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Charlotte Bagnall Work related report Science coursework Charlotte Bagnall.

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1 Charlotte Bagnall Work related report Science coursework Charlotte Bagnall

2 Contents Page 1.Background (P3) 2.Introduction (P4) 3.Map of location (P5) 4.Location information (P6) 5.Map view of distance from Longdown to the closet school (P7) 6.Bibliography

3 Background Longdown Activity Farm is a farm created by Farmer Bryan. The farm was originally named ‘Longdown Dairy Farm.’ The reason this is no longer called this, is because the milk quota said that only a certain amount of milk can be sold. ‘Milk quotas were introduced by the EU as a way of limiting milk production across member states.’ (Source 8) As the farm was producing so much milk, they had to throw it all away. Ever since this, the farm has been called ‘Longdown Activity Farm. (Source 1) On the 9 th of September, my class and I took a trip down the Longdown Activity fam. We were able to help with feeding we then handled the chicks and the baby guinea pigs. Then to complete our day, we were able to have a Q+A with farmer Bryan himself.

4 Introduction (What is Longdown Activity Farm?) On the 9 th of September 2014, I took a trip to Longdown Activity Farm. We had the opportunity to help feed the animals such as: feeding the calves, fully grown, baby goats and pigs. We than went to one of the barns and had two activities to do, one being: we had time to handle the smaller animals such as baby chicks and guinea pigs. Second being: brushing two of the goats coats with the combing brushes supplied by the staff. Later that afternoon, Bryan (the owner) he answered all the questions we had prepared. Finally to complete our day, we had the chance to go on the tractor that is part of the activities on the farm. Going on this trip, helped me because now have my facts about Longdown Activity fam. (Source 5)

5 Where is Longdown Activity Farm? (Location) (Source 9)

6 Location Longdown activity farm is located in Southampton. Not only is it close to the motorway, it is also located near Lyndhurst. Lyndhurst, is a very big tourist attraction which is good for the Longdown business. Also it is easy to find as it is by thee M27 and the new forest. Furthermore, Longdown Activity farm located near a Foxhills primary school. As Longdown Activity Far, is located in the new forest, it means that they don’t have too got to far to get supplies such as the new forest ice cream that is sold in Longdown Activity Farm.

7 Location (Source 9)

8 As Longdown is a community farm, it provides: education, work, selling local produce and allows training to become a farmer. Source 4

9 Work-Jobs It is important to provide jobs because anyone who likes animals, and wants to have a career with them, Longdown has more job opportunities than the average farm. Also, there is 6,839 NEETS in Southampton. So by Longdown allowing more job opportunities,

10 Helping the society Longdown allows a person to get together to learn about different farm animals, and also it allows people to become human and socializes with one another that goes for adults as well as children. Source 6

11 Management structure The main management structure is, the top who created the farm, Farmer Bryan and his wife Dawn. Followed by her daughter Kerry. After that is everyone else. Everyone has an area. Source 5

12 Dawn + Bryn Kerry Stock Farm shop Tea roomEntrance Admin Pupillary Management structure Source 5

13 Different jobs The other jobs include, Conner - stockman- who looks after the pigs and calf’s, Kyle – looks after the horses and chickens, Holly – looks after the goats and the ducks, and finally you have the volunteer workers and seasonal workers. Everyone that works on the farm must learn first aid training. Source 4

14 Job role interested in.

15 Qualification Anyone that works at Longdown Activity Farm, needs to have been to an agriculture collage to give them the capability of looking after animals and of course customer care. (Source 1) Source 4

16 Does everyone work as a team or on their own? The employees mainly work in twos but when they do work in slightly larger groups, they have to be able to help each other.

17 Technical skills They would have to know: how to clip chickens wings, How to feed the animals and how to

18 Health and Safety Some of the activities at Longdown Activity Farm, have safety precautions. Longdown supply notices around the whole farm. The next slide will show some of them. Farmer Bryan said that if he could have his own way, he would stop the health and safety hazards so everyone could have fun. They also have to make sure: they have a risk assessment, (to ensure that the public are safe when they come to visit the farm) All electricity equipment is working, the water in the taps in tea room is clean,

19 The basics knowledge of health and safety: (Source 10) provide hand washing facilities, signage and supervision Hand washing facilities must have: – running water (can be cold running water in June) – liquid soap (NOT antibacterial gels) – paper towels areas should be supervised and visitors should be reminded to wash their hands good signage on the farm including where the animals are, at the handwashing areas and at any eating areas animal contact areas must be segregated from eating areas ensure animals have fresh bedding walkways should be clean, free of soiled bedding and faecal sepage cordon off muck heaps clean off partitions and gates keep viewing area in milking parlours clean ensure visitors clean off shoes, pushchair wheels, etc before leaving your farm Follow biosecurity guidelines to safeguard livestock health and safety

20 If you plan to have tractor and trailer rides, the trailer must have: – there must be a handrail around the trailer – seats must be fixed - bales will do if strapped to the trailer bed – the trailer must have independent brakes – for more information download the HSE guidance: Carriage of Passengers on Farm Trailers Carriage of Passengers on Farm Trailers

21 This poster tells the visitors to be carful crossing the road behind the farm. Especially as toddlers come to the farm, it is easy to run out into the road in front of carless drivers.

22 This poster is located in the barn, containing the baby goats. It inform pregnant woman that there is a small risk that infections could be passed of to expecting mothers. So they are requested that pregnant woman don’t bottle feed the goats.

23 These posters are located all around the farm. It is just a little reminder that everyone needs to wash their hands, especially after doing activities that involve things such as: feeding, handling, ect.

24 Bibliography Source numberWeb addressSummaryReliable? 1QuestionnaireCarried out on the 9 th of September with Bryan pass Yes because her owns the farm. 2 rning/farm-animal An image of the local farm shop. Yes because it is a real picture of the farms shop. 3 ps/place/Longdown+Activity+F arm/@50.894476,- 1.506052,12z/data=!4m2!3m1 !1s0x487389c302de5897:0xa6 c1befceb31fad3 An image of employees getting work training. Yes because it is a company that produces equipment for vets. 4Image from the dayAn image taken from the day. Yes because they are pictures from the day taken from Longdown Activity Farm itself.

25 Source numberWeb addressSummaryReliable? 5Image from their website http://www.longdownfarm.c An image taken from the Longdown website Yes because it was all done by the workers who work at Longdown. 6Image that others have taken from their Longdown experience. An image that an other family has taken from their day out at Longdown Activity farm. Yes because it is taken from the Longdown activity farm itself. 7http://www.raising-happy- chicken-wings.html Instructions on how to clip chickens wings. Yes because it is a useful website that allows instruction of how to clip chicken wings. 8 ment/collections/the-milk- quota-scheme Useful information that can be used taken from the government website. Yes because it the website for the government. Bibliography

26 Source numberWeb addressSummaryReliable? 9 aps/@50.8954347,- 1.5048404,238m/data=!3m1 !1e3 A map of where Longdown Activity Farm is located. Yes because it is o google maps which gives you a birds eye view on place across the country. 10 ofs12b/open/ px.eb A website describing what health and safety issues need to be sorted when owning a farm. Yes because it is a website that has a how to guide section, for farmers owning a farm. Bibliography

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