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Evaluation of the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test Terri Martin Doug Glasshoff Mini-project 1 June 17, 2002.

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1 Evaluation of the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test Terri Martin Doug Glasshoff Mini-project 1 June 17, 2002

2 General Information Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test Riverside Publishing, A Houghton Mifflin Company Copyright 1993 Test Booklets -- $88.75/ea Self-scoring Answer Sheets -- $40.00/25 Mark Reflex Answer Sheets -- $112.50/100 Class Record Sheets -- $24.25/25 Manual for Test Use, Interpretation, and Technical Support -- $28.50/ea Reports to Parents and Students -- $31.00/25 50 minutes Total Administration Time 36 minutes Testing Time

3 Brief Description Purpose: To assess student readiness for Algebra I Nature: Grades 7 and 8 but also suitable for high- school or junior college testing Aligned with NCTM standards and AlgebraI/Pre-Algebra I curriculum to determine if students have pre-requisite knowledge sufficient to take either course. Format: This test is a multiple-choice exam that tests concepts rather than computational skill.

4 Technical Evaluation Norms/Standards Reliability Validity

5 Norms/Standards 1. Standard Scores, National Percentile Ranks, Stanines, Normal Curve Equivalents 2. Random selection was gathered from 7,638 students in 88 various public school districts in 38 states to participate in the standardization process. The nonpublic school sampling consisted of one Catholic school. No available norms were listed for subgroups; however, the distribution of the sample by various subgroups was listed: geographic region, district enrollment, socioeconomic status and ethnic representation. 3. Judges were not reported in the technical support manual.

6 Reliability 1. Internal consistency reliability (KR20) 2. Internal consistency reliabilities of the four subtests ranged from.67 to.84 with a median of.77. Reliabilities of the total scores were.90 or higher. The inter-correlations of the subtests ranged from.50 to.68 with a median of.57. 3. No evidence of test-retest or alternate forms of reliability was presented in the manual. Additionally, because the IAAT is a timed test, any estimate of reliability must be interpreted with caution.

7 Validity 1. Aligned with NCTM standards and algebra curriculum. Contained careful review of current texts and mathematics educational research literature. Content review was done by math educators. The test was also given to students currently enrolled in Algebra I courses to determine their level of achievement. 2. The criterion-related validity studies reveal that the IAAT does a good job of predicting 9 th grade Algebra grades and test scores. 3. No evidence of data on construct validity is provided in the manual. Evidence that cognitive skills were tested would have enhanced the validity claim.

8 Summary of MMY Reviewer’s Comments POSITIVE COMMENTS: Well-constructed Professional Quality Materials Technical Characteristics Adequate Alignment with NCTM Standards Positive Useful Technical Manual

9 Summary of MMY Reviewer’s Comments NEGATIVE COMMENTS: Include 7 th Grade Norms Equivalent Forms of Reliability Need to be Included Evidence of Test/Retest or Alternative Forms Provided

10 Critique of the Instrument Overall, the IAAT appears to be a useful instrument to use in placement of Algebra I level students. The strengths of this instrument include the validity, the alignment with NCTM standards and algebra curriculums, and extensive coverage of computation skills by use of multiple choice questioning. Weakness of the test, however, would be the lack of alternative forms of reliability testing measures and the need to make sure the questions align with your local curriculum if it is not specifically aligned with NCTM standards. Overall, a thumbs up could be given to administering this exam in the school district, if of course there is the funding!

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