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2015 Technical Workshop February 23, 2015. 2 NYGEAR UP Staff Raymond Cummings, Jr., Ed.D. – Director Cynthia F. Farmer – Coordinator.

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1 2015 Technical Workshop February 23, 2015

2 2 NYGEAR UP Staff Raymond Cummings, Jr., Ed.D. – Director Cynthia F. Farmer – Coordinator

3 3 NYGEAR UP Objectives Increase the academic performance and preparation for postsecondary education of participating students, with an emphasis on career readiness and college fit Increase the rate of high school graduation, with an emphasis on college and career readiness Increase participation in postsecondary education of participating students with an emphasis on college fit and alignment with high-demand fields and sectors of the economy

4 4 NYGEAR UP Objectives Increase participation in postsecondary education of participating students without need for remedial coursework Increase the rate of college persistence and completion of participating students Increase student and family knowledge of postsecondary education options, preparation and financing

5 5 NYGEAR UP Outcomes A.Students drop out at lower rates B.Students graduate at higher rates C.Students graduate with an Advanced Designation diploma at higher rates D.Students enter college or vocational training at higher rates E. Students have increased knowledge of postsecondary education options, preparation, and financing F. Families have increased knowledge of postsecondary education options, preparation, and financing G. Students enter college with less need for remedial coursework H. Students achieve greater college success

6 6 Project Requirements Participation Contract Orientation Tutoring/Homework Assistance Mentoring Counseling College Tours SAT PSAT 8/9 PSAT/NMSQT Non-cognitive Skills Curriculum Parental Engagement Workshops Professional Development

7 7 P-TECH NYS P-TECH model: six-year program that combines high school, college, and career training targeted to students in low-income communities September 2014: 16 partnership programs launched November 2014: 10 second-round winners announced NYGEAR UP schools given priority consideration to participate in third round of P-TECH programs

8 8 HESC Resources NYGEAR UP website

9 9 HESC Resources At-risk students

10 10 HESC Resources HESC’s high school counselor portal

11 11 HESC Resources Financial Aid Presentations –High school juniors and parents –High school seniors and parents

12 12 HESC Resources College Application Week

13 13 HESC Resources FAFSA completion

14 14 HESC Resources Resources for your students, starting with planning for college

15 Partners

16 Responsibilities & Reporting

17 17 Primary Sub-Grantee Responsibilities Perform proposed activities. Ensure all activities are adequately documented. –Event Reports & Sign-in Sheets Spend according to the budget. –Compare expenditures to approved categories –Any deviations from the budget require prior HESC approval via the Budget Modification Request Form Provide timely and accurate reports. Send all media releases and publications to HESC for approval before use.

18 18 Reporting Schedule REPORT NAMEREPORTING PERIODDUE DATE Mid-Year Report Submitted to HESC 2/2/15 -- 3/1/153/31/15 Annual Site Report Submitted to Measurement, Inc. 2/2/15 – 3/1/153/16/15 Renewal Application Submitted to HESC 9/1/15 – 8/31/166/1/15 Final Expenditure Report Submitted to HESC 2/2/15 – 8/31/1510/1/15

19 19 Mid-Year Expenditure Report Due 3/31/15 Template available on website Complete and submit to HESC via mail, fax or email Report components –Cover Page - requires signature –Request for Payment - requires signature –Expenditure Report Professional Staff Salaries –Budget Modification/Carry Over Request Form

20 20 Professional Staff Salaries Table NYGEAR UP Matching TOTAL Position TitleName Full-time equivalent assigned to NYGEAR UP Annualized Rate of Pay Period of Employment Salary Assignable to NYGEAR UP

21 21 Budget Modification Sample NYGEAR UP Program Director Approval

22 22 NYGEAR UP Annual Performance Report Available from Measurement Incorporated (MI) Will provide a link to the electronic report You submit directly to MI Due March 16

23 23 Renewal Application & Final Expenditure Reports Samples are included in your Workshop Binder More information will be made available on the website

24 Understanding NYGEAR UP Match Requirements

25 25 NYGEAR UP Match Requirements NY GEAR UP – 2015-16 Annual cost share is $3.5 million Match is dollar-for-dollar Grantee responsibility

26 26 Match Definitions “Match” is the non GEAR UP share of program costs "In-Kind” are contributions made by third parties that count towards a match

27 27 NYGEAR UP Cost Principles Allocable -- necessary for project success Allowable -- either permitted or not specifically prohibited Reasonable -- cost that would be incurred by a prudent person

28 28 Indirect Costs Indirect costs: 8% Indirect costs cannot be charged for any scholarship or equipment components of a grant

29 29 What is Considered Match? Financial assistance Waivers: tuition, fees, room and board waived or reduced Amount expended on mentoring and counseling Other recognized resources: Just ask!

