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Lecture 12: Cloud Computing-C Amazon Web Service Tutorial.

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1 Lecture 12: Cloud Computing-C Amazon Web Service Tutorial

2 Linux OS Info This is a step-by-step visual guide to using AWS Use this as a companion guide when you do your lab, BUT… …MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT’S GOING ON

3 Steps 1.Sign up for an AWS account 2.Sign in 3.Go to AWS Maintenance Console 4.Create an instance 5.Login to that instance 6.Do fun things 7.Logout 8.DELETE THAT INSTANCE

4 1. Sign Up For An Account NEED TO DO THIS

5 2. Sign In Return to Returning user

6 3. AWS Management Console Here’s your home screen Click on “AWS Management Console”

7 3. AWS Management Console Here’s another screen, but it’s not AWS Management Console yet Sign in…

8 4. EC2 Cloud This allows us access to all our services All we care about is the EC2 cloud

9 5. Amazon EC2 Console Dashboard This is our interface to the cloud Let’s make an instance of a VM

10 6. Create An Instance The following goes through the wizard Let’s choose the ‘classic wizard’

11 6. Create An Instance We need to pick an Amazon Machine Instance (AMI) This is the selection of the OS that we’re choosing to run –This is the basic setup –We will configure our OS after boot Configure network Make users/groups Install packages

12 6. Create An Instance

13 You get this screen…

14 6. Create An Instance Number of VMs to make

15 6. Create An Instance Type of hardware

16 6. Create An Instance “Give me my machine(s) now”

17 6. Create An Instance Many AWS machines sit idle –They make no money when they’re idle AWS allows you to pay a lower price for these idle machines You set a price, and if you’re the “high bidder” at the time, it’s your machine to use –WARNING: Someone else can outbid you at any time and kick your processes off the machine!

18 6. Create An Instance So, let’s pick “Launch Instance”

19 6. Create An Instance Wait for these to be filled out…

20 6. Create An Instance …then click continue

21 6. Create An Instance We COULD have selected: –…a particular kernel setup –…a particular ramdisk For our class, let’s leave those alone for now Moving on…

22 6. Create An Instance We could change our storage devices…but let’s not

23 6. Create An Instance “Tags” are like AWS’s environmental variables –NOT really an EV inside the OS! We can keep track of details about our (multiple) instances/VMs

24 6. Create An Instance Fill out K/V pair based on lab Hit Continue

25 6. Create An Instance Authentication key pairs –Work just like our SSH lab

26 6. Create An Instance “Security group” is just how your machine is configured wrt security

27 6. Create An Instance Review your settings If happy, click “launch”

28 6. Create An Instance My machine is being set up –Note the instance ID! –You’ll need it if you have multiple instances running

29 6. Creating An Instance In a moment, your instance will be ready As soon as it’s up, your “processing time” starts –…even if you’re not logged in! Do NOT let a machine sit idle –When you’re done, make sure you TERMINATE THE INSTANCE

30 6. Creating An Instance Hit ‘refresh’

31 6. Create An Instance Notice he’s running now –May take a minute depending on config

32 7. View Your Instance Click one to see your instance

33 7. View Your Instance Here it is!

34 7. View Your Instance Click on instance, and then find “public DNS” in details below

35 8. Connect To Instance

36 Pick how you want to connect

37 8. Connect To Instance We’re now connected to our VM

38 9. Do Your Thing

39 10. Terminate Instance Choose an Instance Action of “Terminate”

40 10. Terminate Instance Confirm the termination

41 11. Verify Termination If you didn’t terminate, you’re still being billed!!!

42 Wrap Up This was a GUIDE to running AWS Your lab procedure will be slightly different than this If all you do is follow this guide, your lab grade will be quite low… –…and you will have deserved it

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