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Innovations in Oklahoma Educator Preparation Dr. John Farris [OBU], President, and Dr. Bryan Duke [UCO] Oklahoma Association of Colleges of Teacher Education.

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1 Innovations in Oklahoma Educator Preparation Dr. John Farris [OBU], President, and Dr. Bryan Duke [UCO] Oklahoma Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (OACTE) Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation Office October 10, 2013

2 Notes about the Presentation  This list does not necessarily reflect all of our initiatives.  This list includes innovations beyond program processes and components fulfilling legislated requirements and criteria included in state and national accreditations.  Institutions and their abbreviations are provided at the end of the presentation.  We encourage those seeking additional explanation to contact representatives from identified institutions.

3 Joint OACTE/University Efforts  Positive Messaging Regarding Teachers and Education  Strong Standards for Traditional Preparation Programs  Responsive to P-12 Schools’ Needs/Responsibility to Educate University Learners

4 Clinical Practice  Specialized Partnerships with Local Schools  Early Childhood:  Head Start/Tecumseh Schools [SGU]  Tulsa Educare [OU]  Response to Intervention (RtI) [UCO]  Innovative Reading Labs & Literacy Outreach [NSU, OC, OU, UCO]  Good Shepherd School (autism) [UCO]  Hope Center Tutoring [OBU]  EPIC Yearlong Professional Development School [NSU]

5 Clinical Practice  ProCure Therapy Center (Pediatric Cancer) Tutoring [OC]  Horse Riding Therapy Class [OBU]  YMCA Swimming Class [OBU]  Reading Intervention and Math Extension [CU]  Communication Disorders, Speech & Hearing [TU]  OSD/Jane Brooks Satellite School for Deaf/HH [USAO]  School for Children (PK-6 Lab School) [SNU]

6 Targeted Clinical Experiences  Moving toward a “Clinical Rounds” Model [UCO]  P-12 Site-Based Courses [BC, NSU, SGU, SNU, UCO]  Fort Gibson Literacy Experience (Early Childhood/Elementary Reading Labs) [BC]  Clinical Simulations [CU]  Early Childhood Extended Experiences in On-Campus Preschool [USAO]

7 Service Learning/Community Activities  Embedded in Coursework [OCU, UCO]  Oklahoma City YMCA Y Achievers Program (college readiness & career exploration for underserved teens) [OCU]  F.A.C.T. Program Tutoring with OKC Police Department [UCO]  El Sistema Oklahoma Instrumental Music Education Partnership with St. Luke’s United Methodist Church and the Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools [OCU]

8 Collaboration with P-12 Schools  Preparing Quality Teachers for Longevity in Profession [All]  Numerous Practica, Clinical Experiences & Internships [All]  Advisory Boards [All]  Emergent Literacy Intervention Program in Regional Early Childhood Education Classrooms [CU]  Partnership with an Area Elementary School with a Diverse Student Population to Increase Reading [ORU]

9 Collaboration with P-12 Schools  Partnering in a HS Pre-Teacher Program at Great Plains Technology Center [CU]  Cooperating Teacher Forum [ECU, NSU, SWOSU]  P-12 and University Partnership for Professional Development [NSU, NWOSU, OU, SEOSU, SGU, SWOSU, TU, UCO]  REAL Teachers—Alternative Certification Support for Area Schools [CU]

10 Integrating Current Common Ed Initiatives  Integrating Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS)  Presentations at Professional Conferences  Collaboration through the REACH Network  Professional Development for Teacher Education Faculty  Teaching TLE Evaluation Models & CCSS [All]  Revising Assessments to Include TLE Language [CU, NSU, ORU, OU, UCO, USAO]

11 Student Teaching Internship  Year-long Internship Program  All Education Majors [NSU]  For all ELE, ECE, and Special Education majors [ORU]  Elementary Ed: ExCEL Program [OSU]  Fall 2015 Student Teaching (17 hrs. Spring/16 weeks Fall) [UCO]  Extended Internship  “The August Experience” (Early Pairing of Mentor/Candidate and Beginning of School Experience Required) [CU, OC, OPSU, ORU]  Methods Class Clinical Experience [OBU, OC, USAO]  Pre-Internship Practicum Experience [CU]

12 Co-Teaching  Co-Teaching during Student Teaching Internships [ECU, NSU, NWOSU, OCU, OSU, OU, SWOSU, UCO & USAO]  Co-Teaching amongst University Teacher Ed Faculty [NSU, OBU, OSU, OU, SWOSU, UCO, USAO]  Extensive On-Site and/or On-Campus Training for Partners in the Co-Teaching Experience [UCO, USAO]

