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THE GILBERT SCHOOL WELCOME! Class of 2015 Senior Planning Night Kim Fiducia Counselor for Grade 12 Julie McDougall, Director.

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1 THE GILBERT SCHOOL WELCOME! Class of 2015 Senior Planning Night Kim Fiducia Counselor for Grade 12 Julie McDougall, Director of Guidance 860-379-8521

2 WHAT’S NEXT? LIFE AFTER TGS What’s Right For you?OPTIONS: 1. Work 2. Military 3. Gap Year 4. Trade School 5. College – 2-Yr Vs. 4-Yr

3 Work: Do What You Are Determine Your Career Interest by completing a career interest survey located on your Naviance Family Connection account. To Login to Naviance Family Connection: 1.Go to 2.Under the “Academics” tab, select “College & Career Counseling”. 3. Click on “Naviance” on the left hand side of the page. 4.NAVIANCE icon will appear in center of page, click and log in*. 5.Once logged into your Family Connections, go to Careers tab, 6. Select DO WHAT YOU ARE to start your career interest survey. *see counselor if you’ve forgotten your login username and password

4 Finding Employment: Websites & Agencies

5 MILITARY Military Recruiters visit TGS offer information for students who Approach them. ASVAB test is Given at Gilbert in Spring of each Year. Students must sign up in Guidance. ARMY visit– September 25 th Marines visit – September 26 th


7 GAP Year Opportunities & Alternatives…. GAP Year Opportunities & Alternatives…. National service programs: Adventure & Travel programs: www.castle- www.outwardbound.orgwww.castle- Internships, apprenticeships, volunteer work, etc: Building affordable housing: Environmental Conservation (Student Conservation Assoc.): Travel & Study Abroad:

8 Trade Schools 1. 2. schools.html schools.html 3. colleges-in-connecticut colleges-in-connecticut 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

9 College in Connecticut 2-Yr (12 in CT) NCCC Programs ourses/programlist.htm ourses/programlist.htm Affordable tuition ($5K) Commute to college No SAT required Associate Degree programs Transfer opportunity Certificate Programs 4-Yr Five state Universities 1. UCONN 2. Central 3. Southern 4. Eastern 5. Western

10 2-yr to 4-yr: NCCC’s Transfer Pathway Programs  Biology  English  Forensic Science  History  Psychology  Teaching Art Education Childhood Education Elementary Education Secondary Education College of Technology ◦ Engineering Science ◦ Electric Power Tech ◦ Industrial Technology  Civil,  Mechanical  Manufacturing  Composite  Computer Engineering

11 NCCC High School Partnership Program  Take college classes while still in high school!  Juniors & Seniors with B average or better  Free tuition  Credits can be used to  jump start college education at NCCC  transfer to many 4-yr. schools  Nov. 15 th application deadline for Spring semester.

12 Admission Criteria: What 4-yr schools look for: 1. Academic Achievement Record (Transcript) 2. Rank in Class 3. Standardized Test Results (SAT, SAT Subject tests, ACT) 4. Personal Essay 5. Letters of Recommendation 6. Special Activities (school, community, honors, awards, etc.) 7. Personal Interview (optional)

13 CLEAN UP Your ACT! News flash! Colleges and Universities will: ◦ Look at your social media accounts.  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc. ◦ Google your name as a form of ‘risk assessment’ to predict on- campus behavior, especially for students applying for on-campus housing.

14 What does the completed application look like?  Student will send:  Application & Supplement  Application Fee  Essay  Resume  Standardized Test Scores (via College Board or ACT)  Guidance will send:  Letters of Recommendations  Transcript  School Report  School Profile

15 Don’t Be a “Stealth” Applicant! DO: Inquire early and often Email your schools! Attend College Rep visits at TGS. Go to Open House events and visit Admissions offices. Visit a Department or audit a class. DON’T Rely on just an application to get in! Don’t be shy! Don’t hesitate to email and visit more than once! Don’t be afraid to ask for an interview. Don’t miss out on Open House and overnight events!

16 Using Naviance & Family Connection Naviance & Family Connection is your tool for: College searches Creating colleges I’m applying to list Attending college rep visits at Gilbert Submitting a transcript request from Guidance Tracking the application process Scholarship information

17 Naviance & Family Connection Important Note! Family Connection is required for Gilbert students applying to college. Students must: ◦ Update Prospective & Active Applications ◦ Request Transcripts in Naviance ◦ Update College Responses Located under the “Academics” tab, under “College and Career Counseling” on the left hand side of the page.

