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What do you tell your students? October 2009 Career Services ~ Central Piedmont Community College © 2009.

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1 What do you tell your students? October 2009 Career Services ~ Central Piedmont Community College © 2009

2 Section 1  Determining a career’s outlook How to choose a “secure” career Factors impacting outlook Section 2  Statistical information on outlook: BLS Stimulus, Green, and Technology Careers  Growth and troubled career fields  Resources Presentation available : Students and Graduates > Presentations

3 Recession forces many workers to seek entirely new careers Some jobs do not exist yet People will change jobs several times Requires lifelong learning and retraining to remain competitive

4  “…in 2003, a quarter of today’s workforce is in jobs that were not even listed among the Census Bureau’s Occupation codes in 1967, and technological change has only accelerated since then.  Environmental-related occupations – which are expected to experience tremendous growth over the next decade – did not exist in comparable data prior to 2000.”  Executive Office of the President Council of Economic Advisors- Preparing the Workers of Today for the Jobs of Tomorrow, July 2009

5 Be Passionate About Career Choice Complete Career Assessments ~ Options Create a Personal Career Plan Monitor Factors Impacting Career Plan to Excel in Your Field

6 Research the Career’s Outlook Occupational Outlook Handbook & O*Net Reliable Internet Sources: BLS, Moody’s, etc. Professionals Currently in the Field Informational Interviewing Job Shadowing/Field Visits Reality Test Volunteering Part Time Job or Temporary Job Internships/ Co-ops

7 Questions to ask: ◦ Easily automated? ◦ Can be outsourced? ◦ Amount of personal interaction required? ◦ Understanding cultural differences critical? ◦ Requires a high degree of collaboration? ◦ Degree of ambiguity and complexity? ◦ Amount of creativity and innovation required?

8 Highly Repetitive ( Basic Accounting) Highly Repetitive ( Basic Accounting) Predictable & Well Defined (Order Clerks) Predictable & Well Defined (Order Clerks) Broken down into Small Manageable Projects (Software Development) Broken down into Small Manageable Projects (Software Development) Turned into a Routine (Telemarketing) Physical Proximity to Customer Not Important ( Phone Based Tech Support) Physical Proximity to Customer Not Important ( Phone Based Tech Support) End Customer Already Moved Offshore ( Semiconductor Sales) End Customer Already Moved Offshore ( Semiconductor Sales)

9  Continue to learn, retrain, develop professionally  Obtain a specialized skill/knowledge/trade- education beyond a HS diploma  Demonstrate creativity and innovation  Acquire trades/skills that require hands- on presence with a person or object  Choose a career from the "safe" list of jobs  Watch the factors and trends that affect jobs

10 Stimulus Plan? Healthcare plan? Cash for Clunkers? Tax incentives? First Time Home Buyers? Interest Rates? Federal Reserve Policies? Digitalization of Health Records? Government Policies ~ Legislation Software changes require learning new skills Jobs disappear and new ones are created How will technological changes affect each industry? Technology

11 Factors Impacting Jobs Factors Impacting Jobs What services and products will this growing population need? Many are remaining in the workforce longer Graying of America Home ownership, retirement funds, financial uncertainty from job loss, credit lending & mergers Global factors? Economic Changes

12 Increased percentage of workers over 55 16.8% to 22.7% Decrease in percentage of younger workers (ages 16 to 24) 12.7% Changed since 2006?

13 To predict or spot a new trend, will it  Save time  Reduce cost  Do things faster  Make things easier to use  Improve safety and reliability  Lessen the impact on the environment Visit futuristic links in resource section Ask a professional currently in the field

14  Statistical Data

15 Moody’s Job Outlook  Forecasted job growth for third-quarter 2009 through second-quarter 2013  Covers every state and 384 metro areas  Broken down by fourteen industry sectors  Updated monthly (last update 9.29.09)  Drill down for North Carolina and Charlotte growth-graphic_N.htm

16 State and Local Government Decrease in tax revenues Housing Related: Real Estate Investment banks Architecture Manufacturing (Except: aerospace, drugs, green products) Discretionary Spending Restaurants Retail (Holiday Jobs) Tourism/Hospitality Construction (Except Stimulus Plan & Green Jobs)

17  Stock clerks and order fillers  Cashiers, except gaming  Packers and packagers, hand  File clerks  Farmers and ranchers  Order clerks  Electrical and electronic equipment assemblers  Machine setters & operators  Telemarketers  Inspectors, testers, sorters, samplers, and weighers  First-line supervisors/managers of production and operating workers November 2007 Monthly Labor Review JOBS