13 Performance Assessments  Teacher Work Sample [All Universities]  edTPA Pilot [ECU, NSU, OSU, OU, SNU, UCO]

14 Digital Practices  Digitized Field Experience Applications & Evaluations [ECU, NSU, OU, SWOSU, UCO, USAO]  Teacher Education iPad Initiative [OU]  Reading Clinic with Individual Tutoring & iPads [OC]  Measures of Effective Teaching Extension (METEx) Pilot [NSU, OU, UCO]

15 Digital Practices  Updated Smartboards/Training [CU, UCO]  Intergenerational Computer Center P-12 Learner Training, P-12 Faculty Professional Development & Patrons of OKC Social Service Agencies [OCU]  Online Teaching & Learning Pedgogy in Partnership with ORU eAcademy (a 3 rd - through 12-th grade online school) [ORU]  Technology in Education Robotics Lab for Teacher Candidates and P-12 Students [NSU]

16 Urban Initiatives  Urban Teacher Preparation Academy (UTPA) [UCO & OU]  76% Retention Rate in OKCPS after 3 Years; 91% for Remaining in the Profession after 3 years  Teaching & Urban Reform Network (TURN) [NSU]  Since 2010, 99 teacher candidates completed the intensive urban education preparation program with an 88% retention rate as teaching professionals in local urban school districts.

17 Urban Initiatives  Urban Education Awareness Week [OU]  Urban Education Program [NSU]  School of Urban Education (renamed May 2011) [TU]  Urban Day of Engagement [NSU]  Conference on Diversity for State Teacher Education Programs (national speaker) [OCU]

18 Global Initiatives  Applied Behavioral Analysis Training in Lebanon [OBU]  Teacher Education-based International Study Tours [OSU, UCO]  Teacher Education-based study abroad opportunities [OSU, OU]  Teaching English Abroad in Korea [UCO]  Student Teaching Abroad/Away [ORU, OSU, UCO]

19 Global Initiatives  Student Teaching in Department of Defense Schools [SWOSU]  International Internships [NSU]  Educational Leadership Exchange [OSU, UCO]  Teacher Education Faculty Exchanges [NSU, OSU, UCO]

20 Teacher Employment Activities  Teacher Job Fair [All]  Senior Activity Day (100% graduate job placement) [ORU]  School District Recruitment Paired with “Portfolio Day” [UCO]

21 Teacher Residency  Online Learning Community/Residency Support for Graduates [UCO, USAO]  Beginning Year Teacher Mentoring Program [ORU, OU]  First-Year Teacher Mentoring Program [CU]  “Hub for Subs” for Educator Preparation Graduates [UCO]

22 University Coursework/ Advanced Programs  Undergraduate Career Tech Certificate Programs [UCO]  English Language Learners Course [OCU]  Embedded Literacy Development in Coursework [OC, OCU, UCO]  Embedded Arts- and Experiential Learning-Based Coursework with OKA+ Schools ® [UCO]  Double-Major in Special Education Program [NWOSU, OBU]

23 University Coursework/ Advanced Programs  M.Ed.-Secondary Education Program (Non-Traditional) [NWOSU, SWOSU & UCO]  MEd in Teaching and Learning to Support Alternative Certification [CU]  Masters degree in STEM Education [OU, TU]  Masters degree in World Languages Education [OU]

24 University Coursework/ Advanced Programs  Oklahoma Elementary Math Specialist Certification Sequence and/or M.Ed. [CU, ECU, OSU, OU & UCO]  Oklahoma Gifted & Talented Certification Sequence [UCO]  Special Education Boot Camp (Non-Traditional) [ECU, NSU, NWOSU, ORU, OU, UCO]  Reduced Graduate Tuition Rates (2/3 reduction for any degree except law) under Educator Tuition Scholarship [TU]  Half-Priced Tuition for Cooperating Teachers to Pursue Graduate Degrees [SWOSU]

25 Recruitment  Engaging Secondary Students in Prospective Teachers Academy/ “Grow Your Own” Programs [NSU, UCO]  Planning Community/School-University Pipelines with Community Colleges [SWOSU, OU, UCO]  Assessing Professional Dispositions that Encourage Successful Teaching [CU, SGU, SWOSU, UCO, USAO]  Providing Two University-Wide Orientation/Introduction Saturdays for High School Graduates (each year) [CU]

