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Model UN Meeting December 15, 2014. Committees in red are still available. If you have not been assigned a country, please write your name, country, and.

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1 Model UN Meeting December 15, 2014

2 Committees in red are still available. If you have not been assigned a country, please write your name, country, and committee preference down.

3  Plenary-Zeke  DISEC-Ryan Shulze  SOCHUM-Katterli  SPECPOL-Cameron P  EcoSoc-Drew Hale  UNHRC-Haleigh Pierce  UNHCR  UNICEF- riley boggan  UNESCO  WHO-Josh Collins

4  Plenary-Cameron Long  DISEC-Ty  SOCHUM-Lilly Shortle  SPECPOL-Aksel Sjogren  WHO-Zack Patton  UNEP  EcoSoc-Logan Whitney  UNHCR  UNHRC-Caleb  UNODC-Will Carrol  UNDP-Jacob Newman  UNICEF-Kacey Tallant  UNESCO-Cameron Klepac

5  Plenary-Jonathan Herera  DISEC-Ryan Alford  SOCHUM-Hannah Dickerson  SPECPOL-Michael Fedetov  WHO-Logan Allen  UNEP-Athena Berger  EcoSoc-Caroline Barnes  UNHCR  UNHRC-Cheyenne  UNDP-Bailey Nichols  UNICEF-Brooke Patton  UNESCO-Noah Simpson

6  Historical Security Council: ◦ Calvin Barnhill ◦ Kristian Noll  Near Future: 3 spots ◦ Security Council (Nigeria): Seth Miller ◦ Pakistan: John Peter ◦ India: Madison Tafolla


8  Topics for GA Plenary are set at conference.

9  Cyberterrorism/Cyberwarfare  Biological and Chemical Weapons

10  Torture and Other Cruel and Inhumane Punishment  Rights of Undocumented Migrants

11  Private Military Contractors  Rights of Indigenous People

12  Eliminating Violence Against Migrants and Migrant Workers  Mega Event Displacement

13  Development Cooperation with Middle Income Countries  Sustainable use of Biofuels

14  Protection of Endangered Species  Measures to address Global Climate Change

15  Using Technology to Improve Public Health  Illegal Organ Trade

16  Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  Elimination of Racism and Xenophobia

17  Child Marriage  Use of Children in Armed Conflicts

18  Cultural Extinction  Regulation of Human Cloning

19  Revisiting Israel & Palestine  The Situation in Syria

20  Case of Using Hallucinogenic Drugs to Treat Mental Disorders  Use of Cryptocurrency in Money Laundering

21  You must be a returning member to be on a crisis committee  Historical Security Council: (2 seats)  Near Future: India vs Pakistan (2 seats) ◦ Security Council: Nigeria ◦ India ◦ Pakistan

22  Background guides are available here

23 Due Date: Friday, December 19 Midnight

24  A position paper is an overview of your country’s stance on different issues  In order to attend the HAMUN conference in January, you need to have an approved position paper  You will also need to have passed all your classes for the fall semester!!!  This is a brief document, but is very important for the committees.

25  First: It allows the delegate to think about their policy on specific issues from the country’s point of view, before attending the conference  Second: It serves as a simple information guide on your country’s policies to use at the conference  Third: It acts as an outline for the preliminary draft resolution

26  Length: ¾ to 1 page long  Spacing: Single  Font: 12 pt, Times New Roman  Saved as:.doc,.pdf,.rtf

27  Committee  Country  Topic  School: MagnoliaHigh School  Sponsor: Katherine Cantu  Name:

28  Pick an international issue. ◦ Most of you will be on committees that already have a list of topics. If this is the case, you should select a topic from your committee.  You need to research that topic from your country’s point of view ◦ Keep in mind elements of culture, history, geography, natural resources, neighboring countries, population, etc.

29  You need to show that this is an international issue, thereby warranting the attention of an Intranational agency, like the UN ◦ Which regions or countries are also being affected by this topic? ◦ Use specific examples and dates.

30  You need to know if any international action has already been taken to address your topic ◦ Use specific examples and dates  Describe your country’s position on the topic. ◦ How is this issue affecting your country? ◦ What actions has your country taken in the past in regards to this topic?

31  Finally, propose specific UN action for the future. ◦ What actions could your committee take to address your topic? ◦ What actions would your country be in support of? ◦ What actions would your country be against?

32  This is not a report on your country.  The paper should address the topic, written from your country’s point of view.  It is okay to put in a few lines about why this would be best for your country, but other countries in your committee will not care unless it helps them too.  This is a persuasive paper, written to get what you want.  It needs to be written and researched very carefully.

33  You will need to include a Works Cited Page  The Font should be the same as your paper.  Your sources need to be in MLA format, and in alphabetical order according to the author’s last name  The library has a citation machine program that can help you with this.

34  Each graded policy paper will be e-mailed to me, with the rubric attached.  The papers will be graded by your committee chairs.  In order to pass, all eight items on the rubric must be present

35  Header  Explanation and definition of the issue  A short summary of recent international action related to the question  A statement of the country’s position on the issue  Specific suggestions for a solution  Reference to at least three key documents relating to the issue that are NOT cited in the policy statement  Policy statement is appropriate length (1 page)  Policy paper is saved as.doc,.pdf, or.rtf

36  Go to HAMUN’s website: ◦  Click “Committees and Research”  Then click “Position Papers”  Click on your committee for a background guide  Or E-mail me: ◦ ◦ Remind 101: Text @556675 to (281)769-7345

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