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8 th Grade Explore Testing Explore, Plan, ACT: Navigating Standardized Testing.

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1 8 th Grade Explore Testing Explore, Plan, ACT: Navigating Standardized Testing

2 EXPLORE Test 8 th grade students will take the EXPLORE October 22 nd and 23 rd. The test includes four academic, multiple choice tests. The test also includes an interest inventory, which helps students explore a possible career path.

3 The Explore test includes four multiple-choice tests: Subject Number of Questions How Long It Takes English4030 minutes Math3030 minutes Reading3030 minutes Science2830 minutes

4 What Your Score Report Tells You The EXPLORE Student Score Report gives information about your knowledge, skills, interests, and plans. You can use this information as you plan your high school coursework and begin thinking about college and work. Your report tells you how you did on the EXPLORE tests and how your scores compare to those of other students across the nation. It contains information about your educational and career plans, interests, high school coursework plans, and the amount of help you think you need in seven areas.

5 Sample Score Sheet

6 Sample Educational/Career Plan Sheet

7 The ACT Continuum EXPLORE is the first part of a testing system that goes on to include PLAN and the ACT. Typically, students take EXPLORE in the 8th grade, PLAN as 10th graders, and the ACT as juniors or seniors. All three test you in English, math, reading, and science. However, the material tested in each program gets more difficult. This is why the top scores are different. ProgramGrade LevelComposite Score Range EXPLORE 8 1 to 25 PLAN 10 1 to 32 ACT 11 and 12 1 to 36

8 Keep in mind… No matter what your starting score is on EXPLORE, there are strategies to accelerate student learning. The prediction of a 1-5 point growth is statistically accurate, but not locked in. Accelerating math education is a decided factor in increasing scores. The following slide displays an example of College Readiness Standards, curriculum to master in order to obtain a possible score range. You can find more College Readiness Standards information by exploring the websites listed on a future slide.

9 Category: Basic Operations and Applications Score Range 13-15Score Range 24- 27 Score Range 33-36 Perform one-operation computation with whole numbers and decimals Solve problems in one or two steps using whole numbers Perform common conversions (e.g., inches to feet or hours to minutes) Solve multistep arithmetic problems that involve planning or converting units of measure (e.g., feet per second to miles per hour) Solve complex arithmetic problems involving percent of increase or decrease and problems requiring integration of several concepts from pre- algebra and/or pre-geometry (e.g., comparing percentages or averages, using several ratios, and finding ratios in geometry settings)

10 EXPLORE 8 th Grade Out of 25 PLAN 10 th Grade Out of 32 ACT 11 th Grade Out of 36 EXPLORE >> PLAN >> ACT 1-5 points growth Each test helps you predict the next and can help you make post-high school plans.

11 Open Enrollment 2.8 GPA 22 ACT 3.2 GPA 25 ACT 4.0 GPA 31 ACT 4.4 GPA 33 ACT What does it take to get admitted to: Average ACT score for 204 high school students admitted to these colleges

12 Why is EXPLORE important? The EXPLORE test will help predict your score on future standardized tests – the PLAN and the ACT. The interest inventory can assist you as you start to plan you future education and career path. The interest inventory can help identify strengths and weaknesses in multiple academic areas. Your scores will be used as a factor for high school course level selection.

13 Turn to an elbow partner… Respond to these questions… ◦ What are your educational plans for the future? ◦ What are your potential career plans for the future? ◦ Why is the EXPLORE score important? ◦ How do you think you can prepare to do your best on the EXPLORE?

14 How can you prepare for EXPLORE? You do not need to study for EXPLORE. It tests your knowledge, as an 8 th grade student. Get plenty of rest the nights before the test. Eat a healthy lunch and breakfast. Bring necessary materials (pencils, erasers, calculator). Focus on doing your best on the test.

15 For More Information… Information in this presentation can also be found by accessing the following Websites. You can also find sample EXPLORE questions on the sites. eEXPLORE.pdf eEXPLORE.pdf mple.pdf mple.pdf

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