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Ravenhall Prison Project Invitation for Expressions of Interest Briefing Wednesday 12 June 2013.

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1 Ravenhall Prison Project Invitation for Expressions of Interest Briefing Wednesday 12 June 2013

2 Ravenhall Prison Project Welcome and introductions The Hon. Edward O’Donohue Minister for Corrections Greg Wilson Secretary, Department of Justice Jan ShuardCommissioner, Corrections Victoria Jason LoosDirector, Partnerships Victoria Ben DempseyProject Director

3 Ravenhall Prison Project Agenda 1. Welcome – Minister for Corrections 2. Project context – DOJ Secretary 3. Role and purpose – Corrections Commissioner 4. Partnerships Victoria Requirements – PV Director 5. The EOI – Project Director

4 Ravenhall Prison Project Briefing context All information is provided solely for the purpose of informing industry of the Project to assist in responses to the invitation for EOI No representations are to be implied or inferred Government reserves its absolute discretion to further develop the Project as appropriate

5 Ravenhall Prison Project Welcome The Hon Edward O’Donohue Minister for Corrections

6 Ravenhall Prison Project Minister’s welcome Victoria has a highly effective, high-quality correctional system This is a major opportunity for Victoria We seek “the best in local and international private sector expertise to design, build, finance, maintain and operate this new prison”

7 Ravenhall Prison Project Project Overview Greg Wilson Secretary, Department of Justice, Victoria

8 Ravenhall Prison Project Project significance Major investment in correctional services Victoria has a strong record in correctional services – particularly in reducing reoffending Opportunity for innovation and collaboration

9 Ravenhall Prison Project Project objectives Provide additional capacity in the Victorian prison system by late 2017 Provide additional forensic mental health services to prisoners Provide additional capability in reducing reoffending Encourage innovative practices and operational efficiencies that support value for money

10 Ravenhall Prison Project Corrections in context Jan Shuard Commissioner

11 Ravenhall Prison Project Victoria’s Correctional Services system Department of Justice’s Objective  To ensure prisoners are safely and securely contained, and to rehabilitate offenders by addressing the underlying causes of offending behaviour. Corrections Victoria’s Purpose  To enhance public safety and crime reduction by ensuring the effective administration of prison sentences and the enforcement of community supervision orders.

12 Ravenhall Prison Project Offender Management Framework Safety Dignity & Respect Pro-social environment Transitional support Family links Education & training Programs Health services Security Reducing reoffending

13 Ravenhall Prison Project Men’s prison system

14 Ravenhall Prison Project Prison role and accommodation profile

15 Ravenhall Prison Project Ravenhall prison Medium security  75 FSMH beds to be accessible by all prisoners regardless of security rating or profile 500 beds  Expansion to 1,000 beds when required Mainstream  Potential for different prisoner cohorts (e.g. protection) when expanded

16 Ravenhall Prison Project Key areas of focus Reducing reoffending Prisoners with a mental illness Prisoners with challenging behaviours Younger prisoners Prisoners serving shorter sentences Providing pre and post-release services Indigenous prisoners

17 Ravenhall Prison Project Current prisoner profile (30 June 2012) VictoriaAustralia Number of prisoners4,884 (now 5,332 as at 4 June 2013) 29,381 Imprisonment rate per 100,000 adult population 111.7167.5 Previously been in an adult prison47.5%54.7% Rate of return to prison35.1%39.3% Age Under 25 years 25-29 years 13.2% 17.3% 18.3% 17.8% Indigenous7.6%27.2% Effective sentence length Less than 12 mths 26.5%29.3% Eligible for parole68.1%- Told by a health professional that they had a mental health disorder (incl. D&A) in their lifetime -31% Cognitive ImpairmentABI ID 42% (Males) 2.35% - Sources: Prisoners in Australia 2012 (ABS cat. no. 4517.0); Report on Government Services 2013; Adult Parole Board of Victoria 2011-2012 Annual Report;

18 Ravenhall Prison Project New Partnerships Victoria Requirements Jason Loos Director, Partnerships Victoria

19 Ravenhall Prison Project PPP value for money PSC as an affordability benchmark Full disclosure of PSC and scope ladder Identify priority scope to add or remove

20 Ravenhall Prison Project PPP process efficiencies Shortlist two - three bidders Limit best and final offer stages Interactive tender processes Review base project agreement Reduce submission requirements

21 Ravenhall Prison Project DTF reforms Capital Contribution Under consideration Potential to deliver value while preserving private sector incentives Lessons learned from the Hopkins Project Strengthened financial due diligence on sustainability of consortium members and risk within consortium New contractual provisions apply in response to builder default Victorian Building and Construction Code Compliance with Code including Practice Direction

22 Ravenhall Prison Project Expressions of Interest Ben Dempsey Project Director, Ravenhall Prison Project

23 Ravenhall Prison Project Probity matters Probity Adviser: Michael Shatter RSM Bird Cameron Level 8, Rialto South Tower 525 Collins Street Melbourne Vic 3000 T +61 (0)3 9286 1866 M +61 (0)409 808 639 E.mail:

24 Ravenhall Prison Project Communication with the project team Mr Ben Dempsey Project Director Ravenhall Prison Project Department of Justice Level 29, 121 Exhibition St Melbourne VIC 3000 Johan Top Deputy Project Director Ravenhall Prison Project Department of Justice Level 29, 121 Exhibition St Melbourne VIC 3000 Ph: +61 3 8684 7708

25 Ravenhall Prison Project Outcomes Shortlist consortia to deliver the project  2 or 3 Determine the best delivery model for Forensic Secondary Mental Health

26 Ravenhall Prison Project Commercial framework Operator focused Payment structure Future expansion Long-term sustainability Affordability benchmark and scope ladder

27 Ravenhall Prison Project Evaluation criteria for short-listing 1.Experience and capability 2.Financial capacity, structure and financing 3.Understanding of, and approach to, the project

28 Ravenhall Prison Project FSMH assessment Opportunity to demonstrate the capability and experience of nominated service providers Approach to integrating the FSMH service into Ravenhall and the broader corrections and mental health system Assessment will support the State’s decision- making on the preferred model for FSMH service delivery Not to be used for EOI short-listing

29 Ravenhall Prison Project EOI phase – key dates EOI phase itemDate Invitation for EOI releasedWednesday 5 June 2013 EOI briefingWednesday 12 June 2013 Health and Forensic Secondary Mental Health briefing Thursday 13 June 2013 Closing time for clarification questions2pm AEST Thursday 11 July 2013 Closing time and date for EOI submission 2pm AEST Thursday 18 July 2013

30 Ravenhall Prison Project Post EOI Response Submission The Department may: Invite presentations – circa end July 2013 Issue clarification questions Conduct interviews Undertake reference checks

31 Ravenhall Prison Project Site information Site rezoned in January 2013 State and Commonwealth environment referrals have been submitted Environmental Effects Statement not required Commonwealth – controlled action (EPBC Act). Controls yet to be determined Environmental auditor to be engaged

32 Ravenhall Prison Project The site

33 Ravenhall Prison Project Industry Capability Network About 200 organisations have registered their interest in the project Contact: Andrew Bradley 0447 446 091 or

34 Ravenhall Prison Project Where to from here? MilestoneTarget date/period Request for Proposals releasedNovember 2013 RFP proposals dueEarly to mid 2014 – 5 month tender period Contract Close and Financial CloseMid to late 2014 Construction commencementEarly 2015 Operational commencementLate 2017

35 Ravenhall Prison Project Questions

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