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“Utilities Helping Utilities”. What is SoonerWARN?

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1 “Utilities Helping Utilities”

2 What is SoonerWARN?

3 SoonerWARN Mission The mission of SoonerWARN is to provide a network to support and promote water and wastewater utilities, both public and private, through statewide emergency preparedness, disaster response, and mutual assistance during natural and human caused events.

4 Why SoonerWARN? Lessons learned from past disaster responses Water utility operations are specialized Utilities must fill the gap between disaster onset and the arrival of other government aid Customers can live without power and phone, but not without water Restoration of water services is the first step in recovery from an emergency and provides hope

5 SoonerWARN Purposes A process for sharing emergency resources among water and wastewater facilities statewide Resources to respond and recover more quickly from a disaster A mutual assistance program consistent with other statewide mutual aid programs and the National Incident Management System A forum to develop and maintain emergency contacts and relationships Resources for planning, training, and professional development in the times between disasters

6 How Does SoonerWARN Work? Become a member at Provide contact information including e-mail & cell phone on a secure, members only area of the website. 1-800-522-0206 In an emergency, a member utility posts a request on the website. If internet access is not available, calls the DEQ 24 hr. Hotline, 1-800-522-0206 If a call for assistance comes through the DEQ Hotline, the SoonerWARN Administrator contacts the requesting utility to learn specifics about aid needed then posts the request. When a request is posted on the website an e-mail request for aid is broadcast to all SoonerWARN members. Other SoonerWARN members receive the request, decide if assistance can be provided, reply to the requesting utility and respond. As a request is filled, that information is posted on the website as well.

7 SoonerWARN Response Case What if your town lost its only water well, was running out of bottled water and it was Christmas Day and stores were closed?

8 SoonerWARN Response only water well small municipality citizens were using bottled water Christmas Day 2008 supply was dangerously low all area stores were closed The only water well for a small municipality in Northeastern Oklahoma was off-line for almost a week. Its citizens were using bottled water but in the early afternoon of Christmas Day 2008 the supply was dangerously low and all area stores were closed due to the Holiday. DEQ HotlineSoonerWARN Administrator speaking with the town managernotice was posted e-mail messages to all SoonerWARN members Through the DEQ Hotline, the SoonerWARN Administrator was contacted and after speaking with the town manager, a notice was posted on the site, sending e-mail messages to all of the SoonerWARN members. Two SoonerWARN members responded with bottled water delivered the cases to the town Two SoonerWARN members responded with bottled water and by supper time had delivered the cases to the town and its citizens.

9 SoonerWARN Benefits No cost to participate Voluntary – you decide if your utility can help Increases planning and coordination Utilizes the Oklahoma Mutual Aid law for city and county systems, provides Mutual Aid Agreement for private systems Enhances access to specialized resources Is consistent with NIMS Provides a list of emergency contacts and phone numbers Avoids federal bureaucracy Increases hope that recovery comes quickly

10 SoonerWARN Support In addition to member utilities, the following organizations and agencies participate in the SoonerWARN steering committee: Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality Oklahoma Rural Water Association Oklahoma Association of Regional Councils Oklahoma Water Environment Oklahoma Municipal League Oklahoma Emergency Management Agency U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

11 How to Become a SoonerWARN Member Fill out and submit the application on the SoonerWARN website, Call Kristie Valtierra at 405-702-6203 or 1-800- 522-0206 and request an application

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