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1 Amateur Radio Presentation. 2 Media Security and Reliability Council

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1 1 Amateur Radio Presentation

2 2 Media Security and Reliability Council

3 3 In 2002, the Federal Communications Commission created the national Media Security and Reliability Council (MSRC) to ensure the reliability and security of local broadcast, cable TV, and news services in the event of an emergency. The Wisconsin MSRC Plans are based on the best practices developed by the national MSRC study. MSRC Background

4 4 Local MSRC Committee Local MSRC Committees are made up of these public and private entities:  TV and Radio Broadcasters  Cable TV Operators  Local and State Emergency Management Agency Representatives  Police Services Agencies  Fire Services Agencies

5 5 Wisconsin MSRC Implementation Wisconsin has formed MSRC local committees in the following markets:  Milwaukee  Madison  Green Bay / Fox Valley  Wausau  La Crosse / Eau Claire

6 6 The objective of these plans is to create a public/private partnership that will ensure uninterrupted delivery of emergency information to the public to mitigate the impact of major emergencies and disasters. The mission of these plans is twofold: MSRC Objective

7 7 1.To provide timely information from emergency management to the media and to the public. 2.To provide for continuity of service of the broadcast stations, cable systems and news services (broadcast restoration) MSRC Objective

8 8 Katrina Lesson  Cell phones were down, only text messaging worked  1000 cell sites out of service  No communication from Emergency Services to broadcasters for days  37 of 41 New Orleans radio stations off the air  3,000,000 customer phone lines down  But, Amateur Radio worked, and saved the day!

9 9 The Wisconsin Plan In support of the mission to keep broadcasters on the air, many Wisconsin MSRC committees are asking Amateur Radio Operators to form a Broadcast Station Net, similar to, but separate from, the normal ARES/RACES Disaster Net.

10 10 The Wisconsin Plan  During a disaster, an Amateur Radio Operator would report to each major broadcast station, as well as to the EOC.  The broadcast stations would provide a roof-mounted antenna and coax to the Amateur Radio operating position.  The Amateur Radio Operator would use his/her own handheld radio.

11 11 The Wisconsin Plan The Broadcast Station Net would:  Aid stations in communicating with each other to assess which stations need help and what is needed.  Aid stations in reporting their on-air or off-air status to the MSRC Emergency Communications Coordinator (ECC) located at the EOC. (see next page)

12 12 The Wisconsin Plan Terminology: The ECC is a person on the MSRC committee that has been invited into the EOC in many Wisconsin counties. The ECC is to keep the EOC staff informed of which stations are on the air, which are not, and what is the best path to get emergency messages to the public. The Amateur Radio Operator will be this person’s connection to the broadcast stations.

13 13 The Wisconsin Plan Implementing this Plan The MSRC Committee must:  Select the stations to be staffed by the Amateur Radio Operators  Be sure these stations install the needed antenna and coax  Install antenna and coax at the EOC  Draft a simple written agreement, if desired

14 14 The Wisconsin Plan Implementing this Plan The Amateur Radio Operators must:  Organize who goes where  Identify an operating frequency  Write procedures to be followed  Test the Net

15 15 The Wisconsin Plan Future Improvements Once the initial voice communications Net is established, some groups are considering upgrading to packet radio text, and/or digital mode capabilities. This advanced equipment would need to be purchased by the broadcasters, as most Amateur Radio Operators do not travel with this specialized equipment.

16 16 Media Security and Reliability Council For more information on MSRC:

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