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Virtual Seminar Nominations and Elections Process Virtual Seminar Wednesday, October 29, 2008 8:00-9:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time Delta Zeta Sorority.

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1 Virtual Seminar Nominations and Elections Process Virtual Seminar Wednesday, October 29, 2008 8:00-9:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time Delta Zeta Sorority

2 Thank you to the Delta Zeta Foundation for making this webinar possible. Delta Zeta Sorority

3 After this training you will be able to: Understand and explain the Delta Zeta Nominations and Election process Recognize how the Delta Zeta Nominations and Election process should be implemented within your chapter Assist your chapter in executing the Nominations and Election process Use the Nominations and Elections Manual as a valuable resource

4 The Nominations and Elections Manual The Delta Zeta Nominations and Elections Manual can be found on DZLink under “Manuals” section. Chapters should have a hard copy of this manual printed from DZLink or ordered from National Headquarters.

5 Qualifications for Office All officers elected or appointed shall meet the requirements of good standing as outlined in the Constitution. The President must be an initiated member for at least one year, unless special permission has been granted by the CCD.

6 Qualifications for Office Members must meet the minimum GPA requirement for Delta Zeta. (If a member is running for a position and does not meet the minimum GPA requirement during elections, but she will once she takes office, she must have approval of the CCD and RCC to pursue that position. If she fails to meet the requirement she must be replaced before she takes office.)

7 Officer Term Officers serve a 12 month term or until their successors are elected and installed. Some appointed positions may be semester-long terms. Delta Zeta encourages chapters to adopt the calendar year (January-December) as their officer term.

8 Chapter Officers Executive Board (Elected): President, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of New Member Education, Vice President of Programs, Secretary and Treasurer. Chapter Officers (Elected): Academics, Risk Management, Historian/Chaplain, Panhellenic Delegate, Philanthropy, House Manager (if applicable).

9 Chapter Officers Chapter Officers (Appointed): Two Guards and Parliamentarian are appointed by the new President and are approved by the newly elected Executive Board and the CCD. Chapter Officers (Other): Other officers may be elected or appointed according to chapter need and campus tradition. Appointments are done by the newly elected President with the approval of the new Executive Board and CCD.

10 The Nominating Committee Nominating Committee is selected at least two weeks before elections. (Constitution, Article XII, Section 5) The Nominating Committee Chairman is ELECTED by the chapter as a whole. Current Chapter President DOES NOT serve on the Nominating Committee.

11 The Class Caucus Each undergraduate class ELECTS one member from its class to be a representative on the committee: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior 5 th Year Seniors should go with seniors as they are not their own class. If there are no freshmen/new members, select a second member at large.

12 The Class Caucus New members are entitled to caucus although they are not initiated. They should present their recommendations to the committee unless otherwise determined by the CCD and RCC. If a member wishes to run for a position she may serve on the Nominating Committee as a class representative. Consideration should be given as to whether it is in her best interest to serve on the committee if she is seeking an elected position. (A good rule of thumb is that when candidates interview for the position the committee member is interviewing for, that the committee member not participate in any interviews or discussion for that position.)

13 The Class Caucus The class representative meets with her class to make recommendations to the committee for the ELECTED Executive Board Officers and Chairmen.

14 The Class Caucus During the caucus the class rep should: Explain the qualifications of each office Take Nominations Discuss Nominations Vote Each class prepares a slate recommending at least one candidate per office. The slate is given to the Nominating Committee for consideration.

15 The Class Caucus When discussing nominations: Nominees should be asked to leave during discussion. The person running may give reasons on why she is interested in running for a position. Those nominating individuals should give reasons for their nomination. The Nominating Committee rep may write down positive and negative comments made during discussion. These can be used during discussion when the Nominating Committee prepares the slate.

16 The Nominating Committee The Nominating Committee meets to review class slates and comments. A Candidate Information Form (located in the manual) is given to each candidate who is recommended or who wishes to run for a position. These must be completed and returned prior to the interview. Interviews are scheduled and announced.

17 The Nominating Committee - Interviews Candidates who wish to be on the Executive Board and the Elected Chapter Officers (per the Code of Regulations and/or chapter bylaws) are the officers who go through the interview process. The Candidates are interviewed ONLY by the Nominating Committee. It is not necessary to interview non-Executive Board positions or non- Elected positions. The committee will use the Candidate Information Forms to gather information. Each chapter’s nominating committee may determine to interview other positions as necessary. Having the nominating committee interview all candidates for non-elected positions can be an ineffective use of time and chapter resources.

