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2 Course Offerings – Math 7 Mathematics 7 is a challenging program for students in grade 7. This program includes all of the Virginia Standards of Learning for mathematics for both grades 7 and 8 to ensure that students who enroll in Algebra I in grade 8 have mastered all the prerequisite SOL skills. The most important task in 7 th grade mathematics is to transition elementary level math to middle school math in its sophistication and content. Math 7 teachers focus on terminology, notation and the nitty-gritty content Course Offerings for 8 th Grade: Math 8 Algebra 1 Math 7 Overview

3 Math 7 – Units of Study Statistics Integers Number Systems and Properties Rational Numbers Numerical and Algebraic Expressions Equations and Inequalities Ratio, Proportion and Percent Functions Geometry Measurement Probability

4 Course Offerings- Math 7 Honors Fantastic topics, lots of problem solving Topics covered in this course tend to be of material that most people may never see. Introductory concepts to higher level math courses that many college bound students need. A different curriculum than Math 7, not an extension or at a faster pace. Math 7 Honors Overview

5 Course Offerings-Math 7 Honors The Math 7 Honors course was created based on students who had finished the compacted math 6 curriculum and were not quite ready to take the high school level Algebra I Honors course in 7 th grade. These students have mastered the material from 6 th, 7 th and 8 th grade math. Math 7 Honors students are expected to know and use this knowledge with little to no review. Math 7 Honors lessons build on these skills and concepts in a challenging and rigorous manner.

6 Students will take the 8 th grade math SOL at the end of the school year. A college level text is used as a reference material for this course. Blackboard 24/7 is used extensively. Course offerings for 8 th grade: Math 8 Algebra 1 Honors Algebra 1 Course Offerings - Math 7 Honors

7 Math 7 Honors – Units of Study Set Theory and the Real Number System Probability Rational Numbers Numerical and Algebraic Expressions Equations Ratio, Proportions and Percents Functions Geometry Measurement Statistics Introduction to Trigonometry

8 Algebra 1 Honors – Units of Study This high school Algebra 1 course is designed for 7 th graders ready to take a fast-paced, demanding, problem-solving –based algebra course with little or no outside tutoring. The content covers all the normal algebra topics including properties, solving equations and inequalities, linear systems, functions, polynomials, rational expressions, irrationals, and quadratic equations. Many homework problems will come from high school and college textbooks and math competitions.

9 Algebra 1 Course Overview Qualified students should have extremely good number sense and be able to already compute quickly and accurately with integers, decimals and fractions. The course content will be taught on a deep level, highlighting derivations of formulas and proofs of theorems. Course Offerings for 8 th Grade: Honors Geometry

10 7 th Grade Algebra 1 Honors Requirements for Honors Algebra 1 Grade 7 Currently enrolled in compacted/advanced math course. 91 percentile or better on the IAAT Passed Advance on the Math 7 Standards of Learning (SOL). This is a high school credit course.

11 Co-curricular math activities Math Counts NVCTM Contests VML Contest AMC Rocket City

12 Course Offerings in Math 7 Special Education Self Contained Team-Taught ESOL Fast Math

13 Math Course Sequence Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra II Precalculus with Trig AP Calculus AB or AP Statistics Precalculus with Trig New 09-10

14 Contact Information Marie Pelosi, Dept Chair 703-533-2600 (LMS) Vern Williams, Math Teacher 703-533-2600 (LMS)


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