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WELCOME! City Clerks Meeting · November 4, 2014 General Election.

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1 WELCOME! City Clerks Meeting · November 4, 2014 General Election

2 Agenda Introductions Tour of Ballot Tally Area Resolution for Election Consolidation Publications Nomination Filing Period Campaign Finance City Measures Thursday 8

3 Resolution for Election Consolidation Deadline – July 2, 2014 (E-125 Days) Purpose of Election Request to consolidate with November 4, 2014 Election Provision for payment of Election costs Who will pay for Candidate Statement City will publish Notice of Election Action to be taken in case of a tie vote

4 Publications Notice of Election Nominees for Public Office Notice of City Measure(s)

5 Nomination Filing Period July 14 - August 8, 2014 (E-113 - E-88) What should the nomination packet include? New Candidate Guide New Nomination Petition Forms Optional Code of Fair Campaign Practices Form New Optional Candidate Statement of Qualifications Ballot Designation Worksheet New Declaration of Candidacy Campaign Finance Information / Statement of Economic Interests – Form 700 City Clerk

6 Nomination Filing Period Qualifications Candidate must be a registered voter within the city limits New Cities will verify the candidate’s eligibility by using our website City My Districts

7 Nomination Filing Period Qualifications 20-30 Nomination signatures Signers must be registered voters within the City limits Circulators must also be registered to vote within the City limits

8 Voluntary Code of Fair Campaign Practices Form By subscribing to the “Code of Fair Campaign Practices,” a candidate vows to follow the principles of decency, honesty, and fair play. Subscription is optional Completed forms must be signed and dated

9 Candidate Statement of Qualifications The “Candidate Statement” is designed to familiarize voters with a candidate’s qualifications and is mailed to registered voters. (Estimates provided in the Candidate Guide are based on 250 word limit) Estimates based on 250 word limit Statement costs can be found in the “City, School, and Special District Guide” New Candidate Statement’s can include the following: Bullets Underlines Bold All Caps Italics

10 Candidate Statements are optional. Statement shall not refer to opponents in any manner and may not include party affiliation of the candidate, nor membership or activity in partisan political organization. Encourage Candidates To: Carefully review the Candidate Statement Guidelines. Thoroughly review and proof the statement before filing. It cannot be changed after it has been officially filed. Candidate Statement Continued Important Points To Remember

11 New The candidate must sign the “Candidate Statement of Qualifications” form and the attached statement. Provide Elections Office with copies of the filed “Candidate Statement of Qualifications” form and signed statement. In addition to filing the hardcopy, our office needs the statement in an editable text format. Candidate Statement Continued Candidate must select ONE and sign

12 Ballot Designation Worksheet The “Ballot Designation Worksheet” supports the use of the ballot designation and is required to be completed by all candidates. The ballot designation describes the current profession, vocation, or occupation. If no ballot designation is selected, candidate must write the word “none” on the worksheet, sign, and date. If information requested is not applicable, candidates can write N/A in the space provided. The worksheet will be filed at your office at the same time the candidate files their Declaration of Candidacy.

13 Guidelines for Acceptable Ballot Designations As the filing officer, you must apply this basic test: Is it true? Is it accurate? Is it misleading? Is it generic? Is it neutral? Is it how this person makes a living? City Clerks, with advice from City Attorneys, approve ballot designations

14 Declaration of Candidacy The “Declaration of Candidacy” is the official document in which the candidate indicates how their name and ballot designation is to appear on the ballot. The declaration does not leave the office Residence address is required Fees (if any) are paid when the Declaration of Candidacy is filed.

15 Fair Political Practices Commission Packet 11/04/14 Filing Schedule Form 501 - Candidate Intention Statement Form 470 - Receive or spend less than $1000.00 Form 410 - Statement of Organization Form 460 - Spend $1000.00 or over Campaign Disclosure - Manual 2 Statement of Economic Interests – Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests Reference Pamphlet The FPPC Packet Includes the Following:

16 Contact Information Fair Political Practices Commission / (866) ASK-FPPC (866) 275-3772 Email Advice: FPPC Website / Secretary of State - Political Reform Division (916) 653-6224

17 The Write-In Nomination Filing Packet Includes: Candidate Guide Write-In Nomination Papers 20 -30 nomination signatures of valid registered voters within the City Optional Code of Fair Campaign Practices Form Fair Political Practices Commission Packet Write-In votes cast will be counted and reported during the canvass for valid write-in candidates Write-In Nomination Filing Period September 8 - October 21, 2014 (E-57 - E-14)

18 The following does not apply to write-in candidates: Ballot Designation Worksheet - candidate’s name will not appear on the Official Ballot. Optional Candidate Statement of Qualifications Write-In Candidate Continued

19 Jurisdiction Resolution Information Guidelines for Local Measure Arguments Additional Local Measure Information (Rules, Policies, Deadlines, Etc.) Forms Related to Measure Filing Local Measures on November 2014 Ballot

20 Resolution for City Measure Last day to file Resolution for Measure – August 8, 2014 (E-88)

21 Measure Resolution Shall Contain The Following: A request to consolidate with the November 4, 2014 Election Provision for payment of the cost of the election Information requiring measure passage (Simple Majority or Two-thirds) Confirmation of City boundaries 75 words limit Measure framed as a question Resolution to include full-text of the measure if desired Request to include full-text of the measure if desired Resolution Continued

22 Important Points To Remember Use the Elections Division Word Count Standard to determine the accurate 75 Ballot Measure wording and the argument word counts. Primary Arguments up to 300 words Deadline: August 20, 2014 Rebuttal Arguments up to 250 words Deadline: August 25, 2014 Cities must have adopted the provisions of E.C. 9285 (b) to accept rebuttals. Resolution Request Continued

23 Maps Please provide our office with a City map in a Shapefile or PDF format no later than May 16, 2014.

24 Contact Information Rosa Mena - (925) 335-7806 Olga Hernandez - (925) 335-7804 Scott O. Konopasek – (925) 335-7808 Contra Costa Elections Website /

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