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Electric Motors Ara Knaian. Human Power Line Shaft.

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1 Electric Motors Ara Knaian

2 Human Power

3 Line Shaft

4 Electric Power

5 AC Motors Nikola Tesla

6 Tools with Individual Motors

7 Motors Motors convert electrical energy to mechanical energy Motors make things move LINEAR ELECTROSTATIC DC BRUSH STEPPER INDUCTION UNIVERSAL

8 DC Motors

9 How a DC Motor Works Brushes

10 How a DC Motor Works Brushes

11 Motor Modeling Voltage and Current In Torque and Speed Out Heat Out Power In = Power Out

12 Motor Modeling


14 Pittman Motor Data Sheet


16 Bidirectional Motor Drive: H-Bridge

17 Speed Control: PWM Like Low Voltage (slow) Like High Voltage (fast)

18 Rotary Shaft Encoder

19 Practical Motor Controller Block Diagram Motor Mechanical System EncoderH Bridge Limit Switch Microcontroller

20 Stepper Motors





25 Stepper Motor Selection Permanent Magnet / Variable Reluctance Unipolar vs. Bipolar Number of Stacks Number of Phases Degrees Per Step Microstepping Pull-In/Pull-Out Torque Detent Torque


27 Power Transmission Tw = Tw Tw = Fv

28 Induction Motors

29 Universal Motors



32 Tubular Linear Motor



35 CNC Router with Linear Motors?

36 Electropermanent Stepper Before Installation of CoilsAfter Installation of Coils Rotor Stator Alnico Fe Nd-Fe-B Copper Wire Coil

37 Electropermanent Stepper

38 Operation Time V1 V2 T T pulse T pulse = 100μs T = 40 ms

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