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Tessa Oughton GPST3.  Can I be referred for my baby to be circumcised?

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1 Tessa Oughton GPST3

2  Can I be referred for my baby to be circumcised?

3  First words a baby should here - Muslim call to prayer(Adhaan)  First thing a baby tastes;  Date juice/honey rubbed into gums  After 7 th day;  Head is shaved  The baby is named  ‘Aqueeqa’ – sacrifice of a sheep.  Circumcision – 7 days until puberty

4  Birth  Jatakarma – putting some honey in the mouth  Whispering the name of God in the child’s ear  Head shaved  Namakarana – naming ceremony  3-5 years  Ear piercing

5  Circumcision (Brit Milah)  Traditionally on day 8, performed in the Synagogue  Male babies are named at the time of their circumcision  Female babies are named at the first public reading of the Torah at the Synagogue

6  Baptism

7  WHO: ~30% of males over the age of 15 are circumcised worldwide (69% of which are Muslim)  Non-religious circumcision  US – 75%  UK – 6%

8  Indications;  Religious/cultural  Proposed health benefits  Social  Medical; Phimosis (90%) Paraphimosis balanitis xerotica obliterans Recurrent balanitis (Hypospadias)

9  Proposed medical benefits;  Reduction in STI’s including HIV*, genital herpes, genital warts, syphilis, chancroid  Reduction in penile cancer  Reduced UTI’s  Reduced risk of BV & Trichomoniasis in women  Reduced risk of cervical cancer in women (due to reduction in HPV in men)

10  Complications Bleeding/Haematoma Pain Infection Swelling Removal of insufficient or excess tissue Decrease in sensation during intercourse Urethral stricture Psychosocial problems Accidental amputation of the head of the penis (very rare)!

11  NHS Choices; ‘It is important to note that some CCGs in England do currently fund religious or ritual circumcision on the NHS. The decision is based on priorities that relate to its own local population’

12  Where?  Bradford road, Fartown  Brikby Health Centre  Clarendon medical centre, Bradford  BMI/Spire  Leeds children’s circumcision centre  Some UK CCG’s do offer funding The Wirral

13  ‘Allowing male genital mutilation is a discrimination between the sexes’  ‘An abuse of the rights of the child’  ‘The unpalatable truth is that logic and the rights of the child play little part in determining the acceptability of male genital mutilation in our society. The profession needs to recognise this and champion the argument on behalf of boys that was so successful for girls’

14  Male circumcision is generally assumed to be lawful provided that:  it is performed competently  it is believed to be in the child’s best interests  there is valid consent (both parents)*

15  Widely practiced procedure  Possible health benefits  Increasingly common in the UK due to increasing cultural diversity  Widely available safely in the UK for relatively low cost  On going unregulated practice worldwide with associated increased complication risk

16  _eng.pdf?ua=1  malecircumcision.shtml  on.aspx     cisionleaflet

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