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Shakespeare’s Biography

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1 Shakespeare’s Biography
By : Shandale Hatfield


3 SHAKESPEARE IS BORN William Shakespeare was born around April 23rd, 1564 in Stratford-Upon-Avon to John and Mary Shakespeare. He was the first born son of eight children.

4 The Shakespeare family
Parents John and Mary Sisters .Joan .Margaret .Anne .Joan Brothers .Richard .Gilbert .Edmund -Joan was the first child born into the Shakespeare family on September 15th, She only survived about two months. -Margaret was baptized on December 2nd,1562 and she only survived one year. -Anne only lived until she was seven years old. -John and Mary had another little girl and they named her Joan after their first daughter. She lived to be 77 years old. -Richard was baptized around March 11, He died around the age of 39. -Gilbert died at age Edmund was baptized on May 30th, 1580 and he died when he was 27 years old.

5 EDUCATION -Even though there is no records of William going to school, it is known to believe he attended King Edward IV Grammar School in Stratford-Upon- Avon. He started at age seven in At Grammar school, they would cover the previous Sunday’s sermon in class on Monday. -It is also known he had to learn Latin and be able to speak it all the time in school. Any boy speaking English would be punished. -He studied the works of classical authors and dramatists. -It is also known to believe that Shakespeare could have been performing Greek and Latin drama in school.

6 Finished At Age 14 ! Shakespeare was taken out of school in 1578 at age fourteen because his father was having financial problems. He missed all higher education which he would have got to choose to study the Arts, Philosophy, Poetry, Music, Astronomy, Geometry, and the law of medicine.

7 JUST MARRIED Shakespeare got married on November 28th, 1582 at age 18 to Anne Hathaway, who was twenty-six years old. -Six months after they got married, they had their first daughter Susanna. -Two years later, the twins arrived, Hamnet and Judith. Hamnet died in 1596, at age eleven.

8 FIRST FOLIO The first folio is very important to Shakespeare because it is his first collected edition. This first Folio contained 900 pages with 36 pages of his plays. It was entitled “Mr. William Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies.”

9 Shakespeare’s Works In 1590, Shakespeare writes Henry VI, Part One. This was his first play. Also around this time, he leaves Stratford to go to London. There he works as a playwright and actor. In 1593, London shuts down the Theatres due to the bubonic plague. During this time, Shakespeare takes the time off to write some poetry. April 23rd, 1593, he publishes his first poem, Venus and Adonis. In 1594, London theatres reopen and Shakespeare’s troupe, The Chamberlain Men, become the most biggest and famous acting groups. May 1594, he publishes “The Rape of Lucrece”. By 1598, Shakespeare had already wrote Romeo and Juliet, A mid- summers Nights Dream, and Love’s labors Lost. In 1599, the Globe Theatre was built. Many of his plays were performed there. In 1609, some of his sonnets were published by Thomas Thorpe. Some believe between , he moved back to Stratford.

10 R.I.P SHAKESPEARE Shakespeare died on April 23rd, 1616 on his 52nd birthday He suffered from unknown illnesses. He was buried in the Holy Trinity church.

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