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1 GEARing UP for STEM Creating a Pathway from Secondary Education to the Workforce Presented at: STEMtech Conference Indianapolis, IN Tuesday, October.

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1 1 GEARing UP for STEM Creating a Pathway from Secondary Education to the Workforce Presented at: STEMtech Conference Indianapolis, IN Tuesday, October 4, 2011 Presenter: Briana Hervet

2 2 Where we were…  Economic issues  Unemployment  Local & state budgets  Workforce shortages  Disconnect between business needs and graduates  Different programs, different goals?  Programs not working together  Targeting the SAME folks!

3 3 Where we are now… A Pathway: Beginning with ensuring secondary student success

4 4 GEAR UP Ohio Communities Model for Statewide Success

5 5 GEAR UP Ohio Program  Helps students and their parents see the value college can provide  Prepares students to successfully participate in postsecondary education  Promotes lighthouse site programming for statewide replication and sustainability  Develops self-sustaining sites by encouraging civic participation  GEAR UP Ohio has partnered with Choose Ohio First and Avetec in Springfield, OH

6 6 GEAR UP Ohio Site Program Model  One middle and one high school per lighthouse site  GEAR UP coordinator and one to three in-school advisors per local site  Local goals and objectives established with help from program evaluators  Achieve local goals that align with statewide goals  Local advisory councils to provide direction and community support

7 7 GEAR UP Ohio Menu of Lighthouse Site Services  Early college and career advising  After-school services  Summer/Cultural enrichment activities  Academic preparation and enrichment  Achievement test preparation (ACT)  Tutoring and mentoring  Financial aid planning  Teacher professional development

8 8 GEAR UP Springfield Educational Programs  Made possible through partnerships with area schools, universities and community programs  Covers all ages from kindergarten through post- graduate school  Educational outreach focuses primarily on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

9 9 GEAR UP Springfield  STARS program (Elementary level)  Overview – STARS is an elementary school program. 5 th grade students are introduced to real-world engineering challenges by building LEGO-based robots to complete tasks on a thematic playing surface. STARS FLL teams, guided by their imaginations and STARS Program coaches, discover exciting career possibilities and through the process, learned to make positive contributions to society.  STARS Students:  Designed, built and programmed robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS® technology  Applied real-world math and science concepts  Researched challenges facing today’s scientists  Learned critical thinking, team-building and presentation skills  Participated in tournaments and celebrations

10 10 GEAR UP Springfield  Gateway to Technology (GTT) (Middle School)  Overview - Gateway to Technology is offered to middle schools as an introduction to the later high school courses. Each school may implement a minimum of two of the five GTT modules in an existing science class or offer any or all of the modules in a stand alone enrichment class. The two modules that EVERY Gateway to Technology program is required to offer are Design and Modeling and Automation and Robotics.

11 11 GEAR UP Springfield  Project Lead the Way (High School)  Overview - Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is a national program established to help the schools give students the knowledge to excel in high tech fields. It works through business, industry, colleges and secondary schools to create partnerships which support effective engineering programs.  Foundation Courses:  Introduction to Engineering Design  Principles of Engineering  Digital Electronics  Specialization Courses:  Aerospace Engineering  Biotechnical Engineering  Civil Engineering and Architecture  Computer Integrated Manufacturing  Capstone Course:  Engineering Design and Development

12 12 GEAR UP Springfield

13 13 GEAR UP Springfield Benefits to the Community  Workforce Development  Support for Public Education (Secondary & Postsecondary)  Economic Development  Career Exploration and Awareness for Students  Effective use of resources

14 14 Building on Secondary success to link Postsecondary and the Workforce

15 15 What is Choose Ohio First?  A premier model of recruiting and retaining students in STEM education  A program to support increased participation in STEM disciplines  Offers students the opportunity to focus on education, and not a financial barrier

16 16 By the Numbers  28 programs around the state  WWF  PCMH  45 public and private colleges and universities house COF students  Over 4,500 COF Scholars across Ohio  Over 100 majors, minors, and certificate programs

17 17 By the Numbers  Springfield offers strong opportunities for students to benefit from early awareness and readiness activities, state involvement, and business collaborations.  A list of all programs available statewide is available here: /chooseohio1st/programs/index.php

18 18 Springfield, Ohio  Campuses near Springfield who participate in COF include:  Clark State Community College  Central State University  Franklin University  Wittenberg University  Sinclair Community College  Edison Community College  Wright State University  University of Dayton  The Ohio State University  Columbus State Community College

19 19 Connections in Springfield, Ohio  Program offer scholarship dollars  Program strives to retain students through mentoring, faculty interaction, and early intervention services  Several graduates of Springfield High School are now COF Scholars at Wright State University, Central State University, and Clark State Community College

20 20 In Your Small Groups… 1. Business Sectors Key businesses in your area Emerging business sectors 2. Higher Education Community Colleges Public & Private Universities 3. Government Agencies OBR ODJFS ODE

21 21 Contact Information Briana N. Hervet Director, Choose Ohio First Ohio Board of Regents (614) 644-9602

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