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University of Nebraska vx7g vx7g.

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1 University of Nebraska vx7g vx7g

2 The Beginning Founded February, 15th 1869, in Lincoln. It was one of the first universities in Nebraska following it becoming a state only two years earlier. It’s motto is “Dedicated to Letters and All Arts”

3 Athletics Nicknamed the “Corn Huskers” The Huskers have 21 varsity teams that compete in 14 different sports and claim all or part of 23 National Championships across five sports, including volleyball, football, and gymnastics. fE fE

4 Notable Alumni As of 2012, 3 alumni have won the Nobel Prize, 8 have won the Pulitzer Prize. Johnny Carson Warren Buffet

5 Miss Wallach Born and raised in Southern California. Attended California State University, Fullerton. Earned a Bachelors degree in Liberal Studies. I also received my teaching credential from CSUF I am finishing my Masters in Education

6 My favorite color is PURPLE. I love butterflies!!! I have one brother. I enjoy musical theater. I listen to country music.

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