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UNIT 5 TEST REVIEW U.S. History. SSUSH 11 U.S. History.

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2 SSUSH 11 U.S. History

3 Expansion and Reform Was influenced by the railroads and new technological advances Big Business

4 Expansion and Reform Railroads contribute to this happening in the U.S. after 1870 on a large scale Westward Expansion

5 Expansion and Reform Expansion of Railroads in the 1860s caused Big Business to dominate the economy

6 Expansion and Reform This caused interruption in the lives of Native Americans Railroads

7 Expansion and Reform New technology that made steel stronger and cheaper Bessemer Process

8 Expansion and Reform A way to create a monopoly by buying out all your competitors Horizontal Integration

9 Expansion and Reform A way to create a monopoly by buying not only competitors but buying out natural resources, production, and distribution Vertical Consolidation

10 Expansion and Reform A business arrangement where there is one owner that sets prices, wages and controls the industry Monopoly

11 Expansion and Reform Main goal in the creation of Monopolies Eliminate Competition

12 Expansion and Reform A conglomeration of monopolies joined together to eliminate Competition Trust

13 Expansion and Reform Used Vertical Integration to form a monopoly over steel Carnegie

14 Expansion and Reform Railroad, completed in 1869, that run from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean Transcontinental Railroad

15 Expansion and Reform Main labor source on the western leg of the Transcontinental Railroad Chinese Labor

16 Expansion and Reform Used Horizontal and Vertical integration to form a monopoly on Oil John D. Rockefeller

17 Expansion and Reform The name of John D. Rockefeller’s business Standard Oil Company

18 Expansion and Reform John D. Rockefeller’s business trusts led to the formation of Monopolies

19 Expansion and Reform Inventor that created the Light Bulb Thomas Edison

20 Expansion and Reform Edison invention that allowed people to work at night and see in the dark Electric Light Bulb

21 Expansion and Reform Invention of Edison’s that allowed people to enjoy themselves at the Movies Motion Pictures

22 Expansion and Reform Edison invention that allowed people to listen to records and recorded sound Phonograph

23 Expansion and Reform An Increase in Railroads stimulated National economic growth

24 Expansion and Reform An Increase in Railroads stimulated National economic growth

25 SSUSH 12 U.S. History

26 Expansion and Reform Immigration station located in New York Harbor; entrance point for immigrants entering on the East coast of U.S. Ellis Island

27 Expansion and Reform New Immigration after the Civil War; Immigrants did not speak English and were Jewish or Catholics and come from Southern & Eastern Europe

28 Expansion and Reform Concept used to explain the overpopulation of cities due to increased Immigration Urbanization

29 Expansion and Reform First organized and National labor union in the United States American Federation of Labor (AFL)

30 Expansion and Reform Leader of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) Samuel Gompers

31 Expansion and Reform Samuel Gompers can best be described as a Union Leader

32 Expansion and Reform Samuel Gompers helped Laborers / Workers

33 Expansion and Reform Strategy used by Unions to stop work by workers refusing to work until demands are met Strike

34 Expansion and Reform This grew quickly because of the Railroad Western Population

35 Expansion and Reform Sioux leader that fought U.S. soldiers; led his people in exile in Canada, and finally agreed to settle on a reservation; later shot to death by government agents Sitting Bull

36 Expansion and Reform Massacre of Sioux in South Dakota where 300 women, children, and men killed by U.S. Soldiers Wounded Knee

37 Expansion and Reform Congressional law that attempted to assimilate native Americans into American Culture Dawes Act

38 Expansion and Reform Conflict that occurred when an owner of a cart company cut workers wages but did not lower their rent 1894 Pullman Strike

39 Expansion and Reform In the Pullman strike workers had a desire to Protect their wages

40 Expansion and Reform The Pullman strike was a factor that directly contributed to Industrial Unrest

41 SSUSH 13 U.S. History

42 Expansion and Reform Political reform movement where people supported increased government regulation of business & industry Progressive Era

43 Expansion and Reform Novel that revealed the unsanitary conditions in the Chicago meat packing industry The Jungle

44 Expansion and Reform Journalist and author of The Jungle Upton Sinclair

45 Expansion and Reform Law made by Congress to force meat packers to make sure their food was safe to consume; Influenced by The Jungle Meat Inspection Act

46 Expansion and Reform Female progressive that opened a settlement house in Chicago to help the inner city poor Jane Addams

47 Expansion and Reform Settlement house that provided immigrants learn home economics, basic medical care, English, legal rights; established by Jane Addams Hull House

48 Expansion and Reform Concept that explains segregation laws that required separate public and private facilities for African Americans Jim Crow

49 Expansion and Reform Court case in 1896 that ruled that segregation in public and private facilities is acceptable Plessy v. Ferguson

50 Expansion and Reform Legal standard established by Plessy v. Ferguson Separate but Equal

51 Expansion and Reform Group formed to promote full social and economic equality for African Americans NAACP

52 Expansion and Reform NAACP stands for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

53 Expansion and Reform First African American to graduate from Harvard University and founder of the NAACP WEB Dubois

54 Expansion and Reform Journalist that exposed the corrupt business practices of Standard Oil Company Ida Tarbell

55 Expansion and Reform Title of Ida Tarbell’s novel criticizing the unfair practices used by John D. Rockefeller History of Standard Oil

56 Expansion and Reform Reform journalists that investigated and exposed political corruption, child labor, slum conditions, social issues Muckrakers

57 Expansion and Reform A form of direct control of government by state citizens by forcing a public vote on an issue on the ballot bypassing state legislatures Initiative

58 Expansion and Reform A process where state legislators place a proposal for a law on the ballot to allow citizens to vote the law into effect Referendum

59 Expansion and Reform The power of state citizens to remove public officials from office before their term expires Recall

60 Expansion and Reform Initiative, referendum, recall increase ordinary citizens direct control of government which is also known as Direct Democracy

61 Expansion and Reform The 17 th Amendment of the United States Constitution requires this Direct Election of Senators

62 Expansion and Reform The direct election of senators meant that who would elect the 2 senators from each state Voters (Citizens of the State)

63 Expansion and Reform The 17 th Amendment increased ordinary citizens direct control of government which is also known as Direct Democracy

64 Expansion and Reform Before the 17 th Amendment, this is who selected U.S. Senators State Legislatures

65 Expansion and Reform Progressive era movement that reserved millions of acres of wilderness lands, particularly in western states Conservation Movement

66 Expansion and Reform This President’s efforts led to the establishment of a national park system that included Yosemite & Yellowstone Theodore Roosevelt

67 Expansion and Reform Immigrants in urban neighborhoods benefited from Jane Addams

68 SSUSH 14 U.S. History

69 Expansion and Reform American feelings caused by Chinese immigrants accepting low wages for jobs whites had held causes wages to go down Anti-Asian sentiment

70 Expansion and Reform Law passed in 1882 by Congress banning all future Chinese Immigration Chinese Exclusion Act

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