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Christmas in Antarctica © Christina Bainbridge

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1 Christmas in Antarctica © Christina Bainbridge

2 Oh hi! I didn’t see you there. I’m Petey and I’m an Antarctic penguin. I was just getting ready to slide into the water. Want to watch me?

3 Phew! What a swim! Are you looking for someone to tell you about Christmas in Antarctica? Hmmm… well that’s tough because people don’t live here!

4 You see, the weather conditions here are really cold and dark. It can get as cold as -150°F! That’s 150° below zero! It is also really dark here. In fact, we have almost 6 months where we can’t even see the sun!

5 Well, just because there aren’t people living here, doesn’t mean there is nothing to see. Hop on this ice drift with me and we’ll see if we can find any of my friends.

6 Look! It’s my friend Sammy the Seal! Seals live in the waters around Antarctica. They have thick layers of fat, or blubber, to help insulate them and keep them warm.

7 Do you see the humpback whale down there? Whales live in the waters around Antarctica too. Sometimes you can even hear them communicating with one another. It sounds like they are singing!

8 Penguins aren’t the only birds that live down here! Why, there are gulls, cormorants, and even albatross down here!

9 Well, it’s time for me to head back. But I have one more surprise to show you before I go! Come on! What are you waiting for?

10 Here we are… home sweet iceberg. But look! There ARE people here after all!

11 The law says that no one can live here permanently. But scientists and explorers are free to come to Antarctica to learn about it. In the winter time, not many of them choose to stay. But it looks like the ones who have stayed are getting ready for Christmas!

12 Antarctica Research Station Happy Holidays from Antarctica!

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