18 Federal Jobs– watch stimulus money Energy/Environmental – green collar careers, jobs related to oil and gas, alternative energy and nuclear, global warming, sustainability professions Healthcare - Health services including medical assistants, physical therapists, physician assistants, home health aides, medical records and health information technicians. International Business - strong knowledge of other cultures, ability to work in another country, business skills and Chinese language skills Security - Police, port security specialists, international security experts, homeland security, anti terrorists specialists. Information Technology- W ireless network management, database management, web design/specialists, programmers, IT security Others- Sales Reps, pharmacists, headhunters, repo men, truck drivers, collection agents, military/government jobs, engineering, low cost retail and consumable essentials 18

19 Public Accountants CPA designation & public accounting experience Senior-Level Administrator: budgeting and project management Lead Applications Developers: manage software development teams & projects Attorneys bankruptcy, intellectual property, litigation, estate & tax planning IRS revenue agents, tax compliance officers, customer service Counseling/Social Work Education: teachers~ ESL, math and science

20 “…economy will likely emerge from the current economic downturn with a job composition that largely resembles the one of today[2008]”  Growth: health care, education, transportation, construction and production, distribution of clean energy, aircraft equipment mechanic and environmental engineering technician  Require workers with greater analytical and interactive skills ~Executive Office of the President Council of Economic Advisors- Preparing the Workers of Today for the Jobs of Tomorrow, July 2009

21 % Inc Network Systems Analysts53Substance Abuse Counselors34.3 Personal & Home Care Aides50.6Skin Care Specialists34.3 Home Health Aides48.7Financial Analysts33.8 Computer Software Engineers44.6Human Service Assistants33.6 Veterinary Technicians41Gaming Surveillance Officers33.6 Personal Financial Advisors41Physical Therapist Assistants32.4 Makeup artists/theatrical/performance 39.8Pharmacy Technicians32 Medical Assistants35.4Forensic Science Technicians30.7 Veterinarians - Bureau of Labor Statistics November 2007 35Dental Hygienists Watch for new data Dec 2009 Changes? 30.1

22  Registered nurses  Retail salespersons  Customer service representatives  Combined food preparation and serving workers, including fast food  Office clerks, general  Personal and home care aides  Home health aides  Postsecondary teachers  Janitors and cleaners  Nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants  Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks 300,000 health care jobs a year through 2016- Department of Labor November 2007 Monthly Labor Review Similarities?

23  47% cited shortage of qualified [skilled] applicants – top hiring challenge.  44% expect the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to create jobs. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Top 7 Future Areas  Technology  Customer Service  Sales  Marketing/Creative  Business Development  Human Resources  Accounting/Finance Edge Report 9/2009 Robert Half International Survey of 501 Hiring Managers

24 W eb developers, network administrators, and information security managers s ecurity topped the list of the technology skills that are most important to organizations today: firewalls & data privacy W ireless skills will increase the most in importance over the next five years.. W eb-based technologies (such as Web 2.0, SOA, software as a service, rich Internet applications, and AJAX) and specific programming languages

25 Social Security Veteran Affairs FDAFBI Top Agencies Hiring Link Needs to hire more than 270,000 workers for "mission-critical" jobs 10/2009 ~ 9/2012

26  Medical and Public Health 54,114 PROJECTED HIRES Medical and Public Health  Physician (all disciplines), nursing, dietician/nutrition, occupational and rehabilitation therapy, radiology, pharmacy, industrial hygiene and consumer safety.  Security and Protection 52,077 PROJECTED HIRES Security and Protection  Intelligence analysis, international relations, foreign affairs, security administration, transportation security officer, park ranger, correctional officer and police officer.  Compliance and Enforcement 31,276 PROJECTED HIRES Compliance and Enforcement  Inspectors, investigators (including criminal), customs and border patrol and protection, import specialist and customs inspection.  Legal 23,596 PROJECTED HIRES Legal  Attorney, contact representative, paralegal, passport/visa examining and claims examining/assistance.  Administration/Program Management 17,287 PROJECTED HIRES Administration/Program Management  Human resources, equal employment opportunity, management/program analysis, telecommunications and a variety of clerical support activities.  October 2009 –September 2012

27 Construction of Roads, Bridges, Transit and Rural Broadband * Construction Managers, Project managers, Civil engineers Computer-aided Drafting Specialists, Telecommunications Engineers Greater Oversight of Financial Markets Compliance Accountants, Internal Auditors, Tax Accountants, Government Regulators Energy Independence Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Power Grid Managers, Biofuels Chemists, Sales and Marketing Healthcare Modernization Nurses, Information Technology Specialists, Bioinformatics Specialists, Information Security Specialists, Software developers Volunteerism and Community Involvement Social Workers, Administrators, Translators * “The nearly $1 billion in federal funds the N.C. Department of Transportation received this year created nearly 1,300 jobs last month.”(9.24.09) Charlotte Business Journal”(9.24.09)