18 Common Application One application that is accepted by a number of schools Cuts down on time Go to website Create an account Add your colleges Check to see if supplements are required by your colleges.

19 Decisions, Decisions! Early Decision vs. Early Action Early Decision: 1. Early Decision is a commitment; student promises that, if accepted, student will definitely attend that school. 2. Student can only have one Early Decision application pending. 3. Upon acceptance, student must withdraw all other applications. Early Action: 1. Indicates to school the student’s strong preference. 2. Students receive decision well in advance of regular response date. 3. Student not obligated to accept offer of admission.

20 NCAA Clearinghouse What is the NCAA Clearinghouse? Ensures the academic eligibility of student athletes in Division I and Division II. All Division I & II athletes must go through the Clearinghouse in order to play in college. Division I: range of eligibility requirements for both core GPA and SAT or ACT scores (combined). Division II: core GPA must be 2.0+, SAT 820+.

21 Colleges visiting Gilbert 2014 SEPTEMBER  Quinnipiac, CT  U of New Haven, CT  Lasell College, MA  Western New England  Springfield College, MA  U of Rhode Island, RI  UCONN, CTOCTOBER  St. Anselm College, NH  Lesley U, MA  Eastern CT State, CT  Salve Regina U, RI  U of St. Joseph, CT  Mercyhurst U, PA  Western CT State U, CT  American Int’l College, MA  Central CT State U, CT  NCCC, CT  U of Hartford, CT

22 SENIOR YEAR PLANNING TIME TABLE September Make appointment with counselor to discuss post high school goals. Register for the SATs and/or SAT subject tests, and/or ACTs. Attend college Rep visits at Gilbert. Register at NCAA Clearinghouse for Division I & II Athletics: (

23 SENIOR YEAR PLANNING TIME TABLE October Take SATs on Oct. 11 th at Gilbert. Pick Six – finalize list of colleges applying to. Fill out student & parent questionnaires. Ask teachers for recommendations. Attend College Rep visits at Gilbert Attend college open houses. Prepare Early applications. Attend Financial Aid Night at Gilbert on Wednesday, October 29 th at 7pm in the library.

24 OCTOBER ATTEND FINANCIAL AID NIGHT at Gilbert Mark your calendar now! Financial Aid Night at Gilbert on Wednesday, October 29 th at 7pm in the library. Andrea Devereaux, UCONN’s Director of Financial Aid, will cover the do’s & don’ts of paying for college.

25 Senior Year Planning Time Table DecemberJanuary Send college applications by December 19 th. Meet with counselor to verify supporting materials have been sent. Register for FAFSA Pin ( Complete FAFSA form ( Send mid-year grades to colleges (if requested). Continue looking for scholarships.

26 Finding Money A note about finding Money… Scholarship Tweets: Interested in finding some scholarship money ? $ Barnes and Noble has tons of reference books you can browse. Take a Saturday, get a cup of something yummy, and browse the indexes…choose applications that require an essay – no one wants to do the work for those! $ Take notes, take pictures of those that seem to fit your profile. If, in an afternoon, you find $500 this way, you’ve earned $100/hour! If you want to read tweets about different scholarships to apply for: @scholarshipsusa Scholarships USA @scholarshipscom @USNewsEducation US News Education @ScholAmerica Scholarship America

27 SENIOR YEAR PLANNING TIME TABLE November Send Early Decision or Early Action applications by November 1 st or 15th. Research Scholarships published on Naviance and: ( ( ( ( ( ( Continue to attend college Rep visits at Gilbert. Register for NCCC’s High School Partnership Program

28 Senior Year Planning Time Table FebruaryMarch Research and apply for local scholarships Applications in Guidance, and listed on Naviance. Continue to research and visit colleges to which you have applied. Remember the importance of 2nd semester grades!!

29 SENIOR YEAR PLANNING TIME TABLE April Review your college responses and aid offers. Make final decision on where to attend. Send deposit by May 1 st. Register for AP exams (if registered for AP courses).

30 Senior Year Planning Time Table MayJune Students in AP classes take AP exams. Let your counselor know where you will be attending. Send “thank you” notes to those who wrote you letters, etc. Request your final transcript to be sent to college of your choice. Register for courses at your college (if possible). Send “Thank you” notes to those who awarded you scholarships.

31 Don’t’ forget, we are here to help! Kim Fiducia 3479-8521 x1424 The Gilbert School

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