources 2.Includes Google+ (new for students) 3.Does not include GMail 4.Communications Plan 5.Potential Pitfalls a.Personal Accounts using b.Google: requesting user date of birth and gender c.Cloud Storage policies

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