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2 The OpSmart Vision Service Delivery Cost Optimization
ITIL Focused Operations Efficiency Integrated Infrastructure Automation

3 ITIL Service Management Modules Colocation - Datacenters
Product Architecture: ITIL Based Technology Focus Orchestration Monitoring CRM DNS Load Balancer VM Ware Filer Management Hardware Fault Log Analysis Function CMDB Production DR Inventory Management Service Mapping Monitoring Dashboard Problem Management Contract Compliance SLA Management Decision Center Change Management Incident Management Task Tracking Fullfilment Orchestration CEWD Performance Management DC1 DC2 ITIL Service Management Modules Colocation - Datacenters DC3 DC4

4 The Opsmart Vision: Development History
Alert to Resolution Automation Document > Validate > Orchestrate > Resolve Absolute Automation Package Prototype / Runbook / Blueprint of Complex tasks: Example: Creation of a Firewall Rule Orchestration Solid APls / Hooks into third party devices: Peoplessoft, Uptime, Netapp, Infoblox, Scalent, etc. Integration CMDB Management, Change Management, Incident Management, Provisioning, Account Management ITSM Modules

5 Management / Integration
The Opsmart Vision: ITSM OPEX Optimization 45 Onsite Resources 30 Remote Resources 20 Remote Resources 10 Remote Resources $ Management / Integration $ Orchestration Total Automation $ $ Event Management Asset Management Incident Management Change Management Remote System Management Persona Management DNS Management Storage Management Configuration Management Load Balancer Management Firewall Management Real-time Alert Response Self-Healing Intelligence Defined Fix Execution Automatic Resource Mgmt Auto CR management Auto Incident Closure

6 Product Maturity - What does Opsmart Do?
Opsmart Module Name Inventory Management Client Notification System - MH Notify System Administration (Remote Commands) Client Account Management Incident Management Change Management Project Task Management Provisioning - Fullfillment Contract Compliance - Insight MH Staff Contact Management Monitoring - Ops Panel SLA Management Advance Reporting - CEWD Virtualization Management - ApSmart DNS Management - NameSmart Filer Storage Management Datacenter Management Vendor Management

7 Product Maturity cont. ~3 million lines of code powering :
Opsmart Module Name Virtualization Management for VMWare NetApp Integration/Automation Module NetApp Autogrow/Autoreclaim Module ~3 million lines of code powering : 1800 Oracle DBs 13 Datacenters 120 Esxi 7000 VMs 300 Netapp Storage Filers 700 NetworkDevices

8 Business Impact Summary
Business Intelligence Solutions Advanced Reporting, SLA Management and Client Early Warning Detection Reports. These solutions provide in-depth insight into the quality of Managed Hosting Services provided to clients as well as proactive indicators and preventive measures to reduce cancellations. Collaboration Integrated Monitoring Dashboard, Incident Management, Change Management and client Notification provide superior collaboration capabilities for the Managed Hosting Teams to communicate and escalate issues through resolution and closure. Data / Systems Integration Integrated DNS Appliance Management along with inventory, CRM and Monitoring Systems reduce process break-downs and increase productivity and service quality Continuity / Risk Management A Complete Disaster Recovery site in the event of outages to the production site ensures service continuity, Furthermore, built-in auditing and logging mechanisms ensure control, security and compliance. Business Process Management Integrated provisioning system, contract compliance and client reporting solutions ensure accurate delivery of Managed Hosting Services and enforcement of contractual limitations that result in further revenue recognition. Virtualization / Automation Simple User Interface in Opsmart provides a powerful ability to provision a client in virtual datacenters in minutes vs. days in the old manual processes. The automation of client provisioning using combined templates/blueprints have increased productivity, reduced mistakes and ensured on time delivery of MH Services.

9 Contracts Provisioned Client Notifications Sent
Numbers: A case study… 1,200 Clients Hosted 3,795 Contracts Provisioned 7,333 Devices Managed 350 Opsmart Active Users 350,000 Client Notifications Sent 4,200 Project Tasks Handled 57,123 Change Requests 252,721 Incident Tickets

10 Achieving Tasks Via Automation - Netapp

11 90%+ of Storage Escalations handled by Remote Team

12 ... Increasing Service Quality
* Snapshot of Client Early Warning Detection Report. Correlation of Massive Client Data. Goal: Enhance Client Service Experience by proactively reaching out to unhappy clients to show that we care.


14 CMDB Map (VmWare Auto-Discovery)

15 Storage Management Module

16 Central Monitoring Dashboard - Firefight View

17 Event Correlation

18 Single Pane of Glass

19 Capacity Management


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