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EMC SEW UAT Kickoff SEW Phase I UAT Kickoff April 20, 2010.

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1 EMC SEW UAT Kickoff SEW Phase I UAT Kickoff April 20, 2010

2 Takeaways after the session
How you are involved to making it successful! UAT Scope UAT Timelines Defect Resolution Approach

3 UAT Scope Part A: Public Website – 96% completed
Perform UAT tests for Public website that don't require type 3 or type 4 security Part B: Secure Website (Publication / auto upload / LCD / Oil chart) Perform UAT for the Secure Website including publication, Auto uploads and auto-publish of trading reports via shared folder. Part C: Secure Website (including Trading Info and OMS) Perform UAT for the Secure Website including Trading Information, OMS and web page uploads.

4 UAT Scope Where to obtain the Tracker File
P:\13 Communications\SEW-Migration\UAT New UAT tracker file for Part B SEW_UAT_tracker_Part_B (new file) SEW_UAT_tracker (existing file)

5 From UAT to Production Go-Live
UAT Part B : Go through all test cases and categorize as pass or fail. Retest as much as possible. Milestones Environment Start Finish Training / Demo UAT 19-Apr-10 Pubweb Type 3 Testing (120 cases - UAT 1) 20-Apr-10 3-May-10 Penetration Test (Outwide) Outwide 30-Apr-10 10-May-10

6 UAT Success Criteria All test cases completed within timeline specified. All issues/defects closed and confirmed resolved. Complete documentation of test cases, results, and defects resolution to form part of EMC’s knowledge repository for future projects’ reference. All open defects classified and resolved. Outwide will classify: Low – Test worked but there changes to be done (e.g. improvement items, misspelling, content corrections, etc). Normal – Test failed. Fixes need to be created. Isolated to only 1 test case. High – Test failed. This failed test case will affect other test cases/a test case group. Urgent/Immediate – must be resolved immediately, otherwise UAT cannot proceed. (e.g. UAT environment is inoperable)

7 Executing UAT Applications Team Communications Team
Infrastructure Team Operations Team Pricing Team Settlement Team

8 UAT Status Tracking All testers must update by 3 PM!
Status reports will be available in P-drive under P:\13 Communications\ SEW-Migration\UAT. Update s sent weekly (on Wednesday and Fridays). * Natz will always update on Redmine

9 UAT Tracking: Status Tracking
Not Started Passed Failed - retest In progress Handover?

10 Documenting Test Case Results
Store all test case results (both pass and fail) in corresponding UAT test case documents in P:\13 Communications\SEW-Migration\UAT. All test cases with status “Pass” must have a screenshot attached in the UAT test case document. All test cases with status “Failed” must have a corresponding Redmine ticket, with attachments containing screenshots of errors for troubleshooting. These files should be named as <filename of test case document> - <reference num>. Use the print screen button on your keyboard to take screenshots of errors. Alt+printscreen to capture the specific page you are at

11 Account Creation Process
Step 1 – Registered as Type 2 Accounts in SEW UAT website Step 2 – Send to to request for Type 3 setup. Following information need to be provided in the User ID / Type of User Access (Role) Type of Account Request Type 3 Data Subscriber Type 3 EMA Role (eg Cheryl_EMA ) Type 3 EMC Role (eg Cheryl_EMC ) Type 3 MP PSV Role Type 3 MP SPG Role Type 3 MP MSO Role Type 3 MP MSS Role Step 3 – Helpdesk inform user when setting is done via Alt+printscreen to capture the specific page you are at

12 Logging Tickets in Redmine: Functionality Issues/Non-Content Issues
Go to Redmine and access the EMC SEW UAT B subproject. URL: Click on “New Issue” New (EMC sets) => Assigned (Outwide sets) => Completed – local server (Outwide set) => Completed – Demo (Outwide sets) => Resolved (EMC sets)

13 Logging Tickets in Redmine: Content Issues

14 Redmine Issues Assignment
Topic Assigned To Content Migration Alwin Content Issues Visual Appearance Issues (e.g. spacing, font) Mike Errors Displayed Ashley Incorrect Functionality Aaron Charts/Ticker James Logging In/Settings Notion Don’t know what?? Leave it blank! Closure of issues – mark as closed in the spreadsheet and Outwide to close issues

15 More Tips for Logging Issues
Ensure that the test case reference where available. Test case reference includes the test document name, the test case number, and the test case title. Place these details in the respective fields in Redmine. Ensure that the desired outcome is documented in the ticket as well, so the developer would know how to fix the issue to meet the requirement. Ensure all bugs are reported in Redmine within the day the issue was detected. To close tickets, mark test case as passed. Siew Hua will help close the ticket in Redmine.

16 When Can I Retest? Check Redmine for status of your fix!
Redmine issues that have fixes ready for retesting will be on status “Completed – Demo Site” and “Assigned”. The key is to be able to move as many test cases as possible to pass by the time UAT Phase 1 ends – on 3 May 2010 Cycle 1: Pubweb – follow Ops approach - Secweb – follow Apps approach Cycle 2: Check in codes in perforce – then Apps will do the build themselves.

17 URL Address to take note
UAT Server - Check if you can do your normal operational/day-to-day tasks UAT Notion site - Link for LCD - U Drive mapping - \\\upload. Editing for the succeeding change log items from Jan 25 onwards will be completed in . Another snapshot will be imported into the UAT environment from Feb

18 Address to take note – con’t
Address for Automatic file upload Internal/External users will send s to automatic forwarding rule to Note that the content migration change log still needs to be updated every Monday for changes you make on the existing live website ( – 10 May 2010 Editing for the succeeding change log items from Jan 25 onwards will be completed in . Another snapshot will be imported into the UAT environment from Feb

19 Status for Testing Now From Thursday morning From Friday morning Later
User life-cycle for Type 3 (register, upgrade, etc.) Login as Data subscriber (User ID : datasubscriber / Pw : Password1) Login as Market Participant (User ID : marketparticipant / Pw : Password1) Publications for Data subscriber / Market Participant From Thursday morning Auto Upload Feature Shared folder upload for Trading Reports All Portlets (functions ready now, but chart cosmetics to complete) upload of PSO documents - ASA / AGOP / AEOP From Friday morning LCD display with Charts and Oil Data Later Ops / Apps test cases for BCP / DRP – to be performed during parallel run

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