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Chemistry safety Part 2.

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1 Chemistry safety Part 2

2 Before Lab Your instructor is a trained professional who is very familiar with the procedures performed in each experiment. If you have questions or require clarification even after watching the video, do not hesitate to ask.

3 Before Lab Do not perform any unauthorized experiments for any reason.

4 Fume Hoods All wet labs will be performed in the fume hoods on the sides of the classrooms. Fume hood shields need to be down and lights off when not in use.

5 Wait until the video stops to continue
Fume Hoods Your head is never allowed in the fume hood. You may only raise your fume hood upon instructor’s approval or instruction. When coming up to a fume hood, raise the fume hood shield only enough for your hands and arms to fit inside. Wait until the video stops to continue

6 Fume Hoods We will be working with numerous chemicals of various types. All need to be considered dangerous to you. Do not take any chemicals outside of the fume hood unless you are weighing them in the balance room or smelling them as instructed. Notice that smelling chemicals is done by wafting, or bringing the smell towards you. It is dangerous to smell chemicals directly.

7 Fume Hoods Keep the work area neat and organized.
If a chemical spill occurs in the fume hood, inform the instructor.

8 Fume Hoods Do not use the cold water in the fume hoods for any reason. Use the sinks in the back of the room, and not the sinks at the benches.

9 Fume Hoods If someone must leave the hood to do something, the other lab partner must remain at the hood while an experiment is performed. Never leave an experiment unattended.

10 Fume Hoods The metal part of the hood is open. Be careful to not allow anything to go through. Test tubes will fall and break.

11 Fume Hoods At the end of the day, you are required to clean your hood station with a sponge. Use soap if necessary.

12 Fume Hoods Make sure the hot plate in the hood is also clean. If it is cool, clean the hot plate with water. Leave the hot plate in the hood at all times and keep the cord in the hood.

13 Fume Hoods Make sure the cord is not underneath the hot plate – it will melt the cord and start a fire. NO

14 Cabinets & Glassware Cabinets contain most of the glassware and instruments you will be using throughout the semester.

15 Cabinets & Glassware Glassware from the cabinet is marked as to the name and size of the glassware. You will learn what each of the names are and what they are used for throughout the semester.

16 Cabinets & Glassware However, the yellow container never leaves the cabinet.

17 Cabinets & Glassware Put all glassware on the marked spot when clean and done. Items that did not come from the cabinets do not go into the cabinets.

18 Cabinets & Glassware All cleaning materials, such as soap and water, are located in the back of the room. YES

19 Cabinets & Glassware Do not use the sinks at the desks. NO

20 Cabinets & Glassware Dry all glassware as much as possible using the white, cotton towels.

21 Cabinets & Glassware Glass tubing should be carried in a vertical position to minimize the likelihood of breakage and to avoid stabbing anyone.

22 Cabinets & Glassware Waste Container
Do not store chemicals in the cabinets. All chemicals must be properly disposed of at the end of the lab period in the proper waste container provided. Do not dump anything down the sink unless instructed to do so. Waste Container

23 Cabinets & Glassware Especially check test tubes for liquids. It is easy to miss liquids in the test tubes when in the test tube racks.

24 Cabinets & Glassware Do not leave the cabinet doors open or even slightly open. Close them with your hands, not feet.

25 Cabinets & Glassware Do not take off the yellow plastic piece on the graduated cylinders. It is used to prevent the graduated cylinder from breaking if it tips over. Keep the yellow piece on the top of the cylinder.

26 Cabinets & Glassware If you break any glass, tell the instructor immediately! Do not touch any broken glassware.

27 Cabinets & Glassware Clean up the broken glass using the dustpan and brush, and put all glass pieces in the broken glass container in the back.

28 Cabinets & Glassware Do not put anything other than glass in the container, even if it is a paper towel used to pick up glass.

29 Cabinets & Glassware Make sure that the aisles near the fume hoods are clear to prevent any fire hazards.

30 Cabinets & Glassware If you happen to run out of deionized water…

31 Cabinets & Glassware use the filling station in the back of the room. Please use the one with the handle up. Use this one!

32 Chemicals All chemicals and equipment will be on the cart provided at the beginning of each experiment. For fume hoods with 2 stations, only 1 basket with chemicals but 2 sets of given equipment is to be taken.

33 Chemicals Before opening a chemical bottle, read and double check labels on bottles before removing any chemical. If in doubt, ask your instructor. Take only as much as you need.

34 Wait until the video stops to continue
Chemicals If you run out of any chemical needed for the experiment, talk to the instructor. If you remove any chemical from a bottle, do not put it back in the bottle. It is now waste. Be extra careful not to switch lids on bottles. This is very important. You can cross-contaminate chemicals and then the whole bottle and the chemical inside are now useless. Wait until the video stops to continue

35 Chemicals When you are done for the day, wash your hands, no exceptions. You don’t want to eat the chemicals you’ve been working with that day.

36 For the future… Remember, watch the videos before coming to lab. The safety rules and techniques needing to be known for each experiment are in each video. Record notes in your lab textbook. Make sure you complete any homework assigned for the labs before you come to the next lab.

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