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9104/1 Ballot RMC Report Long Beach, California 14 Sept 2011 Mike Roberts – Team Leader.

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1 9104/1 Ballot RMC Report Long Beach, California 14 Sept 2011 Mike Roberts – Team Leader

2 Confusing Ballot Results 2011 Re-ballot of 9104/1 –Clearly and cleanly passed in the Americas –Comments sent by Asia-Pacific, but no ballot results – not in compliance with IAQG 106 –It appears that there were three ballots taken in Europe. Germany voted Disapprove in one ballot Rolls Royce voted both Disapprove and Approve in a second ballot Unclear of CEN ballot results –48 pages of comments provided by Gunter Lessmann – IAQG Standards Manager

3 Current Situation 9104/1 team has been working on the rewrite of this standard for 4 1/2 years –Most comments came from persons/entities not involved on the rewrite team or OPMT. –We cannot keep re-discussing issues that have been previously accepted/adopted. –We cannot accept technical changes to the ballot draft without causing another ballot, which will probably delay another year. –We can accept non-technical improvements or typo corrections, within reason.

4 IAQG 106 Requirements The resolution of comments is the responsibility of the: –IDR –The 3 SDRs –The writing team leader Comments must be reviewed, but there is no requirement for acceptance Sectors have different ballot accept/reject criteria. –Nothing presented to Gunter Lessmann indicates a ballot failure in any Sector –Re-balloting required for technical changes.

5 The Plan Comments will be separated by document chapters, and addressed by the chapter book- boss teams. All comments will be separated into Categories We will use the Comments (.doc) template provided by Gunter Lessmann as the official response sheet. The 9104/1 team leader will maintain the official draft of the document and comment sheets. We will try to comply with the IAQG 106 30-day review cycle.

6 Schedule Re-verify book boss assignments. Completed Validated 5 categories for disposition. Completed Book bosses will have 14 calendar days to address, categorize, and recommend disposition for all comments in their respective chapter(s). (Sept 27 th 2011) Book bosses will route their dispositions to all 9104/1 team members, who will provide immediate comments. 9104/1 Team Lead to consolidate chapter comment dispositions into single draft document and comments template. (Oct 7 th 2011) Team Lead will route final paperwork to book bosses and 9104/1 team for final review (Oct 17 th 2011), before sending to SDRs (Oct 20 th 2011), and then to Gunter Lessmann (Oct 26 th 2011 at IAQG Meeting). Possibility of publishing by end of 2011.

7 Team Lead Comments It is time to complete this project. This project will have taken 5 years if we are successful now. Not everyone will be happy. We can’t keep re-hashing previously approved or dispositioned topics. Significant technical changes will postponed until the next revision of the standard. Failure to publish by the end of the year will significantly impact the ICOP process, and will damage any credibility that we still may have with our customer base.

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