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NCAA Clearinghouse Q & A Football Recruiting Q & A April 4 th 2012 Grandview Wolves Football.

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1 NCAA Clearinghouse Q & A Football Recruiting Q & A April 4 th 2012 Grandview Wolves Football

2 GHS Football 2 Goals for Tonight -Breakdown of College Football by Division -NCAA Clearinghouse. -Core GPA and Test Score Criteria. (NEW!!) -Recruiting Process / Language / Camps -GRANDVIEW FOOTBALL PROGRAM

3 GHS Football 3 NCAA Clearinghouse Register at end of junior year or fall of senior year. Send Official High School Transcript at the beginning of Senior year (after 6 semesters complete!). You must register in order to make an official visit. SAT/ACT scores need to be sent to Clearinghouse. ***Code 9999. All clearinghouse info must be completed prior to starting freshman year in college (EVEN WALK-ONS!!). 1-877-262-1492 Clearinghouse Q/A $60 fee.

4 GHS Football 4 Scholarships by Division D-I BCS (76 minimum to 85 scholarships ATHLETES MAXIMUM, including those earning Acadamic $). D-1 Championship Subdivision (63 Scholarships, can be divided among a maximum of 85 players). D-1 non scholarship (IVY, Patriot, Drake, San Diego, etc. qualified academic aide only top 5%). D-II (36 Scholarships maximum, can be broken into partials, most schools can’t afford all 36). NAIA-1 (Similar to D-II, not governed by NCAA. Has a 24 player limit per game of scholarship athletes, thus it is much more flexible thus many have more $ than D-II). D-III (Qualified academic aide only - top 25%)

5 GHS Football 5 College Recruiting D-I NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE ( –Every player must register with the clearinghouse to play college football, official visit. –32 Core Semesters GPA and Test Score (scale) Core classes (16 units = 32 sem): –English (8 semesters) –Math (6 semesters) –Science (4 semesters) –Social Studies (4 semesters) –2 Electives from top 3 –8 elective from top 4, plus Foreign language/religion –GHS APPROVED list online: code 060081 ACT or SAT best scores combined. –State ACT in April for Juniors – and to register –YOU CAN TAKE MORE THAN ONCE!! PLUS 1 – One core can be done after Graduation. ON-Line: Most On-line classes have been banned! Examples from scale: GPAACTSAT 3.5537400 3.052620 2.568820 2.086 1010 Every score in between has an associated GPA. Minimum GPA 2.0 Minimum ACT 68 Minimum SAT 820

6 GHS Football CLASS OF 2015 Same as before PLUS 10 of 16 core completed by end of Junior Year 7 of the 10 Math/English/Science New Scale for competition as a freshman If you qualify under old scale you can receive a scholarship and practice. No Games! 6 Examples from scale: GPAACTSAT 3.550600 3.066800 2.5851000 2.393 1080 BELOW 2.3 GPA = Academic Ineligible to compete in year 1. “Academic Redshirt”

7 GHS Football 7 ACT and SAT GHS FAMILY CONNECTIONS – NAVIANCE – Registration Dates – Test prep and tutorials ACT / SAT prep classes @ GHS Private Tutorials SEND SCORE TO NCAA code 9999

8 GHS Football 8 NCAA D-II, NAIA-I (NEW!!) 16 Core Classes : –3 English, 2 Math, 2 Science, 2 Social Studies –7 more, of which 3 must be Math/Science/English. Minimum GPA of 2.0 Minimum ACT of 68 sum Minimum SAT of 820 Partial QUALIFIERS ALLOWED!! Placed on Academic Probation for 1 year. MOST NAIA HAVE HIGHER STANDARDS.

9 GHS Football 9 Junior College High School Graduate $ Available for D-1 caliber athletes only. In State Tuition and Pell Grant availability makes this a lower cost option to keep playing. NO JC in Colorado!! California, Arizona/NM, Kansas/Iowa, Idaho/Washington are the closest JC Leagues. ATHLETE MUST MAKE FIRST CONTACT.

10 GHS Football 10 NCAA D-III, NAIA Private Schools Grant in Aide for High Academic Achievers $$ available for Minority candidates with qualified admission. $$ available for football players with excellent GPA and test scores. –3.0 and above –26 ACT average and above –Top 25% Class Rank

11 GHS Football 11 D-1 LANGUAGE Verbal Commitment (most contact Coach & Parents) Grey Shirt (WAIT TO ENROLL IN JANUARY) Red Shirt (practice on scholarship w/o playing) Preferred walk-on (NCAA limits these, start in August) General walk-on (more players allowed after Sept. 15 th ) Junior Day, Game Invitations, Official Visits Offer Letter (from University to Athlete – September) Official LETTER of Intent (Feb of senior year) Non-compete letter (Ivy-League, and similar)

12 GHS Football BIGTIME UNIVERSITY!! QB (5) 1 Senior 1 Junior 3 freshman NEED 0 RB (6) 2 Juniors 1 sophomore 1 Freshman Need 2 OL (14) 2 Seniors 3 Juniors 4 Soph 1 Red Fresh Need 4 WR (10) 2 Seniors 1 Juniors 4 Soph 1 JC transf. Need 3 TE/H (5) 2 Juniors 2 Freshman Need 1 Safety (9) 1 Seniors 4 Juniors 1 Soph Need 3 Corner (7) 3 Juniors 3 Soph 1 RFresh Need 0 LB (16) 4 Seniors 2 Juniors 3 Soph 3 Rfresh Need 4 DL (10) 2 Seniors 1 Junior 6 Soph NEED 1 Specials (3) PK (fresh) P(Jr) LS(Sr) Need 0

13 GHS Football BIGTIME UNIVERSITY NCAA Maximum Scholarships in 1 year: 25 (+3 Greys) BTU Scholarships Available in 2012: 18 NEEDS vs BEST available?? ACADEMIC RISK vs ABILITY vs POTENTIAL How many will they offer to meet needs?? LIKE it or NOT college football is a business they have to recruit for their immediate needs. Depending on the year quality players may be left off the recruiting list for a school. Do your RESEARCH!! ASK HOW MANY!!

