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Junior Parent Night October 23, 2014 PAC.

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1 Junior Parent Night October 23, 2014 PAC

2 Quick Survey! Please go to the South Forsyth High School Webpage. Student Services Counseling 11th Grade Please complete the Parent Survey

3 SFHS Counseling Staff Dr. Jamie D. Brown, Chair A – B Eddy Fernandez
C-GAH Corinna Spurlock GAI– KOT Stacye Fickle, Kou – Nor

4 SFHS Counseling Staff Michele Vargas Nos – Smi Shari Frankel Smj – Z
Kristi Hall Counseling Secretary

5 Junior Status Meetings
What will we do during your 30 minute meeting? (*Meetings will start in October and run through January) Review all completed credits and discuss what is left to meet graduation requirements. Introduce Career Cruising as a resource to identify post secondary options and financial aid. Discuss any questions you have that involve senior year and life after SFHS. (This presentation should generate several individual questions to explore during meetings)

6 meeting? Junior Status Meetings
Loose ends… Invitations were mail out, please let your counselor know if you have not received your student’s by this weekend. Typo: 1am – 4am is really a PM afternoon time. Please communicate this date to your student, so that they are prepared. To assist meetings in starting promptly, students will receive a pass the day of.

7 Graduation Requirements
4 English credits (9th Lit and Amer. Lit) 4 Math credits 4 Science credits (Biology, Physical Sci. or Physics) 3 Social Studies (W. Hist., US Hist., Gov/Econ) 3 Career/Fine Arts/For. Lang. 1 Health/Per. Fit 4 additional electives **23 Total Credits If you are planning to enter/transfer into a 4 year college/university you must take a minimum of 2 credits in the same world language

8 Graduation Test Requirements
TESTING REQURIEMENTS: Must pass the GHSGWT to be eligible for a diploma.

9 Dual Enrollment Options
ACCEL Programs that provide qualified Georgia high school juniors and seniors with the opportunity to earn college credit while jointly enrolled in a Georgia public high school and a college, university or technical institution. A high school student cannot receive assistance from the Accel Program for postsecondary courses that are part of a technical Certificate or Diploma program of study. Move on When Ready -MOWR MOWR provides high school students the opportunity to “jump start” postsecondary education during the high school years. Once a student meets the admission requirements and is accepted to a technical college, 2-year college, or 4-year university, the high school student will be free to “move on” earlier to the next educational level.

10 Dual Enrollment Options
ACCEL Can take all classes on college campus Can take classes at SFHS and on college campus ACCEL credit hours do not count toward HOPE totals. MOWR Student cannot attend classes at SFHS Students have to take a total of 12 semester hours each semester MOWR credit hours do not count toward HOPE totals.

11 2014 Fall SAT and ACT Schedules
Dates $52.50 Registration Deadline Late Reg. $28 Nov. 8 Oct. 9 Dec. 6 Nov. 6 Jan. 24 Dec. 29 Mar. 14 Feb. 13 May 2 Apr. 6 June 6 May 8 ACT Test Dates $38 $54.50 w/writing Registration Deadline Late Reg. $24 Dec. 13 Nov. 7 Feb. 7 Jan. 9 Apr. 18 Mar. 13 June 13 May 8

12 SAT / ACT TEST PREP SAT/ACT/PSAT PREP CLASSES SFHS Sycamore Learning Tree ACT Mar 23 & :30 pm SFHS (Media Center) $75 SAT Apr 20/21 4 – 6:30pm SFHS (Media Center) $75 or call

13 SAT / ACT TEST PREP C2education 770-292-9000
Offering free practice test for new SAT Kaplan Test Prep November 15th ACT/SAT Combo Academic Assistance & Tutoring Tab (Counseling Website) Prep Books Computer Software Student’s Classes

14 Included in Reading section
The New SAT! Goes live Spring 2016 (At this time we do not have a specific month that the redesigned SAT launches) No penalties for wrong answers Scoring will go back to the 1600 base Fewer questions, but more in debt analysis Essay is optional 4 vs. 5 multiple choice answers Portions of the Math section prohibit calculator use Pre-Calc is the max vs. Algebra II New SAT Tests Old 1 (1hr 40mins) 3 Reading 1 (1hr 20mins) 3 Math 1 (50mins) Optional 1 Essay Included in Reading section 3 Writing

15 SAT/ACT Reminders Research to find out if you need the SAT II’s – Subject Tests. This will be based on how selective the college is (i.e. Ivy League) Use your free score reports to send scores to colleges. Saves you $’s and schools are going to use the scores meet your best interest. SAT – ACT – SFHS code =

