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‘No Child Left Behind’ Loudoun County Public Schools Department of Instruction.

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2 ‘No Child Left Behind’ Loudoun County Public Schools Department of Instruction

3 NCLB requirements measure school and school district effectiveness using “annual measurable objectives” (AMO) and “adequate yearly progress” (AYP) based on Virginia’s Standards of Learning (SOL).

4 VA SOL Tests and NCLB English/Reading and Math in grades 3, 5, 8 and High School End-of-Course (EOC). Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 English 11 In spring 2005, SOL tests will be required in English/Reading and Math in grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and EOC. Science test scores in grades 3 or 5, and 8 will count toward AYP in Spring 2008

5 NCLB: Accountability Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Criteria for AYP: Attendance rate: elementary and middle schools Graduation rate: high schools Participation: 95% of students in each of the seven sub-groups must take the state test. Student achievement must attain starting points (AYP) and annual measurable objectives (AMO). Only first time test takers will be counted in determining AYP.

6 AYP Requirement: Attendance Rate Attendance: -VA starting point: 94% -LCPS: Grade 3: 96.5% Grade 5: 96.5% Grade 8: 95.6%

7 AYP Requirement: Graduation Rate Graduation rate for NCLB is defined by National Center for Educational Statistics: Number of graduates minus cohort dropouts from grade 12, 11, 10, 9. NCLB excludes graduates with GED, Modified Standard Diplomas, Special Diplomas. Only Advanced and Standard Diplomas count toward AYP VA 2002 starting point: 68% (by NCES) In 2002, LCPS graduation rate exceeded the state AMO exclusive of modified diplomas, certificates, GED’s

8 AYP requires 95% Participation A Participation rate of 95% is required for the whole school (students enrolled in class to be tested) AND for each subgroup Quiz: In a school with 75 Free and Reduced Lunch students, how many students could miss the test and meet the 95% participation rule? Answer - 3 Students

9 AMO’s must be met by each of the seven subgroups All students White students (not of Hispanic Origin) Black students (not of Hispanic Origin) Hispanic students Economically Disadvantaged students (Free or Reduced Lunch) Special Education students Limited English Proficient (LEP) students

10 Subgroup AYP Calculations Aggregate test results by subject by each subgroup within school. Report only first time test takers proficiency level. Math/English RLR ES: Grades 3 and 5 MS: Grade 8 and EOC HS: EOC

11 AYP Requirement: Student Achievement Starting points and Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO’s) based on formula applied to 2002 statewide scores: English Math 2003: 61%59% 2004:61%59% 2005:70%70% 2006:70%70% 2007:70%70%

12 Student Achievement (cont’d) English Math 2008: 80%80% 2009: 80%80% 2010: 80%80% 2011: 90%90% 2012: 90%90% 2013: 90%90% 2014:100%100%

13 Make AYP: Method 1 At least 95% of enrolled students participate in testing program (by subgroup) AND All students and all subgroups score at least proficient in statewide assessments, at AYP targets for that year AND All students meet AYP target for graduation or attendance

14 Making AYP: Method 1

15 Alternative Route to AYP: “SAFE HARBOR” Participation rate is 95% The Percentage of failing students in subgroup(s) has been reduced by > 10% from the prior year AND School shows improvement on academic indicators: In the future it will be attendance and graduation rates. In 02- 03 it will be science scores.

16 Making AYP Using Safe Harbor

17 Accountability Sanctions for Title I Schools that Fail to Meet AYP A Title I school is identified for “School Improvement” by failing to make AYP for two consecutive years.

18 Accountability First-Year School Improvement Beginning with the 2003-2004 school year, Title I schools that fail to make AYP for two consecutive years will be placed on School Improvement status. Parents must be notified in writing prior to the start of the school year that the school their child is attending has not met AYP and offer them the option of public school choice (transfer to a high performing school)

19 Accountability Second-year School Improvement Continue to offer public school choice Include tutoring, remediation services and academic services outside of the school day. Local Education Agency pays for supplemental services

20 Accountability Sanctions increase in severity if the school continues not to make AYP!

21 Virginia Accreditation VA’s standards-based accreditation system remains in place, but the rules are different. Participation requirements differ Pass rates are different: VA currently greater than NCLB Sanctions are different: VA currently greater than NCLB

22 Virginia Accreditation continued Provisional accreditation phases out in 2004: schools will meet the 70% pass rates or be Accredited with Warning Graduation in June, 2004 will require 6 verified credits: English RLR, Writing, four elective verified credits. More prescribed content for verified credits in 2006.

23 Virginia Accreditation continued English passing rate for grade 3 increases to 75% in 2003-2004. LEP (ESL) participation for accreditation remains different than NCLB. Special Education remains different.

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