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Return of the Storyteller. Once upon a time…there was an Iceberg that was melting.

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1 Return of the Storyteller

2 Once upon a time…there was an Iceberg that was melting

3 But why was the Iceberg melting? Change in business models Explosion of dataShifting CXO priorities Shrinking profits Time Profits Iceberg reports Fish database Penguin Big data? Penguin social swim Art Science

4 The penguins were happy and busy catching fishes

5 But the fishes were drying up….They Needed a New Iceberg!

6 Many penguins, many voices “Hire new scouts and tell them to hunt for icebergs” “Let’s attend an iceberg conference and get leads” SalesAdvertisingPRMarketing “Let’s put an ad -Tallest iceberg needed” “You are all saying parts of the plan. We need to come up with a data-driven plan”

7 Enter the CMO’s latest recruit Fred Curious Analytical Data-driven A data scientist in disguise?

8 Curious Fred’s Solution Assess …He showed them all the icebergs and the fishes Penguin Experience Management Iceberg Intelligence and Dashboard Fish Profiling Target Fish scoring Model Iceberg Segmentation High Med Low Fish Persona SCORING …He segmented the icebergs and targeted the best new icebergs …He measured the fishes of other icebergs Catch Campaign Measurement Fishing Social Recommendation Engine Identify Similar Fishes Measure

9 The End: The penguins found their new iceberg Ask the right questions Sell the right story See the full iceberg Market Research Predictive Modelling Data Visualization

10 Moral of the story 1,000 songs in your pocket

11 Moral of the story Simple 1,000 songs in your pocket Jargon Today we are introducing a new portable, music player that weights a mere 6.5 ounces and boasts voluminous capacity, long battery life and lightning fast transfer speeds

12 Moral of the story What the customer wants Not just what you are selling

13 Step 1: Who are you telling your story to? Understand target segment Create a buyer persona Segment followers and registrants Influence and show solution

14 Step 2: Where to tell your story? Own Media Paid Media Earned Media website Social sitesPR

15 Step 3: How to tell your story Inbound Content Marketing Outbound Events and conferences Email Marketing Calls Blogs Slide-shares Custom reports Infographics Marketable assets AD/AR/PR Influencer Marketing Advertisement, Press releases

16 Step 4: Who heard your story? Reach Engagement Visitor Flow Audience Demographics Conversion Attribution Website and social channels Events and Campaigns # of leads Acquisition Cost Conversion rates Tools Measure metrics that matter

17 And this really is the end!

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