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What do our cities say about us? Q Skills Listening and Speaking Unit 8.

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1 What do our cities say about us? Q Skills Listening and Speaking Unit 8

2 agreeable ( adj.) / ə ˈɡ ri ː ə bl/ agreed (adj) (only used before a noun) agreement (n) attract (v) / ə ˈ trækt/ attraction (n) attractiveness (n.unc) attraction ( adj) attractively (adv) conscientious ( adj.) / ˌ k ɒ n ʃ i ˈ en ʃ ə s/ ˌ k ɑː n ʃ i ˈ en ʃ ə s/ conscientiously (adv) conscientiousness ( n, unc) hand in hand ( phr) agree (v) conscience (n)

3 innovation ( n.) / ˌɪ n ə ˈ ve ɪʃ n/ innovate (v) innovative (adj.) innovator (n) mobile (adj.) / ˈ m ə ʊ ba ɪ l/ / ˈ mo ʊ bl/ mobile (n.) region (n.) / ˈ ri ː d ʒ ə n/ regional ( adj.) regionally (adv.) satisfy (v.) / ˈ sæt ɪ sfa ɪ / satisfaction (n.) satisfactory (adj.) satisfied satisfactorily (adv.)

4 surroundings (n.) pl /s ə ˈ ra ʊ nd ɪ ŋz/ tend to ( phr.) surround (v) surround (n) surrounding (adj.)

5 At the wedding last night I was Surrounded by deafening music.

6 The penguin is surrounded by baby penguins. This fire surround is quite plain.

7 The mother duck is tending to her ducklings. We need to tend to plants carefully.

8 This is the latest innovative mobile from Nokia. Should we stay in this mobile home for our holiday?

9 You really need to be mobile if you live here.

10 They agreed that the proposal was a good one. This man is a conscientious objector he does not want to fight. People are attracted to magnets,,

11 He seems to be satisfied just lying in the sun. Tuscany is a beautiful region on the west coast of Italy.

12 The MMI is a recent innovation in medical science. This building won a prize for its innovative design.

13 Poverty and poor health usually go hand in hand.

14 Each person has to make a decision according to their own conscience

15 The sharks surrounded the boat. The island is surrounded by water.

16 A study has found that students who use Facebook to share links or check up on friends tend to have higher GPA’s than those who use Facebook to make status updates.

17 Buenos Aires, Beijing and Dubai. Listening 2

18 verbnounadjectiveadverbphrase/ s artificialityartificialartificiallyfake celebratecelebration celebrity celebrated celebratory character* characteristiccharacteristic ally directdirectiondirect*directly livenlivelinesslively precisionprecise precision precisely provideprovisionprovide for

19 verbnounadjectiveadverbphrasal revealrevelationrevealingrevealingly update value valuation valued valuable

20 Don’t be like Pinocchio, in life it is better to have a direct manner. I will take the most direct route to the hospital

21 science arts Equal value should be given to arts and science subjects. These Faberge eggs are very valuable

22 These are artificial flowers This is an artificially created lake

23 Tokyo is one of the worlds most lively cities. It took a while for the game to liven up.

24 Its about time I updated my computer.! Doctors are finding it difficult to find the the precise cause of breast cancer.

25 Young Muslims celebrate Eid al Fitr

26 He laughed revealing a line of white teeth. When he opened his mouth he revealed his pearly white teeth.

27 It is important we teach our children these character traits. Apples can have quite different characteristics.

28 We need to do more to provide people with basic services

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