18 The Nominating Committee - The Slate After all interviews have been conducted, the Nominating Committee prepares the slate. One candidate is named for each position. The Nominating Committee selects the most qualified candidate based on the following criteria: Qualifications of the office, Class Caucus Nominations, Candidate Information Form, Interview

19 The Nominating Committee - The Slate The committee may determine that a member other than those nominated by the class caucus may better fit the office qualifications. For example...If a member is nominated for her class as President, the committee may feel that she may best fit into the Treasurer role. The Nominating Committee may make this determination within reason. The candidates must sign a Nomination Agreement (located in the manual) consenting to appear on the slate.

20 The Nominating Committee - The Slate The names of the proposed candidates should be approved by the CCD or RCC or other national representative before the women are notified of the nomination. Any discussion within the Nominating Committee is to be kept CONFIDENTIAL.

21 The Nominating Committee - The Slate The Nominating Committee Chairman reads the proposed slate at a formal chapter meeting, at least ONE WEEK prior to the election. She also announces the procedure for receiving further nominations. The chairman also announces where the slate will be posted for the chapter to review or what alternative arrangements have been made in the event it can not be posted (i.e. sent to all chapter members via e-mail, posted in the chapter room for an hour after meeting, etc.)

22 The Nominating Committee - Additional Nominations Additional nominations may be accepted if: The candidates give their written consent AND have the necessary qualifications Have gone through the interview process (a member who has not gone through the interview process for ANY position is ineligible to run for ANY elected position) Have the approval of the Nominating Committee AND the CCD

23 The Nominating Committee - Additional Nominations It is not necessary to re-interview candidates that have already gone through the interview process, unless the Nominating Committee believes there is a need for further information.

24 The Nominating Committee - The Slate The Candidate Information Forms should be available for members to review prior to the election. The chairman lets the chapter know where the binder with this information will be. If done electronically, these can be e-mailed out via the chapter list serve. The original slate should be given to the Secretary for the chapter’s files. Copies are kept for the Nominating Committee and the CCD.

25 The Nominating Committee - The Election Election is by written ballot and the President may vote. Quorum must be present and is defined as the majority of members in good standing. A candidate must receive a majority, at least half plus one, of the quorum to be elected. Before the vote, the Secretary reads the names of the women not in good standing, and therefore ineligible to vote.

26 The Nominating Committee - The Election All members in good standing have the responsibility and obligation to their chapter to vote. Nominations, candidate speeches and discussion are not permitted during voting. The President announces the results.

27 The Nominating Committee - Balloting A ballot is prepared listing the slated candidates and additional nominations. Balloting is in sequential order starting with the President through Philanthropy Chairman. There is a separate ballot for each office. Ballots should match the number of women in good standing. Members may write “abstain” on the ballot if they wish not to vote. Balloting is confidential.

28 The Nominating Committee - Balloting The Guards distribute and collect the ballots. Votes are counted by the CCD, Nominating Committee Chairman and Secretary

29 The Nominating Committee - Absentee Ballot A member who is absent from the election may vote by giving a sealed envelope containing her ballot to the Nominating Committee Chairman. At the time of the election the sealed envelope is opened by those counting the votes and is included in the final total. Absentee ballots count towards quorum.

30 The Nominating Committee - Additional Information Election results are final. All ballots, notes or any other sensitive material are to be destroyed by the Nominating Committee Chairman or CCD. Campaigning with flyers, buttons, etc. is inappropriate and not acceptable.

31 The Nominating Committee - Additional Information Prior to the election it is recommended that the Nominating Committee prepare a list of suggested candidates from the interviews and Information Forms to be considered for appointed officers and committees by the newly elected Executive Board. The Nominating Committee Chairman should return the Nominations & Elections Manual and all related materials to the CCD or President following officer elections.

32 The Nominating Committee - Officer Installation Officer Installation is held at the first regular chapter meeting following officer training. The outgoing President arranges for the installation of the newly elected officers and chairmen.

33 The Nominating Committee - FAQs Q: What if there is a tie? A: The chapter shall vote no more than two additional times (for a total of three times) to determine whether a candidate can be elected. If a candidate is not elected on the third or final vote, the office is declared vacant. Nominations and a vote will be taken at the next regular chapter meeting.

34 The Nominating Committee - FAQs Q: Why isn’t the President a member of the Nominating Committee? A: The President is an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee. She votes with the chapter and announces the results of the election.

35 The Nominating Committee - FAQs Q: Can a new member be on the nominating committee? A: Yes. She can represent her class on the Nominating Committee.

36 Questions?

37 Anne Marie Jones Gavin, National Constitution Chairman (856) 692-8159 Thank YOU for all that you are doing to support and encourage the collegiate chapters in Delta Zeta!

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