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ACADEMIC PLANNING FOR SEVENTH GRADE.  Seventh graders take four core subjects:  English  Life Science  American Studies  Math (teacher will give.

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2  Seventh graders take four core subjects:  English  Life Science  American Studies  Math (teacher will give recommendations at end of the year)  Math 7  Math 8  Intensified Algebra I  All students will take PE/Health

3 Choosing Classes  You will have two elective periods  They may be filled with:  A language (year long)  Music (year long)  Electives (two courses to fill a year or four if no language or music is chosen)

4  They may begin their study of a foreign language by selecting from the following:  Arabic  Chinese  French  Latin  Spanish

5  Language classes meet daily all year and earn high school credit.  Arabic and Chinese occur during the school day and may be offered via distance learning if enrollment is not sufficient to staff at school.

6  Seventh graders may begin/ continue their study of a musical instrument by selecting one of the following:  Beginning Band  Intermediate Band  Experienced Band. Tryouts for Wind Ensemble will be conducted in February.  Orchestra  Chorus

7  Seventh grade exploratory courses meet daily for a semester and include:  Visual Art  Theatre Arts  Digital Input Technologies  Inventions and Innovations  Teen Living  Chorus

8 Exploratory classes continued

9 Visual Art  creative design process  Typical 2D art projects include the use of drawing, pastels, sharpies, mixed media, painting, and printmaking.  3D art projects include clay tiles and paper/cardboard construction.  Art 1 students will use a sketchbook and participate in weekly sketchbook assignments. Students will learn how to talk about and write about their art.

10 Theatre Arts  Further explore the skills and techniques used in 6th grade theatre arts.  Games to build observation, listening and trust.  Improvised outlines and develop them into presentations.  Technical qualities of the voice.

11 Digital Input Technologies  Input and emerging technologies including:  Typing  Voice recognition  Handwriting recognition  Mobile devices

12 Inventions and Innovations  Investigate famous inventors and the inventions that changed the world.  "Shark Tank".  Use CAD programs and print some of those things in the 3D printer.  Other projects include  mousetrap powered cars  water rockets.  Our final project will be to simulate a toy manufacturing company; where we will mass- produce toys designed by the students.

13 Teen Living SEVENTH GRADE OVER-VIEW: SEMESTER Clothing Construction Foods and Nutrition Personal Development  Reversible Tote-bag  DOUBLE QUILTED  PENCIL POUCH  FIBER FLYER  Safety & Sanitation  My Plate Guidelines  Vegetables  (Mexican Fiesta)  Cheese  Breakfast  Homemade Pizza  Brownie Comparison  Homemade Pie Crust  Top Chef Competition  Babysitting Unit  Modular Laptop Unit  Nutrition Newsletter

14 Journalism  The 7 th grade Journalism is a year-long class that teaches participants the “nuts and bolts” of reporting, such as:  Presentation across multiple platforms  Print  Broadcast (TV)  Online  Software:  iMovie  MovieMaker  PhotoShop  iPhoto  GarageBand  GoogleDocs

15 Chorus  Varied repertoire of music from classics, multi-cultural, and modern pop  Emphasis will be placed on group vocal development, basic musicianship, and dealing with the vocal change  Students will perform in a minimum of two concerts per year plus the District Assessment and the opportunity to audition for the District Choir.”

16 Guitar  For beginning players  Guitar will be provided  Can be taken as a semester or year long class.



19 Graduation Requirements (High School)

20 High School Courses for Credit  A high school credit is earned upon completion of any high school level class.  Students may begin earning high school credits in 7 th grade  High school level courses which may be taken in middle school include:  High school languages beginning in 7 th grade  High school level math starting with Algebra  World Geography (the 8 th grade Social Studies course)

21 You will have the option at the end of each year to not accept the credit OR the grade so that it is not included in the High School GPA Students looking at an IB Diploma at W&L need to start a language in 7 th (including Latin). A verified credit is earned by passing the End of Course (EOC) SOL test. EOC SOLs are taken upon completion of certain high school credit core courses.

22 Standard Diploma Discipline AreaCredits# of verified  English42  Math31  Lab Science31  Social Studies31  Foreign Language,2 Fine Arts or CTE  PE2  Economics1 Personal Finance  Electives4  Additional Verified1 Total226

23 Advanced Studies Diploma Discipline AreaCredits# of verified  English42  Lab Science42  Social Studies42  Math42  Foreign Language3/4  Health and PE2  Economics and1 Personal Finance  Fine Arts or CTE1  Electives3  Additional verified1 Totals269



26 English High School Level Classes Grade 9 = English 9 Block with World History (Reg. or Adv.) Grade 10 = English 10 (Reg. or Adv.) Grade 11 = English 11 (Reg. or AP) (SOL for Reading and Writing, not EOC) Grade 12 = English 12(Reg. or Adv.)

27 Social Studies High School Level Classes Grade 8 = World Geography (SOL) Grade 9 = World History Block with English 9 (Reg. or Adv.) (SOL) Grade 10 = Up to you??? Grade 11 = VA and US History (SOL) Grade 12 = VA and US Government

28 Typical Science High School Level Classes Grade 9 = Biology or Earth Science (Reg. or Adv.) (SOL) Grade 10 = Chemistry (SOL) Grade 11 = Physics Grade 12 = ???

29 MATH Algebra 1 (EOC) Geometry (EOC) Algebra 2 (EOC) SCIENCE Earth Space Science (EOC) Biology (EOC) Chemistry (EOC) SOCIAL STUDIES World Geography (EOC) World History 1 (EOC) World History 2 (EOC) US & VA History (EOC) ENGLISH Reading 11th grade Writing 11th grade High School SOL Tests


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