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Team Guru Mara Felix Matt Rands Molly Sharif Paul Rakpongs Yasmeen Surio.

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1 Team Guru Mara Felix Matt Rands Molly Sharif Paul Rakpongs Yasmeen Surio

2   Originated in India in 1469  Around 25 million followers worldwide  Fifth largest religion and youngest religion  Founder of Sikhism is Guru Nanak Background Yasmeen S.

3   The invasion of Punjab by the Mughuls  Maharaja Renjeet Ruler Historical background Yasmeen S.

4 Guru Nanak (1 st ) Founder of the Sikh religion Guru Amar Das (3 rd ) Trianed 146 apostles to preach Founded 22 dioceses to help spread Sikhism Guru Ram Das (4 th ) Created a tithing system Gathered the sacred texts into the Guru Granth Guru Hargobind (6 th ) He wore two swords, a sword of power and a sword of meditation Guru Gobind Singh (10 th ) Tenth and final guru Started the baptismal ceremony pahul Created the five symbols of commitment Matt Rands

5 Guru Angad Dev (2 nd ) Guru Arjan (5 th ) Guru Har Rai (7 th ) Guru Harkrishan (8 th ) Guru Tegh Bahadur (9 th ) The Other Gurus

6   The goal of every Sikh is to build a close, loving relationship with God.  Sikhs believe in a single, Formless God.  Samsara (the repetitive cycle of birth, life and death)  Karma (the accumulated sum of one's good and bad deeds  Reincarnation the belief of a rebirth following death.  They believe that everyone has equal status in the eyes of God.  Avoid the Five Sins of Ego.  Live by the Primary Principles Major Beliefs Paul R.

7   1) Naam Japna or Simran – Meditation  2) Kirat Karni – Earn honest living  3) Wand Chakna - Charity Donations  4) Sewa - Service to Humanity and God Primary Principles of Living Paul R.


9   Japji Sahib- “Song of the Soul”.  It appears at the very beginning of the Guru Granth Sahib.  It is known as the most important verses by the Sikhs.  Recited every morning. Japji Molly S.

10   Last and eternal Guru of the Sikhs  A collection of songs.  Written in Gurumukhi Guru Granth Sahib Molly S.

11   Derived from the Arabic meaning “Pure”.  Name given to all Sikhs who have been baptized. Khalsa Molly S.

12  The Five K’s Molly S.

13   Guru Nanak was said to be the founder of the Sikhism.  There are five stages or Khandas.  The first is called Dharm Khand or "The Realm of Duty".  The next stage is Gyan Khand or "The Realm of Knowledge"  The third stage is Sharam Khand. This is "The Realm of Ecstasy".  The fourth stage is Karam Khand or "The Realm of Power".  The final stage is Sach Khand or "The Realm of Truth". Guru Nanak Mara F.

14  Guru Nanak  “Love the saints of every faith: Put away thy pride. Remember the essence of religion Is meekness and sympathy, Not fine clothes, Not the Yogis garb and ashes, Not the blowing of the horns, Not the shaven head, Not long prayers, Not recitations and torturings, Not the ascetic way, But a life of goodness and purity, Amid the worlds temptations.” Mara F.

15   The Sikh ceremony of rebirth takes place in a clean and secluded location at any chosen time.  The new initiates agree to:  Worship one God.  Read the Guru Granth.  Join the Sikh congregation.  Serve others.  Refrain from worshiping any created object, or living thing. Amrit Mara F.

16  Langer  Sikhs have a history of providing food along with every worship service, ceremony, or event  The Guru’s free kitchen became established.  Everyone cooked, served, and dined together side by side regardless of social position. Mara F.

17   The literal meaning of the word 'Kaur' is Prince.  'Singh' is derived from the word 'Simha' meaning lion. Singh and Kaur Mara F.

18   Which of the following are NOT one of Guru Nanak’s five stages?  A. Realm of Knowledge  B. Realm of Power  C. Realm of Truth  D. Realm of Beauty Question #1

19   True/False  Having a wooden comb signifies a dirty mind and body. Question #2

20   Which of the followings are NOT one of the major beliefs of Sikhism?  A) Karma  B) Pilgrimage to India  C) Equality  D) Belief in one God Question #3

21   What led to the rising of Sihkism?  A. The invasion of Punjab by Mughuls  B. Ruler Maharaja Renjeet  C. None of the above  D. Answers A & B Question #4

22   Who was the guru who founded the Sikh religion? Question #5

23     langar.htm langar.htm   Sikhism Sikhism       Bibliography

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