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Academic and Student Affairs Part 2 Larry Tremblay Acting Deputy Commissioner September 2008.

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1 Academic and Student Affairs Part 2 Larry Tremblay Acting Deputy Commissioner September 2008




5 Information and Learning Technology

6 IP Services Statewide H 323 Video Network IOCOM/Access Grid Network Statewide E-LEARNING Support Center Office of Information and Learning Technology

7 MERLOT (Multimedia for Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching) QM (Quality Matters) SELECT (Supporting Electronic Learning and Essential Campus Transitions) Office of Information and Learning Technology

8 Data Services Server Resource Management Moodle Course Management System – 6 Testing servers – 8 Production Servers High Throughput Computing: CondorServer Pool

9 Learning Centers

10 Purpose of Learning Centers Institutional partners Collaborative academic programming Course scheduling and delivery Advisory councils Facility and services

11 Learning Center Enrollment History Fall 2003744 Spring 2004668 Fall 2004969 Spring 2005964 Fall 20051129 Spring 20061209 Fall 20061364 Spring 20071392 Fall 20071417 Spring 20081518

12 LCRP Library

13 New Smart Classroom

14 Proprietary Schools

15 Laws, Rules and Regulations Initial Licensure Annual Re-licensure Programmatic Oversight Student Records Processing Student Complaint Procedure

16 History What is a proprietary school? 1972 – Legislation enacted 1999 – Oversight of proprietary schools transferred to the Board of Regents

17 Initial Licensure Licensure Application Form (PSC-l) Notarized Commitment Statement (PSC-2) Documentation from the Secretary of State’s Office A current audited balance sheet of the school prepared by an independent CPA Inventory list of equipment available for instruction in each course of study Copies of all enrollment contracts Copies of all circulars, brochures, bulletins, certificates, diplomas and advertising Copy of school catalog Surety Bond for Certificate of Registration (PSC-3) Copy of Bill of Sale (for Change-of-Ownership Applications only). Blanket Bond for Solicitor(s) Permit (PSC-6) -- purchased by school for one or more solicitors ORSurety Bond for a Solicitor's Permit (PSC-5) -- purchased by individual solicitor License fee of $2,000.00 Student Protection Fund fee of $l,000 Solicitor fee of $l00.00 per solicitor Solicitor Permit Application (PSC-4) Affidavit form for all owners/directors and school employees (except solicitors) (PSC-9) Copy of detailed course outline and subject description of each course of study/career program Copy of fee schedule for each course of study Narrative geographic description of school location Copy of occupancy permit (relative to zoning, health and safety) Initial License Tuition Refund Affidavit Form (PSC-17) Business Plan

18 Annual Re-licensure PSC-1 Form, (Licensure Application Form) PSC-4 Form, (Solicitor Affidavit), if applicable PSC-9 Form, (Personnel Affidavit), if applicable PSC-12 Form, (Annual Renewal Fee Affidavit) PSC-18 Form, (License Renewal Tuition Refund Affidavit) Verification of current bond coverage (school/solicitor) Review/Audit of previous business year prepared by CPA Compilation from last quarter “True and correct” statement from school official Current copy of school catalog Current copy of enrollment agreement Renewal fee Solicitor fee, if applicable

19 Proprietary Schools* Number of Schools – 122 Estimated Enrollment – 17,000 * As of 07/01/08

20 Programmatic Oversight New/Amended Programs of Study Approval of Instructors Solicitors

21 Number of Schools by Type Percent of Total Schools 43.3% 10.3% 8.7% 6.3% 6.3% 5.6% 4.0% 3.2% 3.2% 9.5%

22 Student Complaint Procedure 4 steps in resolving student complaints –Student corresponds with school official –Proprietary staff corresponds with school official –Mediation –Hearing conducted before Proprietary Schools Advisory Commission

23 Student Records Processing Caretaker of closed schools’ student records 2007 - student records were converted to an electronic database

24 Questions

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