16 Ready? Set? Gooooo!!! What do I need to do, and how do I start?
Start your post-secondary research! You should do this prior to your junior status meeting Understand the difference between being able to get into a college and being able to AFFORD a college Understand the difference between high school graduation requirements and post-secondary entrance requirements Research scholarships and financial aid Work on your class schedule for senior year

17 Do Your Research Plan a visit to tour campuses that are of interest. (4 approved days) Attend College/Career/Military fairs Meet with college/military representatives when they come to visit SFHS Calculate your academic GPA (most colleges only consider academic courses) where 90 + = 4, = 3, = 2, and 0-69 = 0 **Always contact the college to verify how they actually recalculate your GPA

18 Unofficial Transcripts

19 Now Calculate Your GPA!

20 College Visitation

21 Well How Do I Choose? What am I looking for?
Size, location, cost, majors, clubs/groups, etc. How do the BIG 3 affect my admissions? GPA, SAT/ACT, curriculum strength. Have I narrowed my list down to 5 – 7 schools? 1-2 Dream/Reach, 2-3 Moderate level, 2-3 Safety/Fall Back.

22 Curriculum Difficulty Chart
Course Average (1 pt) Above Average (2pt) Advanced (3 pt) Most Difficult (4pt) English On-level 2 Honors 2 Honors/1 AP 2 Honors/2 AP Math (Math I, 2, 3, AMDM) (Math 1, 2, 3, 4) Accel Math I, 2, 3, AP Calc or AP Stats Accel Math 2, 3, AP Calc AB/BC, DL Calc Social Studies 1 Honors 1 Honors/1 AP 2 or more AP Science 1 AP Foreign Language 2 years 3 years 4 years 1 or more AP

23 GEORGIA and Georgia Tech
Standardized Tests GEORGIA and Georgia Tech UGA Fall of 2013 PROFILE Total Applicants : 21,260 Total Enrolled: 5,200 Middle 50% Core GPA: Middle 50% SAT (CR+M+W) Middle 50% ACT: Middle 50% AP/IB Courses 4 – 8 GEORGIA TECH Total Applicants: 25,880 Total Enrolled: 2,800 Middle 50%: “A” avg. Middle 50% SAT (CR+M+W): Middle 50% ACT: 30-33 Middle 50% AP/IB Courses 6 – 11

24 Other 4-year Georgia Schools
Kennesaw State University 2.5 GPA min avg. on college prep work, 950 SAT (CR/MA) CR 490/MA 460, 20 ACT English 20/Math 19 University of North Georgia 3.62 avg. GPA SAT: 1120 ACT: 24 Georgia State University 2.8 GPA min., 3.2 – 3.7 avg. GPA, 1120 SAT (CR/MA), 24 ACT Georgia Southern University EIP Program 2.0 GPA min avg. GPA, SAT 920 – 1000, Reading 430, Math 400, ACT 20, English 17, Math 17 Valdosta State SAT: 900 Reading 430, Math 400, ACT: 19, English 17, Math 17 Columbus State University 2.5 GPA min., SAT: Reading 440, Math 410, ACT: Math 17, English 17

25 2-year Schools in Georgia
Oxford College Of Emory University, Oxford, GA AVG GPA is 3.69 – 3.98, SAT – 2250, ACT Georgia Military College, Milledgeville , GA 2.39 GPA min., SAT 920, ACT 19 Georgia Perimeter College, Alpharetta, GA 2.0 GPA min, accepting SAT/ACT or COMPASS University of North Georgia College – Oconee Campus, Watkinsville, GA SAT: Math 310, Reading 330, ACT: Math 14, English 12, FI 1640 or higher

26 Technical Colleges in Georgia
Lanier Technical College, Cumming, GA accepting COMPASS if you do not meet the min. SAT/ACT Gwinnett Technical College, Lawrenceville, Dawsonville, Gainesville, campuses accepting COMPASS if you do not meet the min. SAT/ACT Atlanta Technical College, Atlanta, GA SAT: Math 410, Reading 410, ACT 18 Chattahoochee Technical College, Marietta, GA ACT: Math, Reading, English 19, SAT: Reading 460, Math 440, or COMPASS

27 Military Options in Georgia
Georgia Army National Guard SSG WYCHE NAVY Keith Bostick EM1 US ARMY John C. Hughes Sergeant First Class MARINES SSGT Darren McAllister

