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Ken Hart University of Idaho Extension Educator Nezperce, Idaho

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1 Ken Hart University of Idaho Extension Educator Nezperce, Idaho

2 Keeping the Legacy Alive Estate and Succession Planning for Farmers and Ranchers An Extension Team Project from University of Idaho Extension, Northern District Extension, North Central Idaho Area

3 Keeping The Legacy Alive Team Jim Church (Idaho) Kirsten Jensen (Idaho) Ken Hart (Lewis) Randy Brooks (Campus) Kathee Tifft (Nez Perce) Cinda Williams (Latah) Karen Richel (Latah) Valdasue Steele (Nez Perce Reservation Extension) Pete Volk (Campus)

4 Keeping The Legacy Alive Mission

5 Estate and Succession Plans – Why Doesn’t Everyone Have One?

6 Lolo Creek Farm

7 Keeping The Legacy Alive Workshops 3 days 4 hours 2 months 1 dinner courage

8 Goals for a Lasting Legacy (Sustainable Ag and Small Farms)  Getting started  Communicating Exploring  Next steps…

9 Organizing Your Financial Paperwork (Family Finance) Yes it is possible!

10 Who Get’s Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate? (Family and Community Development)

11 Healthy Lifestyles for a Healthy Legacy (Health and Nutrition, Fitness, Wellness) Living Legacy

12 Communicating the Legacy (Crops, Farm Management)

13 Passing on the Family Forest Legacy (Extension Forestry Specialist) Focus on building for the future What makes family forests special? “Ties to the Land”

14 Get That Herd Ready to Move! (Livestock)

15 Fields for the Future (Crops, Farm Management) Questions Decisions Strategies Machinery Land

16 Indian Lands and Leases (Extension Indian Reservation Program)

17 Farm/Ranch Transition & Planning (Attorney with Estate/Succession Planning)

18 Keeping The Legacy Alive

19 Keeping The Legacy Alive Evaluation and Impact “Very Good Program” “Can’t Be Improved” “Thank you for offering this program” “Fun” “The instructors are well informed and kept audience interested”

20 Keeping The Legacy Alive Formal Evaluation 1-5 Likert scale with 59 responses Information met needs4.7 Presentation clear/organized4.6 A/V and teaching aids 4.6 Instructors informed/interesting4.7 Instructor interaction4.7

21 Keeping the Legacy Alive Farming Together for a Better Future For two generation farms and includes all involved persons.  Communication and Strategic Goals  Mission Analysis  Determining Resources and Financial Condition  Management Succession Strategies  Legal Strategies Focused for the commercial farm or ranch with owners and managers who are serious about moving forward with a successful agricultural business transition.

22 Keeping The Legacy Alive Funding

23 Keeping The Legacy Alive There’s Still Time! Ken Hart Lewis County, Nezperce 208-937-2311

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