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Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 1 Candidate reads instructions (custom per county) and clicks the Get Started link.

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1 Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 1 Candidate reads instructions (custom per county) and clicks the Get Started link

2 Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 2 Candidate enters name and birth date into available fields

3 Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 3 Candidate sees registered address, enters mailing address, email and phone

4 Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 4 Candidate selects Jurisdiction Type, Jurisdiction, and Office from drop down menus. Candidate then enters Ballot Name. If the office is partisan, Candidate has the opportunity to enter party preference or select States No Party Preference Option.

5 Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 5 Candidate reviews information entered so far and either confirms it by clicking Continue Button or clicks Make Changes button to edit the information.

6 Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 6 Candidate is presented with the Declaration of Candidacy Oath. A custom oath for county offices can be added if necessary. Candidate must click I Affirm the Oath and Wish to File button to proceed.

7 Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 7 Candidate’s Declaration of Candidacy form prints out including all filing information, oath and signature and date line. Candidate turns this sheet into Election Administrator to confirm filing details and pays filing fee if necessary.

8 Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 8 Election Administrator goes to WEI Admin database Candidate Search Page and enters candidate name, then hits search button.

9 Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 9 Election Administrator clicks on Candidate Record to access Candidate Detail Screen

10 Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 9 Election Administrator verifies candidate filing is legitimate and filing fee has been paid, then clicks Filing Status: Approved checkbox on Candidate Detail Page, then clicks Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

11 Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 10 Candidate Receives email confirmation of filing details and link to page where they can submit statement and photo for voters’ guides both online and on paper. Congratulations on your decision to run for office! This email contains important information about running for office in Washington State. Please read this email in its entirety and save it for future reference. Please do not reply to this email. Our records show that you have filed for: Jurisdiction: CITY OF EVERETT Office: MAYOR Ballot name: Tanya Kasselman If this information is incorrect, immediately contact your County Auditor.County Auditor Getting your information in an online voters’ guide. Candidates may submit a statement and photo for inclusion in an online voters’ guide. You may submit your information online by going to our Online Candidate Statement Submission website. You will be allowed to submit your statement only one time via this website, so please have all your materials prepared before you access this site. If you have already submitted your statement in person or by mail do not submit an additional statement online.Candidate Statement Submission Please check with your County Auditor's Office to find out whether your county publishes a printed voters' pamphlet and to get rules and regulations regarding statement lengths and photo specifications. Thank you for offering your service!

12 MAYOR CITY OF EVERETT You are receiving this candidate filing update because you have filed for public office. As a convenience we will continue to notify you about additional candidate filings for the same office. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL NameAddressPhoneEmail Russell Test Kaasselman 520 Union, oly WA 93333 (333) 333-2222 rkasselman@secst Tanya Kasselman 520 Union Ave SE, Olympia WA 98501 (360) 725-5796 rkasselman@secst Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 11 Candidate Receives second email showing filing information and other candidates filed against them in the same race.

13 Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 12 Candidate clicks link to go to online statement and photo submission form, fills out information, reviews and submits information to WEI Admin Database where County Election Adminstrator will review to be sure it meets voters’ guide rules and photo rules.

14 Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 13 Election Administrator views statement in WEI Admin database and make changes to statement and/or photo as necessary. If statement and photo are acceptable and meet county voter guide rules, the Election Adminstrator Approves the Statement for publication to the county online voters’ guide.

15 Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing Step 14 Photo and Statement and Campaign contact information shows up on County online voters’ guide and is available for download to be used in printed voters’ guide. More information on how to use Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing is available at

16 Questions? Contact Russell Kasselman Phone: (360) 725-5796 or More information on Online/Self-Service Candidate Filing

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