28 Apprenticeships and Careers
US Dept. of Labor – Employment and training administration Offers guidance on finding registered apprenticeship programs. Forsyth County Schools Job Board:

29 Start to Building Your Resume!
Gather high school information on: Awards and Honors SAT/ACT Scores Weighted/Unweighted GPA Extracurricular Activities Work Experience Volunteer/Community Service Hobbies/Interests

30 Honor Code/Discipline
If a college or scholarship program inquires about honor code violations or discipline, we are obligated to report this information. Also, inquiries on a student's integrity may also be affected if the student has a documented out of school suspension or honor code violation. Acceptance to college is provisional and the colleges hold all of the rights. Colleges reserve the right to rescind admission or put you on immediate probation.

31 HOPE Scholarship HOPE covers a percentage% of college tuition. Award amounts depend on the type of institution (Public or Private) a student attends. To earn HOPE: Graduate from a HOPE-eligible high school Be registered for Selective Service (males only) Meet Georgia residency requirements 3.0 CORE GPA (all academic courses only, English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Lang.) Meet Academic Rigor requirements: (Class of 2016) Must receive credit in at least THREE advanced courses: Advanced Algebra or higher, Chemistry, Physics or higher, AP/IB courses in core subjects, ACCEL, and Advanced World Language. *The complete list of classes are listed on

32 HOPE Key Points All AP/IB/DE classes are unweighted
AP/IB/DE have .50 quality points added (nothing above a 4.0) Middle school credit is not calculated in the HOPE GPA All calculations are done by the Georgia Student Finance Commission, and not by SFHS or Forsyth Co. Schools. ( HOPE GPA is not rounded up, so 2.99 does not qualify.

33 Zell Miller Scholarship
Covers 100% of tuition (based on Lottery Funds) Requirements: Must meet all the requirements to be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship, plus: Core GPA of 3.70+ 1,200 SAT (CR+MA) on a single test administration or a 26 composite on the ACT *A student named the valedictorian or salutatorian of his or her eligible high school is also eligible for the Zell Miller Scholarship, as long as the student has a minimum 3.0 HOPE GPA and meets all other requirements.

34 All HOPE is Not Lost! **Did you know that if your student graduates from high school with less than a 3.0 GPA, they can still earn HOPE once they enroll in college? At 30, 60, or 90 hours, if a once ineligible student earns a 3.0+, they become HOPE eligible. **This does not apply to Zell Miller. Students have to be eligible for Zell Miller upon graduating from high school, to receive the award at any point in college.

35 HOPE Grant Pays a percentage of tuition at all Georgia Technical Colleges Graduate from a Hope-eligible high school NO GPA requirement Must maintain a 2.0 after enrolling in college.

36 Private Schools and HOPE
HOPE Scholarship (Enrolled Full-Time) $3,820 per year award ZELL MILLER (Enrolled Full-Time) $4,000 per year award

37 More Information on HOPE
View your HOPE average and Rigor Requirements HOPE Rigor Requirements (listed on GA College411) Go to and login to your account. Click on “Your HOPE GPA” *We will be distributing this information during junior status meetings. For Additional Information on HOPE Contact Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) or

38 Other Scholarship Options?
**Always visit the financial aid page of the colleges of interest. For other scholarship opportunities please visit the SFHS Counseling Scholarship Website, and other sites like:

39 NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse
If you are planning on participating in intercollegiate athletics at an NCAA Division I or II institution you must register with the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse Access the registration materials by visiting the NCAA website When taking the SAT/ACT, enter 9999 for scores to be sent to NCAA Students and parents are responsible for determining NCAA eligibility to Division I and Division II schools Counselor’s are neither responsible nor allowed to determine eligibility

40 Anticipate Your Senior Schedule
Figure out you senior schedule Research classes by talking to teachers and other students to find out expectations Don’t bite off more than you can chew Research college admissions requirements to find out if you need to add a class to your senior schedule Consider extracurricular and work activities Consider Dual Enrollement Consider HOPE! Consider “Senioritis” (This disease is real!) **Remember, once we return in August there will be no schedule changes

41 Things to Remember Visit the Counseling Web Pages often!
Use 4 college visits during junior & senior year (College Visitation Form) Students interested in playing college athletics must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse once your junior year courses & grades are available. Register for the SAT/ACT Come to your junior status meeting prepared! The more we get to know you, the more we can help you with your future!

42 Questions Please go to the South Forsyth High School Webpage. Student Services Counseling 11th Grade Please complete the Parent Survey

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