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Technology and the Science of Learning Week 4: Evaluating New Technologies.

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1 Technology and the Science of Learning Week 4: Evaluating New Technologies

2 Technology Integration Technology can help to mobilize this “will to learn” when used correctly. Quality software is an essential element.

3 Evaluating Technology How do you… –know what represents quality? –know it will match your instructional style? –know it will mobilize that will to learn? –explain to your principal that the student learning which is generated is truly worth the cost of the software? –know that software is free of bias to gender or ethnicity? –know that software meets the needs and interests of ESL, minorities, special education and handicapped students?

4 This ERIC Digest is based on a manuscript "Seven Steps to Responsible Software Selection" submitted to ERIC/IT by P. Kenneth Komoski of The Educational Products Information Exchange (EPIE) and was prepared by Eric Plotnick, Assistant Director, ERIC Clearinghouse on Information & Technology. Seven Steps to Responsible Software Selection 1.Analyze Needs 2.Specify Requirements 3.Identify Promising Software 4.Read Relevant Reviews 5.Preview Software 6.Make Recommendations 7.Get Post-User Feedback

5 Critical Questions 1.Does this research finding apply to my classroom, school, or district? 2.How do I determine if the research is designed to support these claims? 3.How is student achievement measured?

6 Children's Software Evaluation Instrument Ease of Use – Can a child use it with minimal help? Childproof – Is it designed with ‘child-reality’ in mind? Educational – What can a child learn from this program? Entertaining – Is this program fun to use? Design Features – How ‘smart’ is this program? Value – How much does it cost vs. what it does? Is it worth it? © 1998 Children's Technology Review

7 CRITERIA FOR EVALUATING COMPUTER COURSEWARE Content –Accuracy –Appropriateness –Scope Technical Aspects –Navigation –Save/Record-keeping features –Presentation –Quality Documentation –Technical information –Teacher’s guide -SREB


9 Note – all sample guides can be found under the Resources tab in the ELC under Evaluation Guides. Sample Technology Evaluation Guides Kathy Schrock software evaluation ISTE NETS-T software evaluation NCREL software evaluation worksheet Mediatech Foundation review Notar/Herring website evaluation form ECASD software evaluation form

10 “New” Technologies New to mainstream education Doesn’t mean new to market Diffusion of Innovation Theory

11 Five Stages of Adoption Everett M. Rogers - 1962 book, Diffusion of Innovations Adoption process: 1.awareness 2.interest 3.evaluation 4.trial 5.adoption

12 Emerging Technology Tools Games Labyrinth prototype – (demo only) Electronic field trips Thinkport online field trips - Simulations NCTM – Illuminations – Bobbie Bear - National Geographic – Expeditions – Pearl Harbor Attack Map - Audio (Podcasts) IRA/NCTE – Read-Write-Think – War of the Worlds - 901 901


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