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WordyDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4 banned preserved power awful coasts major experts pairs.

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1 WordyDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4 banned preserved power awful coasts major experts pairs

2 Title: Animals in Trouble: Endangered Species and How to Help Them Author: Tanya Jackson Genre: Expository Reading Goal: Clarifying confusing ideas in larger sections of expository text. Team Cooperation Goal: Complete Tasks Essential Question: How can we clarify information in expository text?

3  What does “complete tasks” mean?  How can that help your team or your partner?

4  Made illegal, kept away  Jack’s mom banned pets from the house, so he can’t have a dog.

5  protected  I preserved my good grades by making sure I studied hard.

6  Give energy to  Eating an apple will help power you through your day.

7  terrible  The flood caused awful problems for people.

8  Areas on the edge of the water  With oceans on both sides, the United States has east and west coasts.

9  Very important Exercise is a major part of staying in good health.

10  People who know a lot about something  Millie’s parents studied for years to become experts in plant science.

11  Groups of two  I have three pairs of shoes, and they’re all black.

12  What strategy did we learn last week to help us clarify words in expository text?  What are some reasons people might become confused as they read?  What are some features that expository texts have?  Why would the author include them?

13 There are two types of penguins near the South Pole: the smaller Adelie penguin and the larger emperor penguin. Both penguins live in rookeries, or the places where flocks of penguins gather. The Adelie penguin is small and meek. The emperor penguin is strong and brave. It also has a black and white coat. Some think the emperor penguin looks like an emperor. In fact, that’s how the emperor penguin got its name.

14  Survey  Question  Read  Restate  Review  Learn


16  Survey the book……  What do you think is the main idea?  Write down a question that you have about the topic

17  Page 58 of the Text

18  What was the main idea from what I read?  What are the supporting details?

19  Team Talk question #2 focuses on our reading goal: Clarifying

20 Partner Read- Page 59 - As you read, stop to clarify - Retell what your partner read about - Add to your idea tree

21  Clarify sticky words with your team 1. You MUST have AT LEAST one clarification  Discuss the team talk questions  If finished, practice fluency on page 59

22  Write the answers to numbers 2 and 4 ONLY  Vocabulary Practice: Write a meaningful sentence with a vocabulary word from your list  If finished, practice fluency on page 59

23  What was something you clarified?  Let’s look at our answers for the team talk questions

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