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Is It a Realistic Battle in California?.  Importance of RD recommendations  Research giving RDs privileges  Obstacles of achieving privileges.

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1 Is It a Realistic Battle in California?

2  Importance of RD recommendations  Research giving RDs privileges  Obstacles of achieving privileges

3  Give one reason why RD recommendations are important  Give one reason supporting privileges  State one obstacle

4 Turn to your neighbor and tell them how often MDs take your recommendations and if the system in place is efficient

5  Specialists  Article- Implementation of Dietitian Recommendations for Enteral Nutrition Results in Improved Outcomes - accepted RD recommendations vs. non accepted  Malnutrition  Decrease length of stay  Wound healing  Decrease infection

6  How often are they taken?  Article – Physicians implementation of dietitian’s recommendations -Lack of knowledge of RDs role

7 Expand RD privileges

8  Verbal Orders  Research – Diet Order Entry by Registered Dietitians Results in a Reduction in Error Rates and Time Delays Compared to Other Health Professionals - reduced error rates and time delays with RD order entry privileges

9  Order Writing Privileges  Research – Assessing the Influence of Registered Dietitian Order-Writing Privileges on Parental Nutrition Use -decreased inappropriate PN use  Research – The Role of Dietitian Order-Writing Privileges in Improving Parental Nutrition Utilization in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - Faster achievement of calorie, protein, and lipid goals with presence of RD and order writing privileges in NICU

10  Regulations  Clinical privileging vs. prescriptive authority Must obtain license, relevant training and experience, demonstration under observance by practitioner and competencies  Medicare State Operations Manual Appendix A - Survey Protocol, Regulations and Interpretive Guidelines for Hospitals - LIPs - Dependent on hospital facility and state dietetics and nutrition licensure law - States that do not license or give statutory certification to RDs: CA, AZ, CO, NJ, WY  California’s current law

11  Liability and malpractice insurance  Academy accused of monopolizing field Alliance for Natural Health USA “nutritionists” Homeopathic nutrition Alternative nutrition Those with higher degree but did not pursue RD  Opposition from American Nurses Association of California and California Nurses Association

12 Conclusions….

13  RDs have the knowledge and skills – reduce error and hospital costs  More research needs to be done  Very complex issue with many obstacles

14  RD recommendations: Decrease length of stay, decrease infection, wound healing, malnutrition- SAVE HOSPITAL MONEY  Research says RD privileges can reduce diet entry error and time delays, decrease PN use and decrease cost, help achieve goals faster  Obstacles: state licensure, opposing groups, liability

15 Give one reason supporting RD recommendations? Give one reason supporting RD privileging? State one obstacle hindering the achievement of RD privileging?

16  Educate others - Medical staff on RDs role -Issue of licensure -Difference of MNT and nutrition advice  Stay informed -Contact legislators -Be involved with the CDA



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