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End of Course and Course Equivalency Exams Mike Rickert.

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1 End of Course and Course Equivalency Exams Mike Rickert

2 EOC and CE 2014 End of Course exam Before grade 9 After taking the course Must get at least 80% Two attempts allowed Course Equivalency exam Grades 9-12 Cannot have taken the course Must get at least 85% One attempt allowed

3 Requirements Must have waiver in place for specific test –EOC or CE (separate waivers) –Specific courses –State or District –Good for 5 years State tests use South Dakota Assessment Portal (SDAP) Requires iTester on student’s computer

4 State Exams 12 courses- 3 math, 4 science, 4 social studies, Spanish Aligned to State Blueprints Set up in SDAP and taken on computer DO NOT retest students who pass Results not sent to State, saved in SDAP

5 District-created Exams Reviewed by State –If planned, inform Mike Rickert ASAP –Submit exams, answer key, blueprint –2 parallel forms for EOC, 1 for CE –Minimum of 60 items (50 for ½ credit course) –Exams reviewed by SD teachers –Edit as needed, must get final approval before administration

6 District-created Exams cont. Recommend: submit by Nov. 1 –External review, comments compiled, district revisions, possible process repeat –Later submission may not allow time for final approval Email results to Mike Rickert after testing

7 What is new for 2014 New math tests aligned to CCSS –Alg. I, Alg. II, and Geom. –60 items, some Technology Enhanced Practice for TEI Embedded calculators New Class will be required for students needing second EOC test –No students who passed first attempt –Will require State approval

8 SDAP Testing Process Review SDAP EOC Help Sheet on State EOC website EOC- Form A for first attempt, Form B for second, as available CE- Email Mike Rickert for Form assignment Submit Test Security Agreements –Any staff involved with exam, data review –Email Mike Rickert for approval Create class

9 SDAP Testing Process cont. Schedule test Print logons and provide to students. –Can have one password per class –User ID is student SIMS number Administer exams using iTester. –Untimed, but should be one session Complete Test Irregularity Report, if needed.

10 Scheduling Exams Staff must complete a Test Security Agreement within SDAP. –Email Mike Rickert when it is pending. ( Teacher will need to create a class within the iTester program. After SA is approved, you can schedule tests to classes through the iTester program.

11 Test Irregularity Forms Complete TI Form for any unusual occurrence during test session –Test not completed in one session –Disruptions, computer crash, cheating, etc. Form is in SDAP iTester program under the Test Irregularity Report tab Email Mike Rickert if one is completed

12 Questions? Tests –Mike Rickert –605-773-3247 – Waivers –Carol Uecker –605-773-4771 –


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