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#digiconf13 Conference Chair: Sara Lloyd Communications and Digital Director Pan

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1 #digiconf13 Conference Chair: Sara Lloyd Communications and Digital Director Pan Macmillan @babyjuggler

2 Will Atkinson The digital year so far

3 U.K. MARKET 2012 Worth c. £250m at point of sale to consumer plus self published and HP. Doubled or more to 13.15% of total market Meant that overall market was up 2% on value and 9% on volume to £1.9bn FFPC including Faber is 7% of the eBook market Source bookseller

4 U.S. MARKET PROGRESS ebook as % of all books bought: Jan-June 2010 - 3% July- Dec 2010 - 5% Jan-Jun 2011 - 13% Jul-Dec 2011 - 15% Jan- Jun 2012 - 21% Jul - Sept 2012 - 23% - slowing down 40% of book purchases in fiction were e in 2012; 11% of all eBooks in romance Source: Bowker

5 U.K. TRACKING U.S. 13% grew to 21% in US through FH 2011 to 2012. If market grows at the same rate UK to grow 61.5% in the next 12 months Would suggest that UK 12 – 18 months behind Still major variations depending on subject. Seasonal fluctuations.

6 Points from 2012/13 20p books – loss leading as standard Global expansion


8 Other stuff Tablets and e readers Childrens sales now relevant Illustrated not yet at the party

9 Big stuff Agency and agency lite Penguin Random – EU approved April 5th Without competition there will be legislation. = Government intervention (EU) Google settled with AAP

10 Internal publishing stuff Macmillan, Faber, Penguin, Atlantic all announce different Sales, Marketing and Publicity structures. Publishing is taste and technology? Skills: Import or internally develop?



13 What does the internet really mean for publishing Search Content Dialogue Generosity and sharing fluidity/transparency

14 Yes. but Communication to your community CONTENT + PERSONALITY WHO DOES THAT????

15 As a provider to the internet Informal but digitally and technically adept

16 So Are we still in the technological phase. “anything vaguely 21 st century has been marketing. “ But traditionally PR have done the comms.

17 Skills.

18 At a corporate level Anobii – bought by Sainsbury’s – February Mobcast – bought by Tesco – Sept 12. Launching in Autumn Good reads – Amazon 2 nd April 2013 Follows Bookish and overdrive Amazon bought IMDb but didn’t roll into main site

19 Discovery Gap Yes but….. Not all countries U.S. - U.K. Recommendation gap Jelly books

20 New products and tools Autharium | Biblioboard | Bibliocloud | Karismakidz | Me Books| Paperight | RCS Libri | Total Boox But where are the publishers? Apps, games, platforms Nosy Crow Read petite

21 Other Royalties disputes More big names going solo, but majority of authors want mainstream publishing Open Road and HC in dispute

22 More other Digital first – every self respecting corporate has one Chunking and subscription – Spotify EPUB 3 – going nowhere fast Erosion of DRM (tor)

23 Old world holding? E book rise slowing No major retailers went bust in 2012 Indies and chains have an OK Christmas E and P

24 #digiconf13

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