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The Scarlet Letter Jigsaw

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1 The Scarlet Letter Jigsaw

2 Chapter Group Tasks 1. Overview/Summary of the Chapter
(2 or 3 paragraphs to sum up the main ideas from your chapter.) 2. Answer the Chapter Study Questions 3. Teach the Chapter Vocabulary 4. Identify: Symbols Allusions Allegory -Foreshadowing 5. Create a Visual Representation/Retelling of the main action in contemporary language. (Pictures, Storyboard, PowerPoint, Cartoon, Puppet Show, Play)

3 Definitions Symbol: anything that stands for or represents something else beyond it—usually an idea Allegory: a symbolic story or extended metaphor having both literal and figurative meanings (The difference between an allegory and a symbol is that an allegory is a complete narrative that conveys abstract ideas to get a point across, while a symbol is a single representation of an idea or concept that can have a different meaning throughout a literary work.) Allusion: an analogy created by referring to something “well-known” from outside the story Foreshadow: The use of hints or clues to suggest what will happen later in the story.

4 Task 1: Summarize the Chapter
Chapter 9: “The Leech” Summary Since his first appearance in town, the people looked on Roger Chillingworth as a blessing.  They were thankful that such a learned physician was given to them.  As time went on, Mr. Chillingworth and the Reverend Dimmesdale became very close. 

5 Though he was young, the Reverend was growing sicker and sicker by the day and the people of the town implored him to let the physician examine him.  He refused but continued to become closer and closer to the old man.  After a while they even began living together in the home of a respected matron of the town.

6 As time passed, the people began to look at Mr
  As time passed, the people began to look at Mr. Chillingworth differently however.  Instead of seeing a man sent from God to help them, they saw in his old disfigured form, a servant of Satan that was sent to haunt the Reverend.  "Novel Summary: The Scarlet Letter: Chapters 9-10." Novelguide. 27 Sep 2008 <>.

7 Tasks 2 : Study Questions
1.What new identity has Chillingworth assumed in Boston ? Why is he successful? the doctor The parishioners were thankful such a learned man was given to them. Not many men of such sagacity were around at the time so it assured him respect in the community.

8 2. To whom in the colony does Chillingworth attach himself as a medical advisor? What aspect of the patient is he interested in? the young Reverend Dimmesdale to delve into the clergyman and plot against his soul

9 3. Describe Dimmesdale’s health.
p. 118 his cheek was paler and thinner, his voice more tremulous, he fasted and kept nightly vigils “to keep the grossness of his early state from clogging and obscuring his spiritual lamp”

10 What gesture has become Dimmesdale’s habit?
“…it had now become a constant habit, rather than a casual gesture, to place his hand over his heart”

11 4. Quote a sentence from this chapter that associates Chillingworth with evil.
“Now, there was something ugly and evil in his face which they had not previously noticed, and which grew still the more obvious to sight, the oftener they looked upon him.”

12 also “According to this vulgar idea, the fire in his laboratory had been brought from the lower regions and was fed with infernal fuel: and so, as might be expected, his visage was getting sooty with the smoke.” “This diabolical agent had the divine permission, for a season, to burrow into the clergymen’s intimacy and plot against his soul.”

13 5. What two opposing views do the townspeople hold about Roger Chillingworth? He's a Savior or he’s Satan.

14 Symbolism Chillingworth is evil/the devil
Task 4: Identify any symbolism, allusion, allegory, and foreshadowing in your chapter. Symbolism Chillingworth is evil/the devil Even his name has symbolism – he sends chills through you Leech –Chillingworth is sucking the life out of Dimmesdale like leeches suck blood Dimmesdale’s name – he really is quite dim and is going downhill.

15 ALLUSIONS Doctor Foreman: an astrologer, magician, and quack physician in England (reference to Chillingworth) David and Bathsheba: Bathsheba shares in David's guilt as a willing participant, or if nothing else, an immodest woman who had no business bathing where the King could see her. (Samuel 11) (reference to Hester and her lover)

16 Allegory Chillingworth seeking Dimmesdale’s downfall is an allegory for serpent in the Garden of Eden seeking the downfall of Adam and Eve. Hester and Dimmesdale gain “knowledge” of the nature of evil from Chillingworth.

17 Foreshadowing “The people looked, with an unshaken hope, to see the minister come forth out of the conflict, transfigured with the glory which he would unquestionably win. Meanwhile, nevertheless, it was sad to think of the perchance mortal agony through which he must struggle towards his triumph.  Alas, to judge from the gloom and terror in the depths of the poor minister’s eyes, the battle was a sore one, and the victory anything but secure!” (This may foreshadow the minister’s demise.)

18 Task 3: Teach the Vocabulary

19 Sagacity “Doctors possess the sagacity to uncover mysteries.”

20 Parishioner “Chillingworth attached himself to Dimmesdale as a parishioner.”

21 Task 5:Visual Representation/Retelling
Ch. 9 The Leech

22 Chillingworth: “Remember me? I came to town fresh from being held captive by the Indians, hoping to find my loving wife waiting for me. Instead, I found her shamed by her infidelity. I’m not going to be shamed too, so I’ll pretend to be Roger Chillingworth, the new town doc. In my spare time I will destroy the soul of her lover.”

23 The Town: “Oh no! Our brilliant minister Rev. Dimmesdale is so devoted to his studies that he’s getting sick and pale. It must be providence that Doc Chillingworth has come to save him.

24 Dimmesdale: “ Don’t worry about me. I don’t need any medicine. If it’s God’s will, I must accept that I am dying.

25 “You’re too young to die. I’ll be your personal doc.
Chillingworth: “You’re too young to die. I’ll be your personal doc. I’m willing to not only to treat your illness, but I’ll also delve deep into your heart, character, thoughts, and secrets. If you tell all, I can help you feel better. Let’s go take some walks in the forest and you can unburden yourself to me. “

26 house where they can live together. The Rev can have his library
The Town: “We’ll get them into a house where they can live together. The Rev can have his library and the Doc can have his lab and the widow will take care of both of them. She’s very motherly and a really good Puritan too. Surely then the Rev will improve.”

27 …but a short time later... “Hey, did anyone else notice there’s something kind of ugly and evil about the doc.”

28 Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter. New York: Penguin, 1983.


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