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Mathematics in the Middle School Spotsylvania County Schools Instruction STUDENT PLACEMENT GUIDE This PowerPoint presentation will give you an overview of the mathematics program in our middle schools. This PowerPoint presentation is on the Spotsylvania County Website and parents are encouraged to review it on their own.

2 *SOL Stand Alone Tests all grades
6th grade 7th grade 8th grade *SOL Stand Alone Tests all grades Algebra Topics Average Rigor Math 7 Math 6 (everyday) Algebra 1 Middle School Math II Above Average Rigor Middle School Math I *HS Credit This is the fully implemented schedule of the two-part accelerated course and other courses in middle school. Please note that students in the accelerated classes will be expected to maintain an A/B average. Students who do not maintain above average achievement will be placed in a more appropriate math class for their demonstrated ability. Algebra 1 Geometry Middle School Math II Most Rigorous *HS Credit *HS Credit

3 Middle School Mathematics
Math 6 everyday More time for activities More time to develop concepts Fill in knowledge gaps ~ stress understanding Allows more flexibility Students will be required to meet specific criteria for placement With Algebra Topics 8, students can still achieve advanced diploma status in high school Go through each point with parents. Math Everyday for Math 6 results have shown a jump in mathematics achievement. Students in grade 6 may test for MS II in grade 7 at the end of their 6th grade year. Emphasize the last bullet “with Algebra Topics 8, students can still achieve advanced diploma status in high school.”

4 Spotsylvania County Schools Recommended Course of Study in Mathematics
High School Sequence ~ with Algebra Topics 8 Spotsylvania County Schools Recommended Course of Study in Mathematics Average Rigor It is recommended that all students pursue the study of mathematics at the most rigorous level possible. When appropriate students may change paths by attending summer school or by taking two classes at the same time. Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 Math 6 *6th grade SOL Test Math taught everyday MS II *7th grade SOL test Administered Math 7 *7th grade SOL test Algebra I *EOC test Algebra Topics 8 *8th grade Geometry *EOC Test Advanced Algebra II ~~ Mathematical Analysis AP Statistics Applied Mathematics +Computer Math AP Calculus Mathematics: Modeling and Functions DE Pre-Calculus Course sequence for those on the average track in mathematics. Note: There are various options for a child to move from a particular track to another depending on the effort and achievement put forth by the student. If students achieve an A or B final grade in Math 7 AND ALSO pass advanced the Math 7 SOL test, then they may qualify for Algebra I in the 8th grade. This chart shows that a student taking Algebra Topics 8 can achieve an advanced diploma form High School.

5 Accelerated Path Middle School Math II Middle School Math I
6th grade curriculum standards and part of the 7th grade standards Middle School Math II the rest of the 7th grade curriculum standards and most of the 8th grade standards Curriculum standards are set by the state of Virginia Department of Education. Local divisions may add to these standards by enhancing their curriculum. Students need to pass advanced the Math 7 SOL test and attain an A or B final grade in order to move into Algebra I in the Middle School.

6 Advanced Placement Considerations
a strong sense of number; a keen sense of knowing when and how to apply mathematical concepts; a desire to think and reason critically; the ability to handle frustration; the willingness to accept a challenge. a student who excels in all categories would be highly recommended to take an advanced sequence the desire to accelerate in a rigorous sequence of mathematics; a consistent A or B math average; the ability to grasp math concepts at an accelerated pace; the independent work habits to support the rigor of an accelerated course; a high interest in problem solving; Take each point and elaborate on it. A student entering the accelerated path has a strong sense of problem solving…LOVES mathematics and handles frustration well. This means they acknowledge the fact that success sometimes comes from “fast failure”…meaning that students learn from their mistakes and recover quickly….for example, note the next slide on displaying persistence in mathematics…

7 Registration Form/Process
Be sure to encourage parents to check the testing box if they want their child tested for possible advanced placement.

8 Registration Form/Process
All students will automatically be placed into Math 6 everyday unless the student attains required criteria for advanced coursework.

9 Sample Math 6 SOL test question – Computation

10 Sample Math 7 SOL test question – Computation

11 Sample Math 6 SOL test question - Measurement

12 Sample Math 7 SOL test question - Measurement

13 Sample Math 6 SOL test question - Probability

14 Sample Math 7 SOL test question - Probability

15 Sample Math 6 SOL test question – Patterns,Functions,&Algebra

16 Sample Math 7 SOL test question – Patterns,Functions,&Algebra


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