30 30 Matching Contributions Matching contributions can only be counted once Matching contributions must be spent solely on NYGEAR UP students Matching contributions cannot be shifted from one project to another Matching contributions must be obligated during the grant period

31 31 Teacher / Counselor Salaries Existing teachers’ salaries and benefits cannot count as match Exceptions: activities outside normal duties may count as match Remember: counselors MUST be contracted as administrators to count towards match

32 32 Match Documentation Capture the cost sharing identified with a particular project Contain adequate source documentation for claimed cost sharing Provide clear valuation of in-kind documentation Provide support of cost sharing by grant partners

33 33 Cash Expenditures Sub-grantee must maintain records regarding cash contributions Evidence of cash received –documentation of sources, including copies of deposited checks, deposit slips, receipts provided to donors, etc. Evidence of cash expenditures or outlays –Invoices, purchase orders, canceled checks, receiving receipts, etc. Services by personnel of the grantee –Time and effort reports

34 34 In-Kind Match Record Keeping Sub-grantee should maintain records regarding in- kind contributions Description of item received, including manufacturer’s serial number and model number, if applicable Name of person or entity that donated it Date of donation Method Sub-grantee used to determine value of item or service (See EDGAR, 34 CFR 74.23 and 80.24 for information on valuing volunteer services and donated supplies, equipment, buildings and land)

35 35 Budget Modifications Sub-grantee must request prior approval for certain post- award changes to the Federal grant budget Same prior approval rules apply if Sub-grantee wants to make certain changes to the non-Federal (matching/cost-sharing) budget Sub-grantee should notify ED if: –Partners contributing to the match/cost-share change during the budget period or if major sources of planned matching/cost- sharing contributions do not materialize –Sub-grantee is having difficulty meeting required level or amount of match/cost-share specified in the Grant Award Notification

36 Avoiding Common Reporting Findings and the Role of Audit

37 37 Monitor Your Expenditures Expenditures must not exceeded budget by more than 10%, or $1,000, whichever is greater Maintain communication with staff and finance Review accounting records regularly

38 38 Budget Changes Must be submitted as soon as possible

39 39 Avoid Errors on Timesheets Signed and dated Correct hours Calculations on timesheets and payroll agree

40 40 Cost Allocation Must be reasonable, consistent, and equitable Predetermined budget estimates are not allowed For effort and salaries allocation based on after-the-fact principle

41 41 Cost Center/Account Codes Use correct codes Set up cost center or assign account for NYGEAR UP expenditures

42 42 Use Correct Cost Category Travel: student transportation and staff travel between sites Supplies & Materials: t-shirts

43 43 Engaging Contractors/Vendors Cost or price analysis needed or solicit price quotes Briefly document reason for selecting one contractor over another

44 44 Written Contract for Contractors A must, in the interest of both parties Contract should include: –Cost of service –Scope of service –Payment method –Period of service Monitor performance and cost

45 45 Inventory Control Maintain control of Equipment/Supplies & Materials items Federal Threshold: $5,000 Maintain updated inventory list

46 46 Entertainment Costs Tickets for movies, amusement parks, ball games may be considered as entertainment costs Business meals for staff or vendors are not charged to the program

47 47 Document Matching Costs Develop a matching contribution form Ensure records are verifiable Ensure matching is not from other federal sources

48 48 Conduct All Activities Notify HESC NYGEAR UP Office if you cannot provide certain services proposed

49 49 Activity Documentation Ensure activities are supported by documentation –Attendance records –Tutoring logs –Emails –Letters –Board minutes –Flyers

50 50 Service Cohort Ensure that services charged to the program are provided to the program cohort

51 51 Annual Performance Report Ensure line items are supported

52 52 Questions: Audit Hints/Match Requirements?

53 53 Audit Report Process Exit Conference Draft Report Issuance Audit Response Follow up on Audit Recommendations Closeout

54 Thank you

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