26 Recruitment  Partnering with Great Plains Tech Center for Development of a Pre- Education Course for HS students [CU]  Providing a Minor in Education to Help Address the Teacher Shortage in Secondary [UCO, USAO]  Partnering with Rogers State University Preparing Candidates in Elementary, Social Studies, and English Education [CU]  Partnering with College of Arts and Sciences/All Disciplines to Encourage Majors to Add Teacher Certification [CU, SWOSU, OU]  Providing Impact 2014, a Day Area Middle and High School Students Meet with OSRHE Representatives, Campus Admissions and Finance Personnel. [ORU]

27 Recruitment  Partnering with Honor’s College, Innovative Education Society [OU]  Providing Annual “Celebration of Teaching” Program Recruitment of Northeast Oklahoma High School FEA Chapters [NSU]  Providing Annual Collaboration with KIPP Tulsa College Preparatory KIPP Through College Initiative [NSU]  Providing Partnership within the Higher Education Forum of Oklahoma P-20 Education and Workforce Development Initiative [NSU]

28 State-Supported Initiatives  Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation Grant Awards  Co-Teaching Training for P-12 Partners [UCO, USAO]  Transforming Clinical Teacher Preparation [NSU]  Responding to the Needs of Diverse Learners [OU]  Urban Teachers for Urban Teachers [NSU]  Beginning Year Teacher Mentoring Program [OU]  STEM-Focused Field Experiences/Teacher Candidates’ Attitudes [UCO]  Alternative Certification Preparation Conference [NWOSU]  Transforming Physical Education [UCO]  Impact Grant [ORU]

29 State-Supported Initiatives  Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education Grant Awards  Instructional Leadership Workshop (Technology, Literacy, CCSS and TLE for Principals) [OKA+ Schools & UCO]  TURN to Teaching: Providing College Connections and Preparation for Future Urban Educators [NSU]  Instructional leadership/Common Core ELA & Math/TLE with school administrators) [ECU]  Early Childhood Reading & Word Study [ECU]  Summer Week-Long K-12 School Leaders Training – TLE, CCSS, Test Data Analysis [CU]  Recruiting Future Teachers and Retaining Excellent Alternatively Licensed (REAL) Teachers [CU]

30 State-Supported Initiatives  Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education Grant Awards (Cont.)  Working with Middle-School Students to Recruit into Teacher Preparation Programs [CU]  Robotics Workshop with P-12 Schools [SGU]  Connecting across Cultures Diversity Training [OCU]  Celebration of Teaching Grant [NSU]  Algebra Summer Workshop [OC]  National Grant Initiatives  21 st Century Grant Proposal [ECU]

31 Centers Serving P-12 Partners  Hardman Center for Children with Learning Differences [OU]  Institute of Child Development [OU]  K20 Center for Educational and Community Renewal [OU]  Center for Tribal Studies and Indigenous Scholar Development Center [NSU]

32 Centers Serving P-12 Partners  Oklahoma Writing Project [OU]  John W. Renner Science Education Center [OU]  Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment [OU]  School for Children (PK-6) [SNU]

33 Collaborations  Higher Education (between universities)  Educator Preparation Agencies (OCTP, OSRHE & OSDE)  Professional Associations (Oklahoma Education Association & Professional Oklahoma Educators)

34 Collaborations  Other Teacher Education Partners (Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration, OKA+ Schools ®, Great Expectations, Character First/OSRHE, etc.)  Tulsa Public Schools Collaboration and Curriculum Integration of Tulsa Model-Teacher Leader Effectiveness (TLE) Evaluation System [NSU]  University-Wide Faculty Learning Communities Led by Education Faculty Member [OCU]

35 Questions?

36 Educator Preparation Institutions Represented  Bacone College [BC]  Cameron University [CU]  East Central University [ECU]  Northeastern Oklahoma State University [NSU]  Northwestern Oklahoma State University [NWOSU]

37 Educator Preparation Institutions Represented  Oklahoma Baptist University [OBU]  Oklahoma City University [OCU]  Oklahoma Panhandle State University [OPSU]  Oklahoma State University [OSU]  Oklahoma University [OU]

38 Educator Preparation Institutions Represented  Oklahoma Christian University [OC]  Oral Roberts University [ORU]  Saint Gregory’s University [SGU]  Southeastern Oklahoma State University [SEOSU]  Southwestern Oklahoma State University [SWOSU]

39 Educator Preparation Institutions Represented  Southern Nazarene University [SNU]  Tulsa University [TU]  University of Central Oklahoma [UCO]  University of Sciences & Arts Oklahoma [USAO]

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