14 GHS Football 14 REALITY!! Over 2 Million Play HS Football in USA, 20,000 D-I players (1%). Less than 4% will play football with a scholarship of any kind at any level. The most difficult part of the process is a realistic talent evaluation. Colorado will produces only 20-30 D-I players per year TOTAL!! (State not highly ranked!!) REALISTIC TALENT EVALUATION. FIND YOUR LEVEL = FIND a good FIT!

15 GHS Football 15 College Recruiting FILM and Head Coach Recommendations: –I send out film to colleges and university’s nationwide. With my recommendations attached. NOW DONE OVER THE INTERNET!! –I need release signed in order to give unofficial transcripts. Combines ($): SPARQ, FBU, UA-ESPN, NATS, O-D, Biokats, etc. –Colleges use for information and sorting. They cannot attend!!! –IF YOU GO you had better perform at your best. –Most are money making events that produce a diamond on occasion. Camps ($$): You must be seen in person if you are not ELITE. –Go only with a personal invitation, not junk mail!! –Go for ONE DAY and ask to be evaluated by the coaches. –D-I schools are nearly finished with evaluation and scholarship offers prior to senior season. –SEVERAL smaller colleges will be at large team camps.*** however some D-II schools now hold there own camps (preference!!!) Individual Marketing ($$$$) –Recruiting services ($300-$3000) –Highlight film **** Hudl **** Everyone can do it!!

16 GHS Football Highlight Film HUDL team software enables every athlete to produce a highlight film and have it available on- line to every college or university NATIONWIDE. Select your plays Create a premium Highlight package by dragging and dropping plays in the order of importance. Add your contact info and stats. Email coaches and universities with link. 16

17 GHS Football 17 Combines and Websites 4851 4851 TOO MANY!!! NEW ONES EACH SPRING!!

18 GHS Football CAMPS MUST TAKE CARE OF GHS FOOTBALL 1 st. If you lose your team you will bring us down. REQUEST 1 Day only. Unless for fun. FIND CORRECT LEVEL -- D1bcs, D1cs, DII HEALTHY!! Do not go if you are hurt. Don’t take it personal! Don’t try too hard!! HAVE FUN!!! REMEMBER THE MATH 1% of HS players go D-1, 3% more go play at small school, 95% never play again. HAVE FUN!! ENJOY THE GAME! TEAM FIRST!! STATE CHAMPS OPEN DOORS! 18

19 GHS Football 19 Grandview Football Strength and SAQ programs designed to prepare every player in a TEAM setting. Team camp. Our team camp is essential for evaluation of players for the fall. We finish in time for players to go to CSU, Wyoming and CU junior and senior days. Spring/Fall TESTS results will go in program. We play players based on production not just Size and Test Scores. Unfortunately, the first SORT by NCAA is SIZE and SPEED. MAKE OUR COMMITMENT CLUB!!

20 GHS Football 20 BUYER BEWARE!!! Personal trainers who want to SELL you on becoming a D-I prospect. They will tell you want you want to here. Taking performance enhancers to get an edge can be dangerous and unhealthy. Know what your son is putting in his body. See your physician. There is $$ to be made off of teenage athletes. Spending may not be helping your son be a TEAM player. We have built our program to give every student what they need to be successful. BUY IN to our program. SPEND YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON ACADEMIC SUCCESS!! IT IS THE EASIER PATH!!

21 GHS Football 21 GO WOLVES!! Thanks for coming and listening! Understand, I want to do my best, however we do not live in Texas, California or SEC territory. I do not have a 6-digit budget or salary, nor does my staff just coach football, we teach first. We have a great reputation in this state!! High School EXPERIENCE will be the best memories for nearly every player. Open Questions.

22 GHS Football Football Booster Stuff California trip updates - Slips available. Tagawa’s Fundraiser King Sooper’s Fundraising Update “Skin-it” and Car Magnet Extra Fundraiser Equipment updates: HEADSETS !! THANK YOU Boosters!! HELMETS !! District $ coming mid May ?? Senior replacement Jersey’s (17) order placed. 22

23 GHS Football 23 Football Booster Schedule MayWolf Card Distribution MAY 9 th Mandatory Parent Meeting – Shoes/EQ/SP June 2 nd Spring Intrasquad Game 9am JUNE 2 nd CASINO NIGHT / SILENT AUCTION June 9 th Spring Scrimmages at Legacy Stadium JulyPoker Tournament August Golf Tournament California Trip: -June 1 st program Advertisements Due -July 1 st Golf Tournament Entry Due -July 15th All trip $$ due to KSA.

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