28 Lists Organizations by Name and Project /Pages/home.aspx

29  Dental Hygienists  Registered Nurses  Physical Therapist Assistants  Veterinary Technologists and Technicians  Radiologic Technologists and Technicians  Respiratory Therapists  Diagnostic Medical Sonographers  Medical Records and Health Information Techs  Occupational Therapist Assistants  Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians  Environmental Engineering Technicians  Nuclear Medicine Technologists  Broadcast Technicians ~ 150 Best Recession-Proof Jobs, JIST Works, 2009

30  “…occupations that require only an associate’s degree or a post-secondary vocational award are actually projected to grow slightly faster than occupations requiring a bachelor’s degree or more.”  “Researchers have estimated that attending a community college significantly increases earnings, regardless of whether an individual completes a degree…  the benefits are greatest for academic courses in math and science as well as courses related to the health professions and other technical fields.” Executive Office of the President Council of Economic Advisors-  Preparing the Workers of Today for the Jobs of Tomorrow, July 2009

31 Contribute to preserving/restoring environmental quality  Helping to protect ecosystems and biodiversity  Reducing energy, materials, and water consumption through high-efficiency strategies  De-carbonizing the economy  Minimizing or avoiding the production of waste and pollution Majority will be transformed from existing jobs, requiring a redefinition of skill sets, methods, and occupational profiles CPCC Center for Sustainability

32 Jobs in 3 areas:  Energy Efficiency – Buildings and Construction  Alternative Fuels & Transportation  Renewable Energy

33  Systems Technician  Green Designer and Architect  Skilled Energy-Efficient Construction Trade Worker such as Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber  Resource Conservation/Efficiency Manager  Energy and Indoor Air Quality Auditor  Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Operation  Maintenance Technician Many of the jobs in the green building sector will require the reorientation of existing jobs. Follow tax credits…

34  Ethanol Plant and System Operator  Ethanol Plant Technician  Chemical Equipment Operator  Electrical & Electronic Maintenance Mechanic  Biodiesel Laboratory Technician

35 Solar PV System Installer Solar Thermal System Installer Sales Representatives/Estimator Site Surveyors/Assessor Solar Engineer/Designer Solar Installation Manager/Project Foreman Solar Energy Jobs Wind power installation (construction & transportation) Wind farm maintenance and operations Most of all, wind turbine manufacturing Wind Power Jobs

36 College Graduates Over age 25 4.1% February2009 Big jump from 2.1% in 2008 High School Graduates 8.3% for those with only a HS diploma ► Impact ◄ if unemployment rate remains high?

37 5% unemployment rate will return late 2017 if:  7.2 million lost jobs are replaced  100,000 jobs are added monthly to keep up with population growth  Job market returns to the 1990’s rapid pace (2.15 million private-sector jobs added a year) Joseph Seneca, Rutgers University Economist, 9.30.09

38 Jobs won’t return to prerecession levels until 2013 End of 2019 puts unemployment at 5.75% ~IHS Global Insight

39 Once the economy recovers… 57% of U.S. workers polled said they would expect a raise, bonus or promotion 1 in 5 employees expects to change jobs Rusty Rueff, career, October, 2009 “45% of surveyed workers said they plan to change employers, careers or industries when the economy improves ” The Edge Report Robert Half- September 2009 The Edge Report Robert Half- September 2009 If this happens, what is the impact on job openings?

40  O Net Online ( Green Economy Sector Jobs)  Occupational Outlook Handbook  Executive Office of the President Council of Economic Advisors- Preparing the Workers of Today for the Jobs of Tomorrow, July 2009  Build Your own Ladder~ 4 Secrets to Making Your Career Dreams Come True by Dr. Tony Zeiss Build Your own Ladder~ 4 Secrets to Making Your Career Dreams Come True ◦ NC Stimulus Plan  Jobs in Demand - Jobs in Demand Programs and Classes at CPCCJobs in Demand Programs and Classes at CPCC  Job Profiles and Outlook -  Sustainability Job Source - The N.C. Sustainable Energy Association tainable%20Energy%20Association tainable%20Energy%20Association  American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 -- Increase in green jobs American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

41 States USA Today/HIS Global Insight Economic Outlook Index (updated 9.25.2009) “…predicts a strong recovery in the last quarter of 2009 followed by a more gradual rebound in the first part of 2010. “

42 Top Jobs for the Future (date published?) Futuristic Site:Top 10 Forecasts for 2009 and Beyond Business and Marketing Trends ~ Faith Popcorn

43  Student Site/Internships  Where the Federal Jobs Are  Clearinghouse of Federal Job Openings  Best Places to Work in Federal Government

44  Top Careers of the Future on You Tube  Green building: Jobs of the Future

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