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Speech-Language Pathology Program Frequently Asked Questions 1.

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1 Speech-Language Pathology Program Frequently Asked Questions 1

2 JoAnne Cascia Ed.D. CCC-SLP Assistant Professor/ Program Director Patricia Remshifski Ph.D. CCC-SLP Assistant Professor Elisabeth Mlawski MS, CCC-SLP Assistant Professor Pamela Jones MA, CCC-SLP Director of Clinical Practice Tabitha Mischler SLP Office Secretary SLP Program Faculty and Staff 2

3  Monmouth University has been awarded Candidacy Accreditation by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA).  Candidacy Accreditation is awarded to new and developing programs for a period of up to 5 years.  Students will be eligible for state and national professional credentials. Where is MU in the accreditation process? 3

4  For graduate enrollment: – 6 classes – 3 credits/class  Introduction to Communication Disorders  Introduction to Language Development  Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing  Introduction to Phonetics  Speech and Hearing Science  Neurological Bases of Communication Total = 18 credits What prerequisite classes are needed? 4

5  Anyone who does NOT have a Bachelor’s degree in Speech- Language Pathology or Communication Sciences and Disorders  Anyone who has not taken pre-professional or prerequisite courses elsewhere Who needs to take the prerequisite courses? 5

6  Spring 2014 – All 6 courses will be offered hybrid  Summer 2014 – All 6 courses will be offered on-line When will Monmouth offer the prerequisite courses? 6

7  Applicants for 2014- Prerequisites do not need to be completed prior, but any outstanding prerequisites will be added to the graduate course load  Applicants for 2015- YES  Accepted students for 2014 will be advised on an individual basis Do the prerequisite courses need to be completed prior to starting the Graduate Program? 7

8  No prerequisite classes needed What if I have a have a Bachelor’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology already? 8

9  60 graduate credits of coursework – Up to 18 additional credits of prerequisite coursework  This is a full time program with at least 12 credits per semester  All courses are required How many credits is the SLP Graduate Program? 9

10 – Required core content courses  Articulation and Phonology  Fluency  Disorders of Voice and Resonance  Dysphagia  Neurological Language Disorders & Aphasia  Pediatric Language Disorders  Motor Speech Disorders  Augmentative and Alternative Communication  Traumatic Brain Injury  Communication in Autism Spectrum Disorders  Research Methods What will the coursework cover? 10

11  Required clinical courses – Professional Issues in SLP – Clinical Methods in SLP – Assessment Procedures in SLP – Diagnostic Procedures in SLP  Required Practicum Experiences – Clinical Practicum I – Clinical Practicum II – External Clinical Practicum I – External Clinical Practicum II What will the coursework cover? 11

12  ASHA requires 400 clinical hours – 25 observation hours – 375 direct client care hours at the graduate level  2 in-house practicum experiences  2 external practicum experiences How will students accumulate clinical hours? 12

13  Local hospitals  Skilled nursing facilities  Rehabilitation centers  Specialized schools  Early intervention facilities  Private practices  Public school districts Where are the clinical placements? 13

14  2 years (6 semesters) with prerequisite classes completed – Summer, fall, spring, summer, fall, spring  Up to one year longer if prerequisite courses need to be added How long will it take to complete the SLP Graduate Program? 14

15  Completion of the GREs – GREs not needed if applicant holds a Masters Degree or higher  GPA of 3.0 to apply  2 letters of recommendation  Written essay  Video statement contact Graduate Admissions if you do not have access to a computer with camera/video capabilities  A resume can be included as well and can be very helpful in highlighting candidate qualifications What is involved in the application process? 15

16  Due to the large number of applicants, personal interviews with everyone would be impossible  To maintain fairness to everyone, the video statement was created – Once you submit your application, you will receive an email with instructions and a link to open the video statement – You will be able to view the question and prepare your response before recording – Once recording begins, you cannot stop and re-record – You will be given 2 minutes for your video statement Can I have a personal interview? 16

17  GPA- minimum GPA of 3.0 to apply  GREs- no minimum score – Higher GPA can compensate for lower GREs and higher GREs can compensate for low a GPA  Resume – Highlight achievements that make you stand out. For example:  Speaking a second language  Volunteer work  Awards  Prior work experience  Research  Take the prerequisite courses (if you need them) to include those transcripts What if my GPA or GREs are low? 17

18  Application deadline for Monmouth University is February 1 st, 2014 When is the deadline to apply for admission? 18

19  Acceptance letters will be sent out between March 15, 2014 and March 30, 2014. When will acceptance letters be sent out? 19

20  Take the GREs- required for application  Complete certification requirements for ASHA: – Statistics – Physical Sciences (chemistry/physics/ geology/ astronomy/ meteorology) – Biological Sciences (biology/anatomy/physiology/ ecology/ genetics/ botany/ nutrition/ zoology) – Behavioral/Social Sciences (psychology, sociology/anthropology) *not necessary for admission *can be completed anywhere *can be undergraduate or graduate level courses Please note… this is not a Monmouth requirement but rather a requirement that will be needed after graduation for ASHA certification (CCC-SLP) What can you do now? 20

21  For additional information or questions about the application process, please contact: Graduate Admissions 732-571-3452  For additional information or questions about the SLP program, please contact: SLP Program 732-263-5487 